P212 Sibu

Why SUPP would pick a similar name candidate for Sibu by election (Robert Lau)? This is my theory and it’s a no-brainer: To trick the Dayak voters keep on voting BN as the Dayak easily confused with what-the-hell it is Robert Lau by any name for Dayak voters so it’s the same guy anyway.

Very tricky indeed since Sibu MP seat comprising of some 60 percent Chinese voters while the balance 40 percent are Dayaks, Malays plus postal voters. Capitalising and horse-riding on the name Robert is enough to give SUPP advantage over DAP and in fact, previously Robert Lau won because of Dayak, Malay voters while Chinese voters are split between DAP and SUPP.

But to trick back the BN’s trick DAP also must field their own calon with that very Robert Lau name. Yes, DAP must field their own candidate with the name Robert Lau. Robert Lau of DAP! Or at least with the initial Robert name.

With more than 2,000 security personnel from two army camps and the police force as well as some solid Malay votes from the Nangka area and Iban votes from Bawang Assan, collectively regarded as “BN’s safe deposits”, the support of the Chinese, who comprise about 60 percent of the total voters, will still be a major factor. “If the DAP manages to get 70 percent of the Chinese votes, it could spell trouble for the SUPP even if it got the majority of the Malay and Iban votes,” said an SUPP analyst.” – Free Malaysia Today

Right now, DAP can’t afford to thumb their chest in believing the majority of Sibu Chinese voters are ready to turn their back on SUPP in favour for DAP this time around. Wrong! It’s still not enough to counter the Dayak votes!

This is where a plain trickery for Dayak voters matter the most but probably for top Sarawak opposition leaders would never really bother to think about it. All they care about is how to counter BN’s money politics, logistic excuses etc that forever cast a nightmare for the opposition in Sarawak. Oh yeah, that PCM Parti Cinta-Mencintai also being paid to spoil the party for a possible threesome gang bang with BN. Ah…PCM bunch of pornstars!

“Sarawak DAP is well prepared to take on Barisan Nasional’s 3M strategy – Media, Money and Machinery – in its quest to wrest the Sibu parliamentary seat which fell vacant last Friday following the death of its incumbent Robert Lau.” – Free Malaysia Today

Right. And it shows just how typical DAP reacting to SUPP’s war plan when the easiest way to fight SUPP back is by beating them on their own game: using the Robert name! The Dayak voters represent the jokers’ block, really. With the Chinese voters held evenly it’s still represent only 30 percent overall victory for DAP. Remember Sun Tzu’s strategy of drawing the enemy into your own turf? That’s exactly what SUPP did with their 3M tricks so as to lure DAP into their own turf knowing that DAP will never match their 3M warchest anyway.

But Sun Tzu never mention nor recommend to match your enemy’s resources and fight head to head. DAP can always find many ways to mirror SUPP tricks without putting a vast amount of resources ie.3M just for the sake of it. Simply play the trick of using similar name of Robert Lau and creating delusions over the Dayak voters, like what SUPP did NOW!

This is no funny matter, my dear DAP. Anything got to do with the Dayaks is trickery. Remember the post to put ‘Tick’ sign if you like to vote for BN? What if the whole Dayak villages, longhouses and each and every Dayak folks received such simple pamphlets? That would be the greatest trick of all and probably made BN Sarawak lost up to a third Dayak DUN or MP seats from spoilt votes alone.

No hard feelings Dayaks. What BN did to tricked the Dayak over these 50 donkey years again and again by far beyond forgiveness and almost a joke. Now it doesn’t matter who tricked whom. It’s only the Dayak screw the Dayak which basically a joke at the end of the day.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Robert Lau of SUPP vs Robert Lau of DAP.

Hmmm…tough choice for the Dayaks eh? But wait, what if PCM also field its candidate by name Robert Lau? Ah, PCM such a prick!

Robert Lau of SUPP vs Robert Lau of DAP vs Robert Lau of PCM.

Come on DAP, don’t tell that DAP Sarawak don’t have any member named Robert.