YB Sir Baru Bian vs. Yang Dikasihi
Despite the unsurprising BN victory, it’s all meaningless to Yang Dikasihi. Not because that he fear the foiled UMNO coup (nevertheless our TYT Tun Louishuddin heeded to his request) to replace him 11th hour with pro-UMNO PBB YB, but rather this man – YB Sir Baru Bian.

Yes, Yang Dikasihi knew that the entire ball-less eunuch Dayak BN YBs basically a polar apart to match/ worthless against YB Sir Baru Bian‘s relentless pursuit to protect the Dayak rights & freedom.  That’s why this 10th Sarawak state election deemed to be a meaningless victory for Yang Dikasihi once Baru Bian got elected and surely he got it.

The equation simply like this:
[YB Sir Baru Bian > Entire Dayak BN YBs]

This is a nightmare to Yang Dikasihi. To see YB Sir Baru Bian walk into DUN sittings with his speech alone enough to strip naked the entire ball-less eunuch Dayak BN YBs, it gotta be joy to watch!

It’s a joy and satisfaction because these ball-less eunuch Dayak BN YBs are voted to speak out for their own Dayak folks but sadly they never did. You may called it absurd and nonsensical about their blind defence for Yang Dikasihi, but for them it’s worth lots of fat contracts perhaps too long for CIDB website to list it out.

Now it’s no longer a clown act to see non-Dayak DAP YBs to speak for Dayak rights but suffice to say that with YB Sir Baru Bian in the august house, we shall see just how Dr James Miring, Peter Nonsense, Willy Mawan and the rest of the ball-less eunuch Dayak BN YBs cope with it.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The fact that Borneo Post (Sunday 17-4-2011) printed a miniscule headline of YB Sir Baru Bian’s winning shows that Yang Dikasihi really having a hard time to face him in DUN sittings next term!
Borneo Post generous headline for YB Baru Bian!
Voter turnout: 4574 (65.7%) Spoilt votes: 37 Registered Voters: 6958
Willie Liau(BN – SPDP) 2,032 votes
Baru Bian(OPP – PKR) 2,505 votes Majority: 473


Baru Bian gets down to business
Terence Netto, Malaysia Kini, 18 April 2011

Newly-elected state assemblyperson for Ba’Kelalan and Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said his party should waste no time getting down to preparations for parliamentary elections expected soon after the opposition Pakatan Rakyat had done reasonably well in Saturday’s state polls.

“We should not rest on our laurels but get down quickly to preparing for the general election,” said Baru when speaking to Malaysiakini late yesterday after taking a short rest from the exertions of a tough but successful campaign for the Ba’Kelalan seat in northern Sarawak.

The 53-year-old lawyer would not hazard a guess as to when Prime Minister Najib Razak would call for nationwide polls though pundits predict that the reverses suffered by the ruling BN would defer the date rather than expedite it.

An emphatic performance by the BN in Sarawak would almost certainly have emboldened the PM to call for an early general election on the back of the ruling coalition’s victories in by-elections on the peninsula in recent months.

Though Sarawak BN retained its two-third majority in the state legislature, it sustained losses in 16 seats – 12 going to the DAP, three to PKR and one to an Independent.

The 15-seat haul by the Pakatan opposition plus one to an independent was the biggest loss suffered by the ruling coalition since the 1987 state polls.

Though the federal and state wings of the BN are lauding their victory as an endorsement of their rule, the fact that the DAP and PKR, members of the opposition Pakatan coalition, have improved their tally of seats over the last polls in 2006, suggest that the endorsement was not unqualified.

“We have to see how we can turn the progress we made in the areas where we won into gains at parliamentary level,” said Baru.

More inclination to vote opposition

Baru said for the upcoming general election, Pakatan should seek to leverage on an inclination by people in Sarawak to think that voting for the opposition at parliamentary level was a better bet than endorsing them at state level.

“In years past, when polls were staggered over two days in Borneo, voters in Sarawak and Sabah would watch the outcome of results on the first day on the Peninsular and if this showed that the opposition were being pushed back strongly, they tended to favour them on the second day of the staggered poll,” recalled Baru.

He said that though was an insignificant feature, it pointed to a latent tendency in the electorate to think that a vote for the opposition at parliamentary level was a safer proposition than a vote for them at state level.

He said that feature, together with faster travel and communication, were the reasons why staggered polling was abolished in Sarawak and Sabah a couple of decades ago.

“I’m not saying we should clutch at straws but that we should exploit every facet in the people’s psyche to advance the cause of reformasi,” he argued.

“The difficulties of campaigning in Sarawak are formidable, what with the costs of travel and other expenses, so we have to struggle hard to change people’s mindsets about the government they can get with intelligent use of their vote,” he commented.

PKR right in standing firm on seat negotitations

Baru admitted that an early announcement of who the PKR slate of candidates is would be an advantage, now that the hurdle was crossed that the party was no longer unduly burdened by being tagged as Peninsular-based.

He said the failure of Snap to make an impact in the state polls laid to rest the notion that PKR was disadvantaged in being tarred as “orang Malaya” (“outsiders from the Peninsular”).

“PKR were viewed as being presumptuous when negotiating with Snap on seat-sharing before the election, but now that view is unsustainable,” he observed.

“We are glad we have gotten over that hurdle but we are not interested in rubbing home the point. We have no time to argue with people who we regard as allies rather than as adversaries,” he said.

“We must get down to parliamentary gains and soon too,” he emphasised.