Greetings folks. As you know, Mahapokrit’s trip to Uganda basically a comes-full-circle for him. “It’s began in Africa-ca-ca-ca-ca…” like that tune from a song or something. Right. It’s not about the origins of human debate but the full circle of racism-corruption-dictatorship cycle. What better place and chance for Mahapokrit, Mugabe and that Swaziland King of ten-wives can meet up to talk about fighting corruption huh? Or just another delegation to bring more stolen Toyota cars to Africa, money laundering schemes, using African students to take up student visas and pay for crony colleges in Malaysia, keep the colleges’ cashflow up and running? Mugabe and Mahapokrit meet each other…what possibly could gone wrong here? Just leave the crooks with the same feather flocks together there. Umno would find Africa as another new student to teach about NEP or land grab from the Whiteys colonialists to the blacks. Who better can teach that other than Mahapokrit with Mugabe as African franchise holder of this racist hypermart. Franchising racism? That’s another topic, yeah.

By now, all of you may have read what could be the sickest mind of a racist that probably won’t be diminished at any given time and dwarfed Ahmad Ismail’s ‘Pendatang’ remark into such a puny scale. And it’s all being confirmed none other than by the ultimate racist himself Mahapokrit. At this time and age when Malaysia pushing for his own delusional Vision 2020, he still regard Malaysia as pre-independence Tanah Melayu where everything under the sun belong to the Malays. This is the man that defied Tunku Abdul Rahman leadership, after seeing Tunku playing poker and binge drinking with Lee Kuan Yew, Mahapokrit single-handedly brought his myopic anger to convince whole Umno to just leave and kick Tunku out for good.  The rest is simply a sad history of Umno being abused by Mahapokrit and that is the path chosen by Mahapokrit for Umno as the modern day combo mix of Klu Klux Klan, Apartheid, Zimbabwe to derived what is Malaysia all about today. Some say Mahapokrit simply drew a stark resemblence of Hitler’s Nazi regime but surely no Chinese was gas-out like the Jews in Austrian concentration death camps. Mahapokrit only interested in taking rents and ransom money from the Chinese that make up 90 percent of Malaysia’s taxpayers. Hitler was doing almost the same ploy, recruiting some of the captured Jews intellectuals to help the Nazi Panzers in developing advance weapons to kill as much in most effective efficient manner. Here, Mahapokrit would tap the willing Chinese turncoats as the prime Ali Baba fronts and runner for their money-swindling operations.

So, why did Mahapokrit irate the Chinese by calling them the real masters of Malaysia? Actually folks, that was the same trick employed by Hitler by calling the Jews as some sort of national breed impurities that if left unchecked will destroy the nation. Or sort of. Both Mahapokrit and Hitler knew that to control a group of people with proven ability but could be a hostility risk can be ‘settled’ by instill fear-mongering propaganda. Both Jews and Chinese, with relatively 5000-4000 years of civilisation, certainly can be a valuable tool but need a unique mode of extraction: those against or with the government, or here the Umno regime. Those rich influential Chinese here, from Robert Kuok to Tiong Hiew Khing must be made ransom to BN while the rest of Chinese are at risk as national selective fault for being the real master beneficiaries which is not true for the opposition Chinese, all no thanks to this sick racist scheme by Mahapokrit.

Germany was destroyed by it’s own national fanatic of Hitler and Nazi party while the rest of Germans have to live until today that they cannot escape the stigma for epitomised what a tragic racism can do to the mankind. All of that happened just because they listened and believed a lunatic as their national saviour. Einstein fortunately was not one of them and fled with him the single knowledge if ever fallen to Hitler, the world could be speaking in two major language today: German for Europe, Americas and Japanese to Asia. So why the world keep on producing lunatics after another lunatics in many different parts of the world – from Germany to Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cambodia, Iraq and now to Malaysia? God is quite funny, keep on testing humans with devils running around or else the paradise is another boring peaceful place without obstacle? Or God remind us for as long we don’t appreciate each other, He would send as many curse in human forms as possible and the human curse normally live a long life? Think and look around, how many good folks still alive today other than the bad neighbours that seems to be enjoying longevity? Like Mahapokrit, Yang Dikasihi, Yaakub etc all of them causing great national misdeeds well above 70-80s years of age, why God practice unfair selective soul-keeping?

Or do you believe that Malaysia is a cursed nation? Mahapokrit is a God-send curse to all Malaysians, to wipe out national wealth like RM400-500 billion of Petronas oil money to Umno so far and counting and elsewhere wherever the money being made? Or a message to all of us to appreciate a gift in each of us but rarely used it all the time, that is our common sense, logic thinking and kindness? But safe to think it’s all fated to have a national curse in form of Mahapokrit. It’s a national curse for a Mamak immigrant byproduct and claimed to be a Malay while the concept of Malay as the original landowners of Malaya without thinking the original landowners of Malaya are the Orang Asli, rightfully is just a grand falsehood. It’s a national curse that Mahapokrit moulded Malaysia as Asian version of South Africa’s Apartheid regime. It’s a national curse that Mahapokrit’s race supremacy of Ketuanan Melayu means Sabah and Sarawak defy the logic of original landowners like native Dayaks and Kadazandusuns shall enjoy joint-majority with Chinese to govern Sabah and Sarawak, instead of corrupting the Dayak and Kadazandusun leaders, so as to prolong the lunatic rule of race supremacy.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Simply put, the real master of Malaysia should be all the ordinary rakyat that decide the real direction of Malaysia. And that is where you decide whether to use the gift or abuse it and turn it as curse that goes against you in the end. The Chinese may hold the money but if they abuse it, God will turn their money into hell notes. Some day, we could get an Orang Asli as prime minister if real meaning of original landowners taken into real history be made into legal constitution. But remember, a gift can become a curse. Absolute power corrupt absolutely, like what Mahapokrit did and enjoyed so far. Ironically, Mahapokrit also a living curse for us to see and it’s up to you to believe or wish him a speedy eternal sleep, that is for a curse shall be buried deep down in hell forever. Like Hitler, Mahapokrit shouldn’t be a big loss to the nation but just a good riddance.