When Mahapokrit unveiled the illusory grand vision in 1990 as Vision 2020, it was full of hope and what a great future for Malaysia well at least that’s what media used to tell us back then. Vision 2020 or Wawasan 2020 according to Mahapokrit was simply a roadmap to a developed Malaysia by 2020. A modern Malaysia with at least 70 million population prescribed by Mahapokrit as ideal population in terms of sustainability and national security purposes.

Or you still buy that delusion now. Almost 20 years and some RM1 trillion of Petronas money later when we supposed to be on track toward Vision 2020, it looks like the same prick that haunted Malaysia all over again and exactly what Mahapokrit wrote almost 50 years ago in Malay Dilemma – the problem of changing Malay mindset from always feeling insecure about anything (to the extent of chronic inferiority complex) to the point of everything that caused Malay’s insecurity is easily put to blame squarely to the Chinese and other non-Malays like Indians as well that having set firm footing particularly in economics dominance.

It’s always about the cycle of hate and racism. Mahapokrit thought 1990 was the best year to launched something feel-good about Malaysia’s future but how to feel good about it when Mahapokrit himself admitted that he failed to change the Malay for the better. That is what happen when you always think this God damn land only belong to one particular race. Using social re-engineering crap like NEP and Bumiputra special rights will never work just to ensure (and hopefully) the Malays will change and grab the opportunity to uplift themselves. Yes hope for the best.

Well turn out to be a total failure. Denying smart students from university place literally on Bumiputra defination first like Marina Undau case? 300,000 migrated Malaysians would point this sick policy as their reason to quit their ICs. Now consider the govt iniative to help Malay contractors by creating selective projects and contractors grouping under Bumiputra status. With 30,000 class F contractors registered so far only less than 1,000 really active in operation (including the AliBaba operations also), isn’t that enough to show is this really the attitude toward a developed nation status come the year 2020?

Some estimate put the figure around RM100 billion being lost alone under Mahapokrit rule. Basically it’s quite tally to what AliBaba rate in totally-subcontract their govt projects at 10 percent going rate. And 10 percent or RM100 billion could be the ‘bocor’ amount in conservative estimation of total Petronas oil money to federal budget so far in excess of RM1 trillion. This is the sunken cost to turn insecure Malay as confident and competitive Malay (fat hope!), but as in any form of disease total cure is a mere fantasy. Many thought that flu was fixed 100 years ago but now turn out to be as deadly as AIDS. Mahapokrit must realise insecurity also cannot be fixed by any means of social re-engineering and wealth re-distribution nonsensicals.

All of these racist craps will never mend the already volatile race relation in Malaysia. Not even sloganeering like 1Malaysia can convince the smart Malaysians not to migrate or telling Malay to throw their NEP crutches away. It is a very sad final 10 years before year 2020 for Mahapokrit to admit any amount of money wasted so far yield nothing but only more hatred and economic decadence down the drain. We have seen many nations already ravaged by corruption and cronism and thugs warlords. The worst case imaginable can be found in Somalia, Zimbabwe and Mexico. Although Somalia always in a constant state of anarchy, Mexico meanwhile a vivid example of how corruption coupled with mob fear rule practically running the govt top to bottom. Mexican army and police units sacked thousands but quickly absorbed in drug gang operation like a state within a state operation with only ambition left is to go north invade USA and Canada, literally speaking.

Crazy isn’t it but Mexico doesn’t subscribe to much racism to polarize the mob rule. Only Zimbabwe combined both elements of Somalian anarchy and Mexican mob rule as another form of fluid governance – the rule of guns, thuggery and sham democracy. Will Malaysia become just like Zimbabwe in the year 2020? When military, police, judiciary et all deemed powerless to break free from BN tyranny by then get ready to pay RM2 billion for one nasi lemak. Funny thing about UMNO’s fear-mongering about Malay insecurity is that when major economic powerhouse collapse except China the Pendatang Mainland (with nearly USD2 trillion cash reserves), little did you know Education Ministry will tell whole school to start learning Mandarin. By then Malaysia would be heavily in debt while BN exhausting all avenue to hold power in the most superficially democratic way.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Mass exodus would be unimaginable now but rest assured those afford to migrate early will have the last laugh. Peninsular will be in chaos everywhere while leaders shut themselves in comfort and opulance inside their crony-built mansions and palaces. Exactly what Robert Mugabe and the rest of his cronies enjoyed now. Do we really head south fallen down like Zimbabwe? And how about our Dayak future under Tanah Melayu Afrika Zimbabwe? With already over 30,000 convert Dayaks now as UMNO sleeper cells listen carefully to the old Dayak grandpa that hate to see their convert grandkids having school holiday in Dayak village with their Orang Malay friends tagging along even lurking around the kebun for durians. The old grandpa simply wish their kids never marry Orang Malaya and time machine to turn back the time. That is how Dayaks in year 2020 being drifted away under siege by UMNO right in their nose. Vision 2020 – The Road To Zimbabwe!