Hello again, my Dayak folks. So you can judge the character of Dayak scorpion, frog, snake and even dog, well actually there are many other types of animal which interestingly in similar comparison. First three animals are just a recap, but that Dayak dog type which a commentator seems to promote unsafe sex shall be omitted which is deemed unfit for general view so let’s scroll for more:

10. Scorpion – A Dayak that ‘sting’ other fellow Dayaks left and right, enjoy watching fellow Dayak fighting among themselves.

9. Frog – Basically Dayak with no principal, jumping here and there to any greener grass field.

8. Snake – A self-serving double-agent taking, exploiting money support from both BN and opposition sides but actually pocket it all for himself.

7. Parrot – A typical Yes Man Dayak leaders. For a few Ali Baba projects and how heavenly indebted they are to BN, they’re willing to sing the same praise song all day long.

6. Crocodile – Opportunist in nature. Like Dayak village chief that supposed to protect village lands but instead act as the land broker for Dayak lands to be sold to Foochow towkeys for a meagre fee and village ‘chop’ of approval.

5. Donkey – Simple minded, ignorant, no question asked. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Right or wrong, semuanya OK boleh saja!

4. Kingfisher – A very patient, quiet Dayak but superbly clinical in taking the strike at the exact right time. Can wait for as long as the rival make the smallest mistake, the fish head will be paraded. Not without reward though, some get big school projects worth anything like RM60m-RM100m guaranteed.

3. Ketupong (warning bird) – In exact opposite, can produce false alarm to make his fellow Dayaks running helter skelter leaving all the hardworks behind wondering what to do next, when in reality there is no issue at all like dropping that Dayak term or something.

2. Crab – As explained by some Dayak leaders before, it is a typical Dayak mindset that harbour hatred or jealousy for fellow Dayak success be it in business, politics etc. Like a basket of crabs, whenever any crab managed to pull out from the basket, another crab right below will drag him back to the basket. Sad but true.

1. Peacock – As flamboyant and show-off as he can be, self-glorification and self-praise is all that matter the most for this type of Dayak leaders. Arrogant and defensive even though it is just another show-time for that meagre crumb MRP grants which is just 0.000001 percent of total oil money stolen from Sarawak so far, or releasing the fish fry only to damage the river ecosystem later or that illusory golden fruit Buah Kepayang as the next biofuel wonder of the world.

Well, it’s not difficult to compare some animal traits to our Dayak leaders. We used to be animist, barbaric headhunters and ..erm.. how about being cannibalistic? Not anymore folks, as we all generally embrace Christianity and recently some become Saudara Baru (last statistics shows some 30,000 Dayak muslims already) which shows we Dayak should no longer behave like animals as our belief system now prohibit anything as evil mindless creature. Sadly enough, what is forbidden bad deeds plus the ‘haram’ mischiefs (as our Saudara Baru would say it) always been the regular offence comitted by our supposedly honest and gentle Dayak leaders.

The only thing that separate humans with animals is that we have a totally structured brain intelligence not found in any other form of life or creature. Unless out of ignorance or by design or deliberately alter our brain then we tend to behave like animals. No guilt feeling or conscience whatsoever. While deliberately alter your brain function is unlikely to our Dayak leaders as this can only happen to dope addict, other form of addict can change your mindset like addiction to corruption as well. Methamphetamine or meth addict can expect serious damage to your brain like in case of dope overdose. You’ll lose your mind basically, become a psyco.

Whether you’re addicted to corruption or consuming drugs dopes, you can only doing some serious damage to your brain and common sense thus turning yourself into a single-minded animal. Animal survive simply by having a simple yet dangerous instinct: to kill or be killed. Humans with that animal instinct behave in the same manner: take the money, stupid! or get the best dope to enter a psyco world. No bribe, no drugs or you be dead hooked up on that shits. You live a dope life, killing each other and ultimately yourself. You got a good brain but let it screwed up turning yourself into an animal. Sorry Dayaks but you folks as BN goons are such a dope. When you’re high on dopes, devoid of common sense then it’s easy to poke you Dayaks on things that obviously make the Dayak feeling insecure: taking away the cawats.

Well folks, this whole thing of cawat remarks by Mullah Hadi Awang is simply just another form of conveying the message of ‘Change’. Creative politicians like to use indirect terms to send a message, such as in this case is quite open interpretation of general Dayak ignorance in keep voting BN despite getting almost -erm- nothing, NCR lands being robbed, delay-tactic on development etc. Hadi can straight away call all those Dayak BN voters, BN goons are born stupid but no since it’ll make the Dayak BN voters become more stupid and more ignorant almost brainless to the point that BN land-grab finally the right thing to do. “Take all the lands for free, BN!” “We Dayaks proud of our stupidity!” Well of course not. Hadi knew it too, just like PAS leadership call for ISA to be abolished as it is against Islam teachings and even dare the Fatwa Council to denounce it. PAS actually can even call ISA as ‘haram’ but it’ll be exploited by Umno so PAS will not annouce it anytime soon. Likewise for PRS here and all of their BN goons calling for Hadi’s head for that cawat remarks. So let them protest all their heart out. For Umno to defend ISA that is clearly a ‘haram’ law against Islamic values and for PRS to defend Dayak BN voters’ clearly delusionised ignorance (or semi-concious stupidity?) can only make them look even more stupid.

For Dayak, it’s really simple message. Cawat or Pants. BN or Pakatan. Choose backwardness or go for ‘Change’. You feel insulted for that is what summed up the Dayak voters’ overall ignorance but failed to note that because of these Dayak BN voters ignorance, the rest of 1 million Dayaks in Malaysia being denied total justice and hold another of round grand robbery by BN. And that is how each and every Dayak should look into it. So you feel proud of your cawat go ahead weat and parade it at Padang Merdeka and burn some silly white-green flags. Called yourself the Cawatist and your beloved Dayak BN leaders as the King of Cawats. Turn the clock back and live in 1700 where the Chinese, Malays already wearing pants brought by the British while you refuse to wear it at anytime. You refuse anything new or change for better life so much that you are the only Asian version of Amish community left. No electricity, no radio, no TV no nothing. Good ‘ol fashion manual stuffs. From now on, you can cite the Japanese ladies also proud of their kimono dress and wear it to work proudly and still one of the advance civilisation in the world. So here just wear your cawat, bring your blowpipe, shield, rattan backpack, walk barefoot to your office and show to the world what the Dayak civilisation is all about. Or if any.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

So you Dayak Cawatists and King of Cawats, just stay there suck your thumbs and cry. The rest of us can move forward and go for’Change’.