Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Just a quick snap of two identical kopitiam shops (one with a Chinese name and one with a Dayak name) and guess what, 99 percent of Dayak regulars will flock to the Chinese kopitiam. Why is that? A Dayak kopitiam doesn’t taste the same like a Chinese shop? Start blaming fellow Dayak for not supporting another Dayak just for the sake of it?

This is just an example of the many fundamental flaws in Dayak’s inferiority complex. And part of the reason why Dayak fails in business and definately in politics. Depending on which side you’re on politically, this is the same flaw that perpetuated the divide-and-rule trick by Yang Dikasihi over the Dayaks.

And here we go again the calls for Dayak to fight for their rights, for the sake of Dayak unity, the rise of Dayakism, Dayak this Dayak that and so on. Well my Dayak folks, it’s all fake and bullshits. Look around and you’ll see it’s the same ol’ Dayak leaders that call for Dayak rights that all these while dividing and splitting own Dayak folks. It happened in the Pelagus DUN seat tussle and recently the Bidayuh crybabies begging for MPP Chairmanship post and the Deputy Transport Ministry post.

All crying for the Dayak’s chance and just for the sake of it. And it’s all demanded by the Dayaks from BN itself whom they voted blindly.

How would you ordinary Dayak folks respond to it? Nope, let them be. Why should you the rest of the Dayaks become beggars too? Smart Dayaks will laugh at it but surely the final laugh will be Yang Dikasihi.

Former president of Dayak Bidayuh National Association and a leader of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu, Peter Minos, wanted SUPP to recommend Riot to fill the vacant post in order to prove its claim that it is a multi-racial party.“If SUPP is truly a multi-racial party, then there is no reason for it not to give at least one of the two vacant posts to the Bidayuhs,” he said – Free Malaysia Today

The Bidayuh community has threatened to abandon the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) if it appoints a Chinese as chairman of the Padawan Municipal Council (PMC). The ultimatum, the latest of a series of warnings from the Bidayuhs, came from Peter Minos, former president of the Dayak Bidayuh National Association and a prominent figure in Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu…“The community has been very patient and has been supporting SUPP to win its Bidayuh majority seats without fail,” said Minos…Minos said: “If SUPP thinks that Opar and Bengoh are not important to the party, they should remember it matters as far as Barisan Nasional is concerned.” – Free Malaysia Today

Yes Dayaks, play it smartly. These are Dayak politicians harping on being a Dayak in a majority Dayak area deserve the top post. Take the Bidayuh issue in MPP top post. Peter Minos spoke about it Bidayuh this, Bidayuh that. Don’t fall trap into it. Sadly some did. Even worst it draws the opposite side too, like another PKR Bidayuh chap Granda Aing being duped too.

Granda Aing may be a passionate, hardworking politician but not that smart. Yes he try to capitalise it too but not in the smart way. Nothing wrong to support a fellow Bidayuh’s cause but he fell into BN’s trap that is the race card. Well any Bidayuh would feel cheated and neglected after supporting BN wholeheartedly.

Before Minos’ ultimatum, similar warnings were given by Bidayuh leaders such as Louis Gines of SUPP and Granda Aing of PKR. Gines reminded SUPP that the community could change a lots of things and make a difference in the coming election. Granda said SUPP was making it obvious that it did not need the Bidayuhs and did not care whether or not they remained in the party. “Parti Keadilan Sarawak is ready to accept you,” he said. – Free Malaysia Today

But we should no longer practice Bidayuh this, Bidayuh that. What Granda Aing should’ve done earlier is asking SUPP and the rest of Dayak BN leaders is race itself really matter above all the prerequisite of being highly qualified, competent, in a transparent manner to get the top post? So what a Bidayuh appointed a mayor but later just as corrupt and incompetence? Oh because a Bidayuh not good in calculation that’s why the council lost a lot of money? A Chinese therefore a better replacement, said the Chinese SUPP will retaliate later on. That would hit the nail nicely to SUPP which claim to be multi-racial but really, what is the use of these multi-racial tolerence if the council still provide poor service and riddled with corruptions? Are we going to blame which race is more corrupt then?

Likewise so what if Richard Riot become the Deputy Transport Minister and be expected to bring RM100billion funds to build new roads and bridges or even LRTs all over Sarawak once and for all? Oh cannot be that Bidayuh minister can perform such miracle and there goes his great track record as near-invincible Serian MP ever…Great MP but lousy minister, SUPP people will say.

Actually my Dayak folks, all of these tricks from BN already worked well AGAINST the Dayaks in the past. It is the false Dayakism. Dayaks are lead to believe it is their right to claim anything robbed from them. Remember the Ming Court Affair? It was the same sense of Dayakism in which all the Dayak leaders at that period were expected to gang up together against Yang Dikasihi rule. Well almost but some Dayak leaders jumps at 11th hour (oh dear!) and the Dayakism just another sad drunkyard joke. It’s the Dayak screw the Dayak. Ask Danny Tajem what Yaakub promised him in order to fight Yang Dikasihi. Very sad right. Good acting job Yaakub and how you hugged Yang Dikasihi thanks for screwing the Dayaks too!

