While it’s almost meaningless to relate Merdeka Day to the Dayaks, it is rightly so. When some Dayak goons writing stuffs in local daily telling us to appreciate the fruits of merdeka, they are merely cheat themselves. Why appreciate when the fruit in fact is poisonous. From education, healthcare, infrastructure etc in such a pathetic state subject to delay politics it’s all simply the case of poisonous fruit of merdeka meant to deny the very rights of Dayak. Likewise the Dayak politics being offered and designed just to reduce the Dayak leaders at the lowest threat possible it is because the Dayak leader accepted and ‘eat’ the poisonous fruit of merdeka which of course can only incapacitate or ‘castrate’ them politically, as epitomised by J*bu to preach Buah Kepayang as the ultimate golden fruit to the Dayak farmers.

Throughout decades after joining Malaysia, Dayaks somehow are subjected to various forms of systematic incapacitation in almost every aspects but political incapacitation by far the most effective mode. Even development projects which is rightfully a basic human right for all that govt must deliver but being abused as delay tactic ploys, often referred as Politic of Development (or development politicised?), all of it not only serves Yang Dikasihi well but a great tool to keep any Dayak at bay all the time. Development in some sense, or some called it fruits of merdeka, turn out to be a deliberately poisoned fruit after all.

Take how Sarawak DUN structure works for instance. At any given time, Yang Dikasihi will not allow the Dayak YBs (PBB-SPDP-PRS-SUPP) hold more than one third of total DUN seats. A classic divide-and-rule ploy over the Dayaks. With PBB holding the lion share of half DUN seats, it is irrelevant whether SPDP-PRS merged or SUPP being wiped off by DAP as PBB alone can rule by simple majority.

The fact that SPDP-PRS merger could only serve Yang Dikasihi better by breaking up the new merged party and sending PBB to grab more seats up to nearly 80 percent total DUN seats. This is no bomoh prediction but a sure ploy by Yang Dikasihi to grab more power to PBB.

How Pakatan Sarawak deal with it is matter of compromise, give-and-take and ensuring as many straight fights (BN vs Pakatan only) as possible. Dayak already being divided along the lines of PBB-SPDP-PRS-SUPP so Pakatan must deal accordingly. It’s not unusual for DAP to field Dayak DAP candidate in SUPP-held seats by a Dayak YB, so does PAS to fight in PBB seats in Semariang,Samarahan, Petra Jaya areas. PKR and SNAP meanwhile must not at loggerheads at rural Dayak seats. This is a simple message to any Pakatan leaders read it now: straight fight or bust.

Dayak may hold less than one third of DUN total seats and not automatic majority rule for CM post (against the fact of Dayak being the majority in population) it is because of Dayak leaders allowed themselves for being used, cheated, piggybacked by Yang Dikasihi thus giving the minority Malay/Melanau the ultimate beneficiary from PBB’s lion share of simple DUN majority seats. Here, Dayak being the majority population is not reflected as majority political power in DUN seats. Why Dayak leaders allow it to happen well, can only be explained from Masing’s infamous reply when asked about the Dayaks being displaced for big dam project: “As a Dayak, that is the CORRECT THING TO DO”.

The other factor of course the help of unelected institution like EC that can and keep changing the goal-post by using ‘delineation’ ploy (moving, creating new DUN seats) for as long as it contain Bumiputera as majority voters (which always favour the Malay/Melanau) but since ‘Bumiputera’ term also applied on Dayak, the advantage is on Yang Dikasihi not the Dayak in real political terms. With that EC help alone, PBB able to get the lion share of total DUN seats at any given time.

That’s why the CM post to Dayak now remain a hotspot even DS Anwar can’t contemplate to wish for it. In case of ‘Dayak mudah lupa’, Dayak already got it (twice) and almost got it again but choose not to. But looking at the rate of daylight robbing of Dayak lands (by own Dayak leaders!), no one but a Dayak CM can reverse or even abolish such destructive tools and laws to rob Dayak lands, and this time around when given the chance Dayak shouldn’t let it go easily.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Of course there many other forms of poisoned fruits of merdeka which are custom-made specifically to incapacitate the Dayaks (crazy education, socio-economics policies etc) but the current form of political incapacitation to the Dayak leaders (never allow the Dayak hold majority DUN seats thus the CM post) works so well that it’s just a matter of time for Yang Dikasihi to reap the ultimate prize of all: the remaining vast Dayak lands worth RM billions at stake.