Hello again folks. Probably by now most of you Dayaks already heard the news of President Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations, I mean to the beer! Quite a spoof eh? Settle some racist vibes of black professor and whitey cop for a good cold beer at White House, next thing you invite Glen Campbell to sing Southern Night and Dream dream,dream,dream…later on called Kanye West some MTV jackass (the first black jackass?), keep on topping up the beer till the next morning when Joe Biden give a call “It’s from Sweden, you just win a Nobel Peace Prize”. Obama: “Send that jackass West to pick it up, Sweden haven’t seen a black jackass for a long time since Abba and Dolph Lundgren coming to USA!”

How timely isn’t it? When Obama trying very hard to get the healthcare bill get through against the Republicans and their army of greedy insurance goons, winning Nobel Peace Prize out of nothing simply shocking. First black president, probably first president to win some Nobel prize within short office period and also the first president to quickly caught by Twitter saying the word ‘jackass’. But killing the greedy US insurance industry that crippling own American citizens for so long would fulfill Michael Moore prophecy and come out with new movie Sicko 2. Would Americans finally get their ‘peace’ deal on healthcare? Never been better when the greedy insurance jackass got kick out for sure!

But again, really how deserving it is to hand Nobel Peace Prize to Obama in such a relatively beer-party period? It’s not that Obama successfully extract both Kim Jong Ill and Mahmud Ahmednijad using secret alien UFO spacecraft and landed them at Holland’s The Hague world tribunal for war against humanity, silly hairwigs and lunatic mullahism thus prevent the possible crazy nuclear programmes, one for fun dictatorship and the other one for the holy beard. Fact is, it’s that easy to win Nobel prize…such a power of the beer.

Yes folks, you know where I’m heading particularly for the Dayak perspective of course. I’m thinking, inside our country there’s no short supply of ‘quick wonders’ especially those envisioned by Dayak politicians. No, not that party PCM or new shack by Gabby Adit in quick succession. PFFFT. Leave that for other day. Think of anything typical Dayak brains: lunatic, outrageous, comical, self-contradictory, hypocritical and pure Yes Men mentality. All of which they proudly self-proclaim as their greatest contributions to the Dayak livelihood. PFFFT. The crazy one definately J*bu’s buffoon on Buah Kepayang as the ultimate golden fruit for large scale farmings. Remember Joe Salang’s proposal to bring internet to Batang Ai? Next thing the Dayaks folks there would tell BN YBs via video-call or email is that “Hey, now we can read Dayak Baru blog! Thanks a lot! We are free to ‘Change’!”.

That’s right, The Nobel Dayak Prize would be great if can be created for once. At this rate of land-grab policy Dayak would become homeless in matter of another 50 years no thanks to Awang Tanah’s virtue ‘all NCR lands are state lands’. For American native Red Indians, Geromino is both defender and a whimp in folklores. The last of the sold-outs. But at least Red Indians live in special reserves lands by US govt plus the lucky goons get some casino license as token of remembrance. Best of all their lands are not used as dams or river reservoirs. A stark contrast to Masing’s remark on Bakun dam “As a Dayak that’s the correct thing to do” in flooding the Dayak lands. Would Masing get the The Nobel Dayak Prize? That’s like asking the 10,000 displaced Dayaks having beer with Yang Dikasihi for quick settlement.

The Nobel Dayak Prize would not be all about beer or tuak party to dupe the Dayaks just to flood them for dam or chase them away for dubious palm oil plantation projects. It’s the other way round and not that many Dayak freedom fighters around able to fight for a Dayak-advantage deal (unlike mostly lopsided development deals against Dayaks). Would Gabby Adit should get it too? Maybe, if Gabby Adit can prove that even in PKR Sarawak there are indeed some Umno-planted goons that help to keep Dayak away from heading the whole Pakatan Sarawak alongside with DAP. It’s the BN moles inside PKR Sarawak to ensure the hate for Dayak unity remains. But no, not yet for Gabby Adit. Not unless Gabby Adit can held the beer session for Dayak and the DAP. Yes, it’s the Dayak and Chinese in one pact enough for a truly formidable match for BN Sarawak. For so long the opposition Dayak and Chinese don’t speak on real terms, which is that simple to form a joint force to reckons.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The Dayak Nobel Prize – only for any Dayak that can see thru camel inside needle hole that Dayak must open for options with DAP to counter-attack Dayak BN leaders in some large Chinese voters. Do the math and DAP would wrestle SUPP Dayak seats at least to add up the total Pakatan YBs near the BN’s 2/3-blocking 24 members. Dayak and DAP alliance. Chinese voted for Dayak DAP candidate. How cool is that? Unthinkable but possible. The rest would be historic Dayak awakenings.