How To Spoil-Vote PCM: Put ‘LOVE SIGN’!LOVE PCM 

There’s nothing lovely about political spoiler especially if you’re being paid to become a spoiler, pain in the arse for BN-PR straight fights. But that’s what the actual purpose of party PCM – Parti Cinta Mencintai with silly, fun money thrown by BN goons specifically to disrupt BN-PR straight fights in coming state and national elections. Very sad decision by Gabby Adit (and the rest of BN volunteers in PCM) agreed a deal with BN Devil as hired killer cum spoiler. The problem with a hired killer is that, even if the job is done or none at all the hired killer will end up being killed also. This is what every mafia did and surely for BN as well.

So to all unsuspecting Dayak voters, the correct way to spoil back Parti Cinta Mencintai is by putting ‘LOVE SIGN’ or simply choose not to vote them lah (but take PCM vote money too!). Put ‘TICK‘ sign would be equally fun too. Let’s spoil the spoiler for fun folks!

The correct way to vote for PCM: Put ‘LOVE SIGN’!

Or, put ‘Tick’ sign!

And yes, put both ‘Tick’ and ‘X’ signs too!