It’s pretty damn sure by now that there’s no way in hell for Osama to enter heaven let alone to enjoy the 72 virgins but hey, perhaps he’ll get 72 Virgin Mermaids in deep sea instead (if any lah)!

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The devil in the deep blue sea: Bin Laden burial off carrier
By VIRGINIA WHEELER, The Sun, 3 May 2011
Final phase ... Special Forces airlifted Osama Bin Laden's corpse by helicopter from their base in Afghanistan to the carrier
Final phase … Special Forces airlifted Osama Bin Laden’s corpse by helicopter from their base in Afghanistan to the carrier

THE body of Osama Bin Laden was fed to the fishes – tipped into the sea at 7am yesterday from the deck of a US carrier.

In the final dramatic phase of the operation, American Special Forces airlifted his corpse by helicopter from their base at Bagram, Afghanistan, to the USS Carl Vinson in the north Arabian Sea.

Some reports said Saudi Arabia, where Bin Laden was born, had been asked to take the body for burial – but that the request was refused.

However US officials are believed to have been anxious his final resting place did not become a shrine for Muslim fanatics.

So a grave in the depths was chosen instead.

Despite Bin Laden’s heinous crimes, and the merciless slaughter of thousands, he was still given a religious funeral. In line with Islamic tradition it took place within 24 hours of his death.

Bin Laden’s body was first washed and shrouded according to custom, then wrapped in a white sheet.

A Muslim seaman aboard the Carl Vinson helped and made sure the body was wrapped properly. An officer then read religious remarks which were translated into Arabic by the Muslim sailor.

The body was put in a weighted bag and placed on a flat board. It was then tipped up – and the monster who had brought death and misery to the world slid into the sea and disappeared beneath the waves forever.

Officials said the funeral process took 50 minutes.

A US defence spokesman said: “Preparations for an at-sea burial began at 1.10am EST (6.10am) and were completed at 2am. Traditional procedures for Islamic burial were followed.”

A White House official confirmed the body was handled “in accordance with Islamic practice”. He added: “This is something that we take very seriously.”

But some Muslim clerics argued Bin Laden’s sea burial violated Islamic tradition and will cause anger.

They said one vital aspect could not be carried out. Bin Laden’s face was not turned towards the Holy city Mecca.

Omar Bakri, the 53-year-old hate-preacher who now lives in Lebanon, said: “The Americans want to humiliate Muslims through this burial.”

And Iraqi-based Abdul-Sattar al-Janabi, from Baghdad’s Abu Hanifa mosque, said: “It is almost a crime to throw the body of a Muslim man into the sea. The body of Bin Laden should have been handed to his family.”

Bin Laden’s sister-in-law Carmen Binladin, 57, who was married to his older brother Yeslam, 60, said his Saudi family will have received news of his death with “great sadness”.

But she said Bin Laden – seen by the world for the last time in an al-Qaeda video in 2007 – would have wanted to die “rather than face a US court”.

STOCK markets around the world rallied on news of Bin Laden’s death, which also triggered a three per cent fall in oil prices at one stage.

USS Carl Vinson: Osama Bin Laden’s Burial at Sea
By KI MAE HEUSSNER ABC News, 2 May 2011
The US Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) maneuvers in Port-Au-Prince, off the coast of Haiti in this Jan. 18, 2010 handout photo.
The US Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) maneuvers in Port-Au-Prince, off the coast of Haiti in this Jan. 18, 2010 handout photo.

Before Osama bin Laden’s body was lowered to its final resting place at sea, the last spot on earth to host his remains was reportedly the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

When asked about the USS Carl Vinson’s role in burying bin Laden, a military official would not confirm the ship’s involvement. But Pentagon officials previously told ABC News and other news outlets that the 30-year-old naval vessel was indeed the ship responsible for transporting bin Laden’s body to its burial, likely in the Indian Ocean.

In Islam, people are typically buried in the ground, without a casket, before the next of five daily prayer periods have taken place. The U.S. government apparently decided it was risky for bin Laden to have a known grave, lest it become a shrine to the world’s best-known terrorist.

Officials said that, in accordance with Muslim law, bin Laden’s burial at sea was conducted by a Muslim seaman, who recited the prayers and ensured that the body was washed and wrapped appropriately in cloth.