Can you expect to rally the whole Dayak this time fighting for Dayak this Dayak that? Bring all the parang ilangs and kill all the enemies like a bunch of headless souls? You just made the Dayak looks foolish and begging on the street. Not smart lah you Dayaks!

That’s why it’s easy to lure the Dayak into fighting anything under the Dayak cause. Look again at the two kopitiams. For some unknown reasons, Dayak will find it funny to support fellow Dayak shops and rather go to any Chinese shops available. This is the flaw, for some cunning Dayak, to turn it into own advantage. Instead of using a plain Dayak name naming his shop, he will use a Chinese name and finger crossed the Dayak will flock to the shop thinking it was owned by a Chinaman and the foods, drinks must be good. Taste good eh? Well it’s actually all made-in-Dayak! The coffee was brewed by a Dayak kuli also, same like any other Chinese kopitiam employing Dayak workers and served it to the Dayak patrons.

The point here is that it doesn’t matter the kopitiam owner is Chinese or Dayak. It is the great talent that runs the kopitiam that matter the most. If a Chinese kopitiam owner can trust a Dayak worker to brew the best kopi-o in town, it is because the Dayak worker is simply good in coffee-making rather than being a Dayak. And the rest of Dayaks, Chinese alike enjoy his great kopi-o. Convince people with your competence first then it doesn’t matter the name of your kopitiam. With proper skill, competence, qualification, experience there is no race distinction whatsoever to command the trust to get the job and get paid for it to the benefit of all people seeking his services. The idea of getting top post based on some race agenda without merits of proven or known competence is just unacceptable.

That’s why instead the idea of absolute competence that must be promoted, not some false racism or any dickheads like that. Yeah YB Dr Jerip can be a good MPP Chairman provided he will cleaned up the council from corrupt dickheads too. As the first Dayak MPP ‘mayor’ (correctly?) defying the norm of Yang Dikasihi in controlling local councils, YB Dr Jerip must take a courage to implement open online tender for all MPP contracts. Well that’s just a good start and a long way to earn his respect given the post he took by race-card tactics employed rather than qualification and competence required.

Even YB Ranum Mina could be a good MPP mayor too if he would do the same. YB Ranum also complained that since he become YB not much govt contracts he can procure compare to pre-YB days as businessman which is shocking because it is normally the opposite way round. Whatever it is for someone who can win any shouting march from miles away, open tender system therefore should comes naturally from him.

Many Dayak leaders took great fun in abusing the Dayakism chants in the past. Sadly it’s all false and misleading. For once Yang Dikasihi almost made it the day off (Ming Court Affair) but he knew the more fierce the Dayak leaders can be in their Dayakism normally the one that can be easily tamed with right amount of cash. And finger crossed too Yang Dikasihi will do the same to bribed off the vocal BN Bidayuh goons into silent mode soon. And that would leave PKR and Granda Aing alone in a very odd corner of Bidayuh this Bidayuh that.

How about this PKR and Granda Aing: to promote open online tender system to the rest of other councils. Aha…would YB Peter Nansian and his goons at Majlis Daerah Bau accept it? Would YB Freddy (the forever young) Bayoi the walikota of Majlis Daerah Samarahan will pick it too? Rather than siding blindly with the folks at SUPP chanting Bidayuh this Bidayuh that, take a bit U-turn and instead play it smartly to your advantage. Things like the wonder of open tender system, transparency, competency, trustworthiness not only in local councils but to the whole Bidayuh and the Dayaks in general. Even Tuai Rumah appointment should no longer based on killing some pigs or manok sabong to look for divine tips jungle demons but a modern Tuai Rumah that can operate GPS tool to locate precisely real-time NCR lands boundaries instead of painstakingly locating the kayu pasak.

As an icing to the cake, PKR and Granda Aing also ask smartly to SUPP, how about open appointment for MPP Chairmanship post and other mayor post to the rest of other councils? Isn’t it SUPP previously against James Chan’s appointment as MBKS mayor by virtue of handpicked by Yang Dikasihi? If using that line any non-elected person can be appointed so why not the council get the best, highly qualified and competent person as mayor (advertise mayor post like CEO post)? Why not a council being runned like a CEO running a big muti-national corporation in a very efficient and effective manner? If you Granda Aing and PKR can give such heat to SUPP, not only the Dayak, Malay but the Chinese folks will give you full support and forcing Yang Dikasihi’s handpicked appointment regime to a halt. Attack BN at their own game lah! At this point PKR spoke for all people and no longer harping for false Dayakism alone.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The false Dayakism therefore must stop now. This is the second post regarding Dayakism in which the first post explained exactly the same thing, albeit the danger of an extreme/fanatics Dayakism. And what happened to this SUPP vs Bidayuh fiasco simple proved the false Dayakism is real and present danger to the Dayak themselves. The more you chant Dayak this Dayak that, the more you sounds like Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali – blaming everything everyone but not your own stupidity, laziness and mediocrity. It’s like if you put one qualified, competent person be it a Dayak kopitiam kuli for making the best brew of kopi-o, the whole world regardless of race can never be wrong to enjoy the talent. It is the talent that made the kopitiam famous, not necessarily the kopitiam owner.