The goons from PRS (both from Masing and Sng camps) now really having fun time doing some pussy catfights against each other. The centre of the universe according to PRS is the Pelagus seat. It’s funny that after many donkey years only now Masing realise that a Dayak YB must take the Pelagus seat when historically speaking, it’s the Dayak BN goons all these while that gone to bed sleeping happily with their own Chinese goons there.

“We have several good nominees to choose from, who are highly qualified local Dayaks and the most appropriate to continue the Barisan Nasional (BN) struggle in Pelagus,” he said, clearly hinting that Pelagus incumbent Larry Sng will have to go. – James Masing hints on Pelagus seat

Again, it’s simply the old BN trick of racist game being played back and forth cockfighting unsuspecting Dayaks vs Chinese just to satisfy whatever hidden political greed and self-serving objectives.  The same trick also being played to unite, split, unite and split again the Dayaks all over again. The only problem here how will the Chinese voters in Pelagus believe Masing’s appeal to put a Dayak YB of his own against incumbent YB Larry Sng? Ha, a bit reality check will ya. The Chinese never depend anything from a Dayak to survive all these while let alone to believe a crap from Masing. It’s the Chinese that feeds the Dayak lah, especially the Dayak politicians and any Dayak BN goons will know precisely what it means. Duh!

So just forget about the rhetoric of a PRS Dayak YB against the wishes of Chinese voters there. For incumbent YB Larry Sng, even in the worst case scenario, to quit his YB post for Masing’s favour it doesn’t matter at all. It’s not that he’s going to starve and die unlike most Dayak YBs. With or without YB post doesn’t matter for a Chinese.

And yes, you guess it right where the piss game will ends up and probably the sweetest thing Pelagus folks will ever get: a Dayak YB from DAP. The funny thing about playing racist trick is that, you can always do it the same way but against BN and maybe beat BN in their own game. Never under-estimate the frustration of both Chinese and Dayak voters in Pelagus. If Masing can always foreplay tickle some political dildos over Pelagus folks with chants like ‘PRS multi-racial party’ / ‘any Chinese YB will do for Dayak’ / ‘but errm, this time Larry must go let’s get a Dayak YB from PRS’…stop this all crap lah.

It’s time to turn the table and let the Pelagus voters do the tricks against BN this time around. In fact it’s both a win-win situation for Dayak and Chinese voters – a Dayak YB, from DAP party, supported by Chinese voters so why complaint about racist bias when BN singing this same song all over and again these donkey years.

Mind you if DAP get this Pelagus seat with a Dayak YB, not only it will create history but a satisfied Larry Sng too. It is indirect victory against Masing beaten in his own myopic racist game. Larry may not need a YBship anyway to survive (and simply afford to give way to DAP just a peanut joke) unlike most Dayak YBs in which made their entire livelihood gravely dependent on that pot of being a YB.

So what does a Dayak YB from DAP means to the rest of the Dayaks in general? Well it’s the same meaning for what the rest of Sarawak Chinese voters felt all along against SUPP – it’s fun to piss back at BN. Whether you’re a Chinese or Dayak voters from Pelagus or elsewhere in Sarawak and in fact like every ordinary Sarawakian folks it doesn’t matter the tits and cocks of BN’s politic of development candies, instant noodles, dildos anymore. It’s all a joke to fool us all.

Also the biggest joke of all would be the proposed merger of PRS and SPDP with some PRS goons already called it as truly a unified Dayak coalition party. Such a foreplay eh, kiss me before we get laid. So two heads merged better than one? Nope, it’s two clowns for a bigger circus with Yang Dikasihi clapping above said, ‘You Dayak fool! Bravo!’ Nothing unite these Dayak goons other than for silly greed and lobbying bigger mega projects and swindle more Dayak lands for dubious oil palm schemes. That’s all their purpose which serves nothing at all for Dayak rights. Then the merged party surely will break, again. They’ll use same break-up excuse to fight in the name for Dayak rights, again! Splitting, uniting only to split yet again and it’s all in the name of Dayak rights and future? Nope! It’s all for Yang Dikasihi entertainment lah!

That’s why all of us must send the joke back to BN. Like Masing said; “..who are highly qualified local Dayaks and the most appropriate to continue the BN struggle in Pelagus..” well, we all know what the actual struggle is: only for greed and self-serving agendas, BN-style. Now that the same old trick by BN citing ‘Dayak talents’ merely to pull the wool from the unsuspecting Dayaks’ eyes and shifting the blame to Larry Sng, this time around DAP must put Dayak candidate to contest also in Pelagus DUN seat. If the BN racist game is SPLITTING Dayak vs Chinese then DAP must do the opposite UNITING both Dayak and Chinese voters against BN lah. Look at the bigger picture without the Dayak vs Chinese racist craps and just how easy to tell the whole game is just to justify one-man Masing agenda against one-man Sng agenda when all these while both of them plus their goons simply the same but strange bed fellows in one BN camp.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Ah, cut this all BN greed crap out lah. Let us all Dayaks, Chinese, Dan Lain-Lain piss BN for fun after all these while it’s BN that always piss us all for fun. It’s Dayak DAP YB for Pelagus seat! And to Sarawak DAP and national DAP folks too: get this Dayak DAP YB for Pelagus seat and do the same for SUPP seats by held by Dayak YBs!

Pakatan to conclude seat negotiations for Sarawak by March
By Adib Zalkapli, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 — The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is expected to conclude its seats allocation for Sarawak in two months’ time, as some party leaders expect the state assembly could be dissolved as early as June this year, a year ahead of its five-year term.

Both PKR and DAP who contested against each other and Barisan Nasional (BN) in some federal seats in Election 2008 will enter their third round of negotiations at the end of this month.

The current state assembly’s term expires in July next year.

“We hope to reach an agreement by March,” said Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian, adding that the party is also having separate negotiations with PAS and local opposition party Snap, which had recently declared its intention to officially join PR.

But Baru said despite the seat allocation agreement, the opposition coalition will also have to face the newly-registered Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM), which he claimed will act as a spoiler in the election.

“We don’t expect many independent candidates this time, but most probably Parti Cinta Malaysia will play the role of splitting the votes,” said Baru.

The Malaysian Insider understands that there are five overlapping seats, claimed by both PKR and DAP. Baru said that there is no problem of overlapping seats with Snap or PAS.

Baru expects the state election to be called in mid-June this year, soon after the harvest festival, Gawai.

In the last state election in 2006, DAP fielded 12 candidates; PKR, 25; Snap, 29; and PAS, one. Twenty independents also tried their luck. There are 71 seats in the Sarawak assembly.

“The negotiation is still ongoing, and as far as our party is concerned, we do not see any problem, we believe all parties will come to a wise decision soon,” said state DAP chief Wong Ho Leng.

“It is good to settle [the allocation] now although we are not in a hurry,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

In Election 2008, negotiations between PKR and DAP collapsed at the last minute, resulting in the two parties facing each other in Sibu and Stampin parliamentary seats. Barisan Nasional (BN) won both seats.

Wong pointed out that the upcoming state election is crucial for the future of PR.

“Whether we can gain power at the federal level or not in the next general election, will very much depend on this Sarawak election,” he said but admitted that taking over the state government is almost impossible.

“I have to admit that it is very hard to shift the power, but I dare say that there will be a change in the support towards DAP,” said Wong.

However, he was confident the party will do better than the 2006 election when the opposition collectively won nine seats, its best performance in the state.

“We will double our [number of] representatives this time,” said Wong.

In 2006, most urban Chinese voters abandoned BN due to the increase in land premium payment and oil price hike, which took place just two months before the state assembly was dissolved.