But this task was hardly the Vinson’s only high-profile assignment. In the three decades since its launch in 1980, the ship has earned the nickname “America’s favorite aircraft carrier.” It has assisted with key military and humanitarian operations around the world.

The aircraft carrier, named for Democratic Rep. Carl Vinson of Georgia (1883-1981), was first commissioned on March 13, 1982. Vinson served more than 50 years in the House, and during World War II he became known as “the father of the two-ocean navy.”

USS Carl Vinson’s Motto: ‘Strength from the Sea’

After several sea trials, the ship took off from Norfolk, Va., in 1983, for an eight-month world cruise, with a crew of nearly 6,000 sailors, the ship’s website says.

In the decades since its inaugural cruise, the ship has continued to tour the world to support key military campaigns. In the 1990s, it launched air strikes in support of Operation Desert Fox and Operation Southern Watch in Iraq. After the September 11 attacks, the USS Carl Vinson moved to the North Arabian Sea, to launch the first strikes for Operation Enduring Freedom.

In January 2010, the aircraft carrier was sent to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to assist disaster relief operations after the devastating earthquake.

The ship also goes by the nickname the “Gold Eagle” — so called for the eagle prominently featured in its seal. The eagle, which is meant to be emblematic of the country, carries a banner displaying the Latin phrase, “Vis Per Mare,” which means “Strength from the Sea” and is the ship’s motto.

The USS Carl Vinson’s Facebook page has nearly 28,000 “likes” but includes the warning “Loose Lips Sink Ships!”

“ANY discussion or speculation of the ship’s location or anticipated inport dates before they’re officially released may result in revocation of access to this page,” the page’s description says. “Remember, the bad guys DO follow our Facebook page too.”


Burial at sea is routine for US Navy

By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press Pauline Jelinek, Associated Press – Monday 2 May 2011

WASHINGTON – The burial at sea of terrorist Osama bin Laden raised some eyebrows around the world, but for the U.S. Navy, it’s a routine exercise.

To fulfill the final wishes of service members, the Navy commits to the sea an average of 20 deceased every month — veterans, retirees and other U.S. citizens, Cmdr. Danny Hernandez, a Navy spokesman in the Pentagon, said Monday.

U.S. vessels take the remains along with them and do the ceremony while the ships are on their scheduled deployments.

Some people request a specific ship for the burial ceremony. The Navy has burial at sea coordinators in Norfolk, Va., San Diego and Hawaii who work with the next of kin, but the designation of a ship depends on the vessel’s schedule, location and ship availability.

On Monday Bin Laden’s body was placed in a “weighted bag,” an officer made some religious remarks and the remains were put on a flat board and tipped into the North Arabian Sea off the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, Pentagon officials said at a news conference.

The usual Navy burials at sea are similar, though they include an honor guard that fires shots into the air and bugler that plays TAPS. The burials include caskets or urns with ashes released from the ship’s side, as well as ashes scattered from aircraft over the seas.

Larger ships with more space have done multiple ceremonies while on tour, like the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which did 14 burials on Memorial Day 2008 off the coast of Hawaii.

Because the ships are on duty, no family members can attend the service. But the vessel’s commanding officer within 10 days sends the next of kin a letter telling the date and time of the burial, photos or video of the ceremony, a flag and a chart showing the longitude and latitude of where the burial took place, according to the Navy’s funeral manual.

Eligible for such funeral service are active duty members of all service branches, retirees, veterans, their dependents, civilian marine employees of the Military Sealift Command and other U.S. citizens determined eligible for “notable service or outstanding contributions to the United States,” the rule book says.


Vatican says Bin Laden will have to answer to God
Reuters News, Mon May 2, 2011

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden will have to answer to God for having killed many people and exploiting religion to spread hate, the Vatican said on Monday.

Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said that while Christians “do not rejoice” over a death, it serves to remind them of “each person’s responsibility before God and men.”

“Osama bin Laden, as everyone knows, had the grave responsibility of having spread division and hate among people, causing the deaths of an innumerable number of people and exploiting religion for these purposes,” he said.

The Vatican has often condemned the concept of violence in God’s name.

Lombardi also said the Vatican hoped that the death of bin Laden “would not be an occasion for more hate, but for peace.”