The Avatar movie might be just another sci-fi about humans trying to colonise another Earth-like aliens planet and suck-up all the natural resources (sounds like Dayak against BN eh??) but the struggle remains the same: change accordingly to survive. And change accordingly will require some seriously drastic measure regardless of short or long term measure, which is how about altering some DNA?

In the next 50 years or so the DNA manipulation could be so advanced and accesible that any imperfection of DNA can be altered. It’s the making of intelligent, custom-made humans. Next generation of Dayaks ought to be taller (minimum 6 footer), super IQ, multi-lingual, resistant to diseases, live longer up to 150 years and much more. The only thing missing is pregancy machine (for future lazy mums) but Dayak females can be sought to be voluntereed as surrogate mum and inpregnanted with these new super Dayak babies. Initial offspring would be 1,000 super Dayaks born and with special reproductive programme these 1000 super Dayak will spread their super genes into many other Dayak families with minimum 10 child per super Dayak couple.

You may ask why I’m talking about this Dayak DNA. It’s simple: Dayak is lacking intelligence to survive based on brief history of almost non-existence civilisation (compared to Indian, Chinese civilizations). No amount of education, NEP and those socio-economic breastfeeding can change Dayak mentality, attitude, brain and their future. All those external inputs do not work so the next challenge is alter the Dayak DNA to become more superior. Dayak however will need to wait 30-40 years for the current ignorant generation to be ‘replenished’ with the upcoming next generation of Dayaks so it can truly bring ‘Change’.

For now, let the stupid and the ignorant rule the democracy at the expense of the whole country and bleeding another few RM1 trillion of national wealth. Stupidity cost us all. Since the human evolution until now, stupidity kills more human than all the wars and barbarians combined in the last 1000 years. That is the flaw of God’s design: stupidity is born with but intelligence, common sense isn’t. DNA can be altered in the future so elements of intelligence is the top priority for the Dayak’s mental re-engineering, thus making intelligence is a birth-right and automatic inside the DNA.

Would it solve the many problems in the world? You see folks, problems in the world are actually dealing with the ever-depleting resources and the best economics must be devised to manage the resources so that is why universal human intelligence will decide the best economically possible future direction. Wealth imbalance would be things in the past as no group of Jews hold 90 percent of whole world wealth. 100 years from now will see the world without oil completely. The only source of energy is from the sun and the moon which formed the sea level tide high or low. So, where is the Dayak then?

Now look at the Dayak now and think how weak hopeless helpless creature they are. When we talk how important for Dayak to ‘Change’, it’s far from how much the Dayak get from BN. Far, far from it. Intelligence? Almost irrelevant to Dayak context. Politics? Cawat is the most treasured political hallmark so be it. Education? Don’t hate the Chinese schools to send your Dayak kids. Economics? Survival by eating tapioca leaves and squirell meats is enough.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

To ‘Change’ the Dayak completely will require a total tweak right inside the DNA and genetic alterations. If acquiring, preserving intelligence for survival require lots of time and many generations later then in the most drastic and shortest time available ought to be DNA manipulation. In 50 years when all the Dayak lands (the last remaining Dayak resources) are gone and robbed (helped by their own Dayak leaders), the slow ‘extinction’ shall follows and in 100 years Dayak will become the Borneo version of American native Red Indians that depends on special federal land reserve zones to live as the living endangered species.