“Even the early 20s years old student from other race can topple the senior Dayak Leader, promoted as minister, selected as candidate to grip the main Dayak area where Iban Temenggong comes from. Does this type of thing do not show the stupidity of our people, especially Iban Kapit and bad leadership of our present leader, particularly President of PRS? Does this type of thing is not enough insulting Dayak especially Iban? And yet, Kapit is the poorest Division in Sarawak in term of infrastructure.”  – Comment From Iban Abroad

That is the wonder of minority crony rule in Sarawak and it doesn’t matter whether it is Chinese or Melanau goons, for as long it can hold up ransom over the Dayaks the very own BN Dayak leaders ain’t gonna do a shit about it. The Kapit example is a classic case, where entire Dayaks from Song-Kapit-Belaga under one Chinese Kapit Rajah for so long even from his MP days his crony dynasty able to pull the plug from the Federal BN and flush himself with many mega millions schools projects (total anywhere RM500m so far or more) and what else his own son cannot afford to park own helicopter for Kuching shopping while the rest of the Dayak beg for mercy in longboats to buy some rice.

Think of it and wonder how those Kapit Dayaks all of them can be controlled by merely a Chinaman. Without proper roads connecting to Kapit, the Dayaks will lose out more economically and witness their money value become worthless no thanks to the crippling overpriced consumer goods. Yes, the Kapit traders continue to mint and print money from the chequred Dayaks forever.

Well, to defeat this whole evil BN cronies is not by torching and massacre those bloodsucking Kapit Chinese goons but play out counter politics. Seriously Pakatan Sarawak should get any good dependable Kapit Dayak to run as candidate under DAP (yes, a Dayak DAP by using Dayak’s Guerilla Warfare and Reversing The Divide-And-Rule Tactics) and round up as many Kapit Chinese oppositions there plus the Dayaks to rally behind the Dayak DAP candidate and finish off the Chinese Rajah son, or at least make a run of his money. That is one the DUN level but on MP level, it’s time for Kapit MP Alex to move out as well. Riding on his surname of once great Dayak warrior no longer valid when the best he can do is perpetuating BN injustice to Dayak, something even the late Tun Jugah would never expected to happen to his own Dayak folks so low and disgraceful now and far opposite to what the 18-points Malaya agreements guaranteed to protect the Dayaks prior to joining Malaysia federation. Such a fruit of merdeka, huh.

What Tun Jugah wish to leave out is fair and justice to Dayaks, and not the sons of Dayak (including his own family members now) become corrupted, self-serving greeds, bullied by cronies and duped and fooled again and again forever just to get almost nothing from BN. Tun Jugah total wealth inheritted and passed down to the family may amount to hundreds of millions now but soon all gone to the Chinese cronies slowly. What Federal BN ought to compensate/pacify Tun Jugah (all those prime lands, properties assets etc.) to surrender Sarawak for Malaysia federation will come back to BN again. Same goes to mega millions projects contracts to Dayak leaders, BN will squeezed it back. That’s what Dayak corporate business world is all about, gone in a bust.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

To some commented that the Dayak simply being stupid or ignorance of BN’s falsehood and trickery is real and not extortionate amounting as insult. Either you Dayak are blind or stupid or choose both. To keep voting supporting BN just to get almost nothing…how stupid is that. Don’t throw the cawat yet, just wear it. No pants. Shows that you are indeed very proud of your own stupidity easily fooled controlled by small group of goons. Ever recall what Masing said on the displaced Dayaks for Bakun dam? Yes he said, “As a Dayak, it’s the correct thing to do“. These Dayak BN leaders and all of their Dayak goons, they deserve to be tied in a giant cawat sling, swing and catapult it far away to other planet. Bodoh punya Dayak?

Yes, those ‘bodoh punya Dayak’ deserved to be piss off by all Dayaks. These small groups of Dayak goons since the days of Yaakub and Yang Dikasihi, split almost evenly during Ming Court while having the best opportunity to end both Yaakub-Taib political dynasties choose to defect and betray their own Dayakism. They choose the money over anything else thinking they did the best only for their own self-greed and now what happen to these frogs? Beggars. Political and business beggars till this very day. Some live their broken dream in Pakatan while some back as village idiots. Worst of all, those Dayak goons now thinking of a secure big business is all but just another BN’s ransom money. But look at Yaakub no where to die yet and Yang Dikasihi probably using body doubles or fake his death to stay on power compare to the Dayak leaders. Bodoh punya Dayak!