Ohhhaaaiii folks. Hazey and dry eh? Look at these two points (socio-economic re-engineering ploys from SCORE and its effect to Dayaks) carefully and it does make sense. Afterall, it is a grand plan by Umno to spread to Sarawak but first, Yang Dikasihi (not going to live forever but surely got some succession plan) must prepare the seeds and groundworks to plant these new crop of BN voters, on top of the already Dayak BN voters. Remember, it took merely less than 20 years for Sabah to implement the ‘Project IC’ and what better way to do it other than these illegal pendatangs as new BN voters.

Point 1:

“SCORE covers an area of 70,709 sq km, with a population of 607,800 people.
Enti di import 1,200,000 semi-skilled, think about:
1. Sapa orang ke di import? Anang-anang baka Sabah, dalam masa 5 taun orang Sabah nambah ari 800,000 asoh 3,500,000. The locals are being forced to struggle. Orang UMNO betambah mengejut.
2. Orang Sarawak (607,800) dlm SCORE tu nyengkaum orang tuai, anak mit, orang sekolah. Aba jako orang puteh, “demographic balance” has been altered. Think about crimes, jobs for locals and above all future of the DAYAKS here. Di banding enggau mensia 1,500,000 orang di import, kitai Dayak udah nyadi orang minority. Ni ia ke meli IC, ia ke kawin local, ia ke kena ambo etc?
3. Population Sarawak mina 2.8 million, nyengkaum Cina, Dayak, enggau Melayu. Who will benefit if demographic balance change?”

It will become a serious social problem if state govt choose to overlook this problem if the required labour for SCORE projects would be end up mostly for foreign workers. As pointed out, this is the same ‘social cancer’ being spread by the Malaya workers (as gomen workers like police, teachers, ‘lepeh’ army etc) but the scale could be many times bigger from SCORE foreign workers and it happens to be majority of them are Muslim Indons and Banglas. Now look at the next point:

Point 2:

“The case usually is a marriage of a local Dayak girl to a foreign plantation worker. The foreign worker goes back to their country of origin and leave an infant child or even an unborn child and never to return to this country or the same plantation company again.”

OK folks. This is a part-hidden agenda to create ‘Saudara Baru’ in big numbers among the Dayaks in long term and probably much worse than those ‘implemented’ by the National Integration policy. Well, there’s nothing sinister in the beginning but 15-20 years from now, Sarawak will become another Sabah: full of illegal Indon and Mindanao lanun pendatang suddenly become Malaysian citizens complete with Mykad IC and a ready-made BN voters.

Dayak ‘Saudara Baru’ already in the region of nearly 30,000 people with special federal department to look after them and it’s chief is an Iban convert. While they don’t deserve the blanket stereotype of being the Dayak outcasts/traitors, do not discount the ‘hidden agenda’ from Umno to exploit some of them in order to infiltrate Sarawak politics while the ‘social cancer’ effect from SCORE’s muslim foreign workers means a new wave of BN voters shall be created in big numbers soon. It’s a new crop of ‘Saudara Baru’ among the Dayak-foreign workers union and the perfect crop of future BN voters.

In the next general election or two, sooner or later BN will lose power and by virtue of 30 plus MPs from Peninsular alone for Pakatan to wrestle from BN, Pakatan can formed the new federal govt by simple majority WITHOUT Sarawak and Sabah MPs. PAS will complete the wipeout of UMNO BUT, Sarawak and Sabah will become the sole BN bastion and that is where UMNO will find some salvation. Even the new DUN building comes with 108 DUN seatings, up some 30 seats from current 71 ADUNs. Expect some delineation process from EC so that Sarawak BN can dilute more seats in future elections. The state and federal level MP and DUN seats are all in the fix to ensure BN and UMNO will at least gain some solitute or salvation.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

And that is my Dayak folks, when Sarawak falls under UMNO, would be the ultimate Dayak failure.