Greetings folks. Before you embark on another lazy weekend, do spare a bit thought on something that for many Dayaks seems fail to understand just why should we embrace ‘Change’ in order to see a big change in Sarawak under Yang Dikasihi. Much have been debated about Dayak mentality, ignorance, greed, arrogance and all the lunatics about the Dayak politics. You can get easily a PhD doctorate from such studies if you wish and rightly self-appointed yourself as the foremost Dayakologist expert.

Some would argue just how mature our democracy really are, just like a parent wondering their child is normal, born retard (Down Syndrome) or suspected retard (suffering from autism) or simply choose to be a retard (being stupid!). Yes, our democracy is still developing and how we promote fair and open democracy partly rested with our leaders’ responsibility of what version of democracy best suited while at the same time just how critical the voters are. And critical means, in Dayak politics, unravelling the Dayak mentality itself.

We often refer the Western democracy as the most ideal, open and dynamic democracy in which every part of governance somehow subject to elections. Unelected authority therefore can only create another form of dictatorship like what happened in Iran where the top council of Mullahs preside over everything of national governance. It’s a fake and retarded democracy with the supreme ruler Iran Ayatollah remains unelected while the Iranian voters were all being short-changed. At least the whole world knew which part of Iranian democracy being retarded, by the voters or the unelected authority.

Now look at the state of Dayak politics. Everything looks normal or is it? Dayak leaders think they operate democracy at the most optimum level and assume all Dayak voters are matured enough? You see folks, autistic elements vary from child to child. Their learning abilities might seems normal but look carefully some of them having certain difficulties (reading, speech, writing etc) and that factor is enough to retard their mental well-being. If left untreated or with special care, autistic childs will lead a life where the concept of daily lives is not applicable to them anymore. Like the value of money is nothing to them as they don’t have the understanding of the concept of money.

Dayak mentality and the concept of democracy can be best viewed in the same manner. You don’t understand democracy if in the early stage you are left clueless of the concept of democracy, except the version of democracy that being propagated by Dayak leaders to only worship BN. Austism, if left unchecked is a designated stupidity and live a retarded life. Dayaks, if left unchecked without the true meaning of the concept of democracy, means forever we will never embrace ‘Change’ and operating democracy at a loss.

Yes, it is a democracy that operate to subsidise stupidity or autistic democracy. You always heard about NEP and subsidy mentality and how the Bumiputera being self-defeated in that purpose. Another example of bad subsidy is the U.S healthcare insurance where you pay the same rate of health insurance when there should be a distinction of high-risk group (obese, diabetic person, heavy smoker, sex worker) should pay more premiums than those with healthly lifestyle (vegetarians, monks?). It is very sad to note that Sarawak, for the longest time it practice democracy can only operate at the expense of common sense and intelligence. Both Dayak leaders and the unsuspecting Dayaks, for all their plunder and blunder, choose to live a designated-retardness (it’s stupid but keep doing it/ keep voting BN just to get nothing) and by far the biggest cost of democracy can no longer afford to subsidise anymore.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The biggest challenge of bringing ‘Change’ therefore no longer examining the why or how the state of Dayak mentality, maturity in politics but explaining ‘Change’ to the rate acceptable to Dayak political standards. Not necessarily a therapy (like special treatment to autistic child learning to read properly) or lash a whip for being a retard (unfortunately like the ‘cawat’ remarks) but through a gradual awareness. Treating autism cost a lot of time, effort and funds but treating democracy autism is by far a much bigger scale. And far more complex if the Dayaks happy to be retarded. Autism is best cured by early detection, same goes to the new young generation of Dayaks. The elder generation Dayak politics full of retards with their autistic democracy are beyond repair or treatment shall be left on their own world in Dayak asylums (like pro BN Dayak associations, NGOs etc) and forever the ‘disease’ left with them not affecting the new Dayaks. Democracy cannot afford to subsidise such stupidity anymore.