Linda on October 14th, 2010 6:25 pm:

“Enti PKR bisi menang in any Dayak majority seat in the coming state election ,I am prepared to walk naked from Wisma Sebrekas to Sarawak Electra House.Any taker? Free ticket.”

Linda the Dayak Nudist!

For better or worse, the Dayak Baru folks surely wonder when this Dayak nudist gonna walk naked from Wisma Saberkas to Electra House given that PKR already won two Dayak-majority seats namely the Bakelalan and Krian DUN seats.


Voter turnout: 4574 (65.7%) Spoilt votes: 37 Registered Voters: 6958

Willie Liau(BN – SPDP) 2,032 votes

Baru Bian(OPP – PKR) 2,505 votes Majority: 473


Voter turnout: 8674 (78.7%) Spoilt votes: 67 Registered Voters: 11016

Liman Sujang (OPP – SNAP) 216 votes

Peter Nyarok Entrie (BN – SPDP) 3,088 votes

Banyi Beriak (IND – IND) 125 votes

Ali Biju (OPP – PKR) 5,178 votes Majority: 2,090


Promoting nudist culture indeed an illegal act here but frankly speaking the Dayaks used to be half naked roaming the jungle so it’s no big deal but this Dayak nudist a Dayak Baru commentator aka. ‘Linda’ already embark a real deal historic feat which we shall wait and see.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Hmmmm walk naked for about 2 miles / 5 KM from Wisma Saberkas To Electra House…