Hello again folks. Seems like the silly season of exploiting Dayak plights getting even more crazier than ever. At any given opportunity, the BN Dayak leaders will show their delusional passion for championing Dayak’s cause and they will do it for the sake of taking the top post and keeping their name in tab for next election, both at federal and state level. Can’t blame them much as those Dayak leaders clearly being taught by their Umno witchcrafts: speak your crazy racist heart out, get noticed by top bosses, and you will get nominated and elected. The crazier, the better.

And speak their heart out the Dayak leaders will be. No shame and no brainer at all. Anything that others will do unfavourably means stepping on their tails and such a great spit of fire from the Dayaks. Take the cawat issue for instance. Instead of thinking the real message rather than the insult (and their own stupidity for keep voting BN just to get nothing), suddenly these BN goons came out they’ll defend the cawat no matter what. By all means, wear the ‘sirat’ proudly to your office, to your meetings or to your daily kopitiam. The Japanese lady can really be proud of wearing kimono dress to the office so for all the Dayak history and civilisation (if any) under BN that the cawat epitomised as truly a grandeur dignity of Dayak, just throw away your pants then.

The fact that Dayak failed to note their own inferiority but link it up as forbidden insult worth the harshest wrath imaginable simply shows that Dayak somehow still facing a crude mental block. Take the instance from Dayak leaders such as from PRS. They show anger for cawat issue but purporting to drop the Dayak terms. Uphold ‘cawat’, but dropping ‘Dayak’? Joseph Entulu claims that dropping the Dayak terms was due to others’ perception that Dayak people are uncivilised. Would Hadi’s remark of cawat which is somewhat uncivilised thinking of Dayak also deemed necessary for Joseph Entulu to ask the rest of Dayak to discard anything about cawat, just like he proposed to drop the Dayak term due to others’ perception?

Contradictions? Or hypocrisy? You ain’t seen nothing yet:
“Famine has hit about 3,000 Penans in Belaga following crop failure in four of the five major settlements, and they are crying out to the government to help stave off the threat of starvation. Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun said this in a press conference in Miri following a visit by Parliament Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin to Lusong Laku settlement on Wednesday….According to him, accessibility is a big and costly problem.A trip by a 10-wheeler lorry from Bintulu costs RM5,000, while a three-tonne lorry and a 4 WD-vehicle hire would cost RM1,500 and RM700 respectively. Multiply this against the food required to sustain the 3,000 Penans for six months is a logistic nightmare to this remote settlements.” BP  31-7-’09

Now we hear Joseph Entulu’s profound revelation of 3,000 Penans at risk of starvation. But then, the cost to transport the foods is more than the food itself. Pffff. Such a news eh? BN find it difficult to transport the food but more than willing to spend more on helicopter trips during elections to the shock and awe to the Dayaks. Ohhh Ahhh!

“Food rations will soon be airlifted to the starving Penans in Belaga but this is only a stopgap measure as long as their ‘supermarket’ is out of business…Land Development Minister Dato Sri Dr James Masing yesterday likened the jungles where the Penans lived to a ‘supermarket’ so that “modern day shoppers can better understand the Penan’s predicament”…The problem in delivering food to the Penans in the past, he revealed, was the cost of transportation, which was more than the cost of the food itself…Masing, who is PRS president, pointed out that there were two major reasons why the Penans were going hungry; the poor harvest last year was one of them…“First, their harvest was not very good last year and secondly, their normal supermarket is not supplying them with enough food now because of the scarcity of wildlife. Another reason is that it is not the fruit season now,” said Masing…When asked why the Penans were having difficulty getting food from their ‘supermarkets’, he replied: “The fact is that their area has been extensively logged. In the olden days, the Penans could survive because their environment was still fresh and not disturbed by logging activities.” – BP  2-8-’09

Within a whisk, James Masing said that those Penans shall get their food supply via airlift. Pffff again. To add more comedy, James Masing with his customary convenient blame on logging activities (BTW which is done by his own boss Yang Dikasihi crony friend timber goons) that reduce the jungle ‘supermarket’ supply of foods to Penans.

“State Disaster Relief Committee chairman Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan was somewhat surprised when the media asked him on Friday about the hungry Penans.
“I think we better check whether the story is true,” he said. He believed that the Penans could still survive well even if there were no external assistance. “If nobody does anything to help them in the jungle, they can still survive. The Penans live in the jungle and they have animals and plants…all these things. I have been to the jungle and I know,” said Dr Chan.” – BP  2-8-’09

That would make enough farting gas with this typical BN’s ignorance and madness none other than from DCM Georgie Boy that quickly refute the Penan’s plight and even claimed the Penan will survive. Ah-hah! Somebody send this goofy deep inside the jungle with the Penans and see if one can stand eating tapioca leaves or at least some squirell meats day in day out. That if you can find any tapioca leaves or squirell left in this hell dry season.

And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, BN deal with Dayak issues. Together with the hype-merchants drumming for propaganda of delusions, the Dayak leaders would rather pick any Dayak issue out of nothing in an attempt to self-elevate himself. Whatever consequences is another day’s madness. Self-contradicts and hypocrisy in a perfect mix, for what we should call it as Politic of Cawats. Just like defending cawat but dropping Dayak term. It’s a big cost to bring the food to starving Dayaks but willing to pay whatever cost to sight-seeing on helicopter during elections. Just like showing compassionate to the Penan’s problems but knowingly for sure you’re responsible for their displacement and hardship to make way for timber business and big dam projects, all that Dayak leaders can conclude best epitomised by the famous reply from James Masing to Al-Jazeera regarding the thousands of Dayaks (Iban, Penans alike) being displaced from Bakun dam, that is: As a Dayak, that is the correct thing to do.”

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

So to all Dayak leaders, keep on self-contradict on your own hypocrisy. Above all and self-interest greed to stay on power, that is the correct thing to do. And also to you all Dayak BN voters that keep voting BN just to get almost… -erm- nothing, the correct thing to do is to keep the Politic of Cawats alive. You’re proud of your identity but yet ashamed of it. Proud of ‘cawat’ but keen to drop the ‘Dayak’ term? Spend on starving Penans’ food delivery or helicopter election trips? You know it’s all stupid but you keep doing it. Why? As as far as Politic of Cawats is concern,  that is the correct thing to do!