“My cousin had recently promoted to Pemanca (sub reginal chief). He must have earned his promotion, in another words, his superior/installer had seen great success in my cousin’s work (KPI).You seem to mean their syndrome is because they support the BN govt?. If so, what is wrong with that?.The position of TR, Penghulu, Pemanca and Tmenggong are endorsed by the Head of State (Swak TYT).Lets see one, just one of the positive side of what TRP can do to our Dayak community : NCR land only be recognized by the state when the 1) NCR land owner, 2) the TR and 3)Penghulu recognized such claim. See, how important their job to our community, and such authority is spelt out in Swak Land Code.How about use our TRP system to acquire the 1.5 million ha of our temuda into NCR land?. For a start a GPS perimeter survey will do?” – Comment From Uncle Ben

Really my Dayak folks, what is wrong is that? VERY WRONG.

Unelected position is breeding CORRUPTION

By using the phrase ‘appointment endorsed by TYT’ (and all those equivalent craps) as an excuse to support the perverted nature of unelected position, by any means it can only breed, promote and perpetuate corruption.


As expected, the issues like NCR lands, how Penghulu’s role as guardian of such lands to the Dayaks actually a perfect hawk-eye position to survey, earmark, and ‘market’ the prized Dayak lands to the crony businessmen. This is why many Dayak that self-claim to be a senior, knowledgeable wise Dayak deserved to be a Dayak Penghulu or Pemanca is nothing got to do to the serve the Dayak, but a new career as greedy hypocrite land broker. GPS device, like Garmins unit can be as cheap as RM500 or below can only mean much easier job to rob the land to the cronies, not for marking or conservation purposes. If Penghulu with such authority on NCR lands claim on behalf of the Dayaks, you can imagine how much more the exploitation and manipulation can be: by becoming the land broker lah! Why should you become an honest, poor Penghulu when you can make a lot of money?

Fit-And-Proper Test For Penghulu/Tuai Rumah, Must Be Elected

Basically just a screening process to any potential Tuai Rumah/Penghulu: to serve the Dayak or to rob their lands or Yes-Men to BN. Since being apolitical is common prerequisite, it’s only exist on perception but in reality just another BN goons. That’s why the concept of open election is good (and common practice) but the candidate first and foremost by all means MUST NOT A CROOK. A Penghulu must be a WISE MAN, not a YES-MAN. Never bow to Yang Dikasihi!

The Evil Culture Of Direct Appoinment

We’ve seen how Yang Dikasihi simply point his finger to anyone to become city mayor to any chaps he like, against the proper public consensus and that’s simply running a city council as your kitchen. My choice, not the people. The same concept ‘applied’ and ‘copied’, with the Resident, SAO all nodding in the same culture thus prominent positions like Penghulu/Tuai Rumah shouldn’t be an exception. Do you believe leaders are born, not made? Why wait for such honest Dayak leaders when you can pick any ready-made Dayak goons. BN goons all the way. Birds (or crooks) with same feather flocks together eh?

The Ploy Of Dayak Land Reserves Zone

Quite often, the Resident together with the SAO and Penghulu plus the unsuspecting Dayaks will come up with joint survey of previously unmarked lands or land reserves with intention to give out a special land zone within the kampong area. Such lands normally covered a vast area of virgin forests containing precious timber, not to mention the fertile topsoils and with access road nearby one can only think of million ways to rob the kampong reserved lands in the future to the cronies. It’s all reserves for cronies, not for Dayaks. So Mr Penghulu, the weigh of being honest Dayak lands guardian is heavier than the RM millions of future projects from cronies huh?

MRP Grants, Contractors License, Election Funds…Irresistable Goodies!

While those things are suspects in nature, it is more suspect when the actual money being splashed on the ground without proper audit, check and balances. Part of the reason why there are over 30,000 class F contractors registered with PKK federal govt unit is got nothing do with helping small scale contractors in real competitive and competence manner, but keeping the MRP money back to BN’s fold. It’s all money laundering in a simplest form and one of the best tool to divert the money is thru the Tuai Rumah/Ketua Kaum/Penghulu issued with contractors license. We can leave the part where Lubok Antu MP Willy ‘Ol Badak vehemently dishing out MRP grants (plus the compulsory anti-PKR shit-stirrings) but ask where the money grants goes to in the end? Hmmm. That is post election modus operandi but wait until the pre election and look out for the suddenly missing Tuai Rumah Penghulu being locked away for ‘secret election briefing’. Ah-hah!

So, tell all the Dayaks if all of these CROOKS AND GOONS CULTURE is OK and NOT WRONG at all? Direct appointment is better than open Dayak democracy? Can you serve the Dayak honestly but rob them of their lands and rights concurrently at the same time? Can you hide your greed and your hypocrisy?

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Well just leave it that as your delicate skill in managing good virtue and evil corruption in a perfect mix together. Whoever can do that ought to be a very, very great leader like…Hitler…Idi Amin…Mugabe…Mahapokrit…and that little man with big hair wigs playing with toy nukes from North Korea of Sick ‘N ill Kim or something etc.