Top 10 Reasons Why Some Dayak MPs Are Debate-Shy:

10. Wahhh…this Dewan Rakyat ceiling looks so high and grand…Ohh Ahhh…

9. Attendance, Yes. Allowance, YES! Later massage-massage in KL, OH GOD YES!

8. Jeez it’s cold here, no wonder Pak Lah sleep only…can I smoke outside for a while?

7. Hey YB, you are smoking here too pal? Let’s take our time lah!

6. Hmm Kit Siang is doing Twitter live on Dewan now…what is that Twitter bird chip! chip! ayam nyabong chick kah?

5. Why should I support the fuel tax bill when it’s wrong to burden our rakyat? Errr…OK lah I raise my hand too! (<—Idiot!)

4. I wanna reply some debate but do I look cute on live RTM TV?

3. I wanna propose Gawai Dayak a national holiday! All of you listen to me, WooHoo! Hello Mr Speaker?? 

2. Why my proposal for many village roads projects not inside the budget? Ahh wanna throw this book…Arghh…why so heavyyy lah…?

1. Is it too late to resign now? I wanna go back home. Wait, no! Can’t leave that pension pay. Hmmhh what the hell. Here goes nothing.
So, our Dayak MPs mostly kinda debate-shy huh? Is that a news by the way? Hello my Dayak folks, that is what your elected reps has been doing for nearly 50 years and it doesn’t require 7-years of PhD study to prove unless you bother to quick buy your PhD degree for USD10K and slap a good Dr or Drs (from some rag-tag Indon uni in Solo) to your name. Nevertheless it’s a good knock on the head that their ineffectiveness in biblical scale results 30 years of development backward for Sarawak which supplied almost 70 percent oil dopes to national coffers. That is like some 0.03 percent return on your lifelong fixed deposit.

If the Sarawak BN MPs deemed to be ‘neglected’ by Federal BN then they should form Sarawak block in Dewan Rakyat and can decide to support or reject any BN proposals/bills/motions. That is another way to collectively forward their voice up. If Sarawak MPs (31 total) can paved the way surely the other block from Sabah BN MPs can follow suit and demand more ‘goodies’ from Federal BN. Both East Malaysia MP blocks can easily defeat present government and force Federal BN to set aside more funds for Sabah and Sarawak. The thing in democracy is, the beauty and right to choose.

Wan Junaidi(Dr ?) probably making sweeping statement since some Sarawak MPs really fight for the funds but did it alone or not enough blocks to enforce it more. On other view, it is a great slap for face to any MPs that is only good enough in attendance just to get the allowance. Such MP is for no use and doesn’t deserve life pension after retiring from MPship.

Instead of feeling bitter for seeing only Bandar Kuching DAP MP Chong mostly doing the noise for Sarawak issues, those Sarawak BN MPs should join him in common issues affecting Sarawak. Very rare for Sarawak people to witness a truly bipartisan common stance be it from BN or Pakatan. The benefits must go the deserving all Sarawakians after nearly 50 years in Malaysia. The choice of candidate can be voted later and as separate issue but the fact is, Sarawak really lagging behind just next to Orang Asli development.

Now look at our own Dayak MPs. Such a pity isn’t it. What they did and performed mirrorring what the Dayak folks, only on different ground. All fall on deaf ears by Federal BN. Really shows how ‘good’ our Dayak MPs all these while nearly 50 years in BN. Good in getting almost nothing and that is the same scenario for the Dayak voters despite keep on voting BN also to get nothing. So when Dayak MPs and Dayak voters gets virtually nothing in almost 50 years, it is as good if they are all bunch of oppositions from Pakatan. Better join Bandar Kuching MP Chong from DAP to debate, question, asking, exposing all sorts of requests from the rakyat/ the voters. No need to be bigfoot-brash like Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar Radin because it is equally pathetic and embarassing but participative enough to raise important Dayak issues on mainstream Malaysian political scene to be heard right inside Dewan Rakyat.

Right now, the Sarawak BN MPs should really consider the alliance with Federal BN especially the Dayak MPs. Face the fact not much being done to serve the Dayaks so what for keep on supporting the Federal BN. Dayak don’t even get proper race denomination in government forms and make Joseph Entulu mocking his own Dayak after nearly 50 years in BN just to fight for some paper forms. What, fight for ‘Dan Lain-Lain’ term for sake of filling forms? You fight for piece of paper forms? Don’t you have better issues to raise, like NCR land rights, river pollution from logging activities that your own Dayak longhouse folks chalk on? Things like scholarship allocation for Bumiputera but how much given really for Dayak students, aren’t they are Bumiputera too? Missionary schools funding, why left to rot? Dayak student dropouts, any programme to help them like building more technical vocational colleges in Dayak areas? Now this English dilemma issues but sorry this is too much for rural Dayak kids to cope as they are far lagging behind. What English when the English teachers don’t even speak proper English unless being arse-kicked to be upgraded as degree-fied teachers. Blind leading the blind for Dayak kids?

Yes, it’s blind leading the blind. Hopeless Dayak MPs leading the even more hopeless Dayak folks. As said earlier, same thing happened but on different ground. Come election time, the Dayak MPs throw some good sight-seeing of Kuching city for Tuai Rumahs and some angpows back to longhouse. Good enough. When the Dayak MPs got elected and come to KL wondering around after Dewan sitting, got allowance, got meagre contracts minister positions chairmanships for doing nothing, Alibaba projects here and there, they are happy. Good enough. It’s good enough those goodies are a mere symbolic gesture rather than real authority but that is what Dayak leaders capable of: symbolic brain-dead statue. Give them some Datuk title and dress like a Victorian-era clown, they are as happy as flying squierrel and good enough.

It’s all good enough after nearly 50 years, be it Dayak MPs or Dayak folks. Happy to get some crumbs instant noodle to vote for Dacing logo. Total Sarawak oil revenue can match the total Federal funds to Sarawak? Fair as the Dacing logo?

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

It is time that MP PERFORMANCE/ report card made available to the public. Like how many promises being fullfilled, how much MRP funds being spent, for what purposes, who gets it, how many projects being proposed, if proposal rejected then why the ulterior motives, what are their activities in their actual constitiuency, how many times late or no-show for public functions and why, how much they claim for allowances, ITEMISED all their allowances in detail so no unrelated false craps can be claimed out of taxpayers money, how much GLC shares offered to them as part of silent mode etc. LET THE DAYAK FOLKS KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS REALLY DO AS MP. IF NOT, STOP CHEATING FELLOW DAYAKS. PITY BALA KABAN BELAYAN BA KAMPONG DIEN. RESIGN GRACEFULLY FOR BEING A SLEEPY DEAF THAT ADMIT DEFEAT WITHOUT FIGHTING. YOU COME BACK HERE LIKE HERO KAMPONG BUT LIKE A GHOST IN DEWAN RAKYAT. GOD DAMN YOU FOR DAYAKS TO WAIT ANOTHER 50 YEARS ALSO TO GET NOTHING IN THE END.