<strong>Happy Gawai Christmas From The Dyaks Blog! OHHHAAAII!!</strong>

Happy Gawai Christmas From The Dyaks Blog! OHHHAAAII!!

Let’s examine a typical, average Christmas/Gawai expenses by a Dayak family:

1. Beers of 10 crates (6 crates Tiger Beer and 4 crates TsingTao Beer). The reason with buying two grades of beer is one for standard show-off  for VIP guests and one for common visitors.
Tiger Beer 6 crates/ RM65 X 6 = RM390
TsingTao Beer or lower grade beer 4 crates/ RM45 X 6 = RM180

2. Chicken meats. At least 10 dressed whole chicken at RM15-14 each. 5 for curry chickens and 5 for fried chickens. Some also cooked in bamboo or pansoh style. Costs RM150.

3. Duck meats. At least 5 ducks at RM40 each dressed whole duck. Good for dark soy sauce stew. Originally a Chinese dish not a native dish to the Dayaks but somehow the Hakka Chinese (the farmer Chinese clans often deriled as the Dayak version of the Chinese) must have thought the Dayak how to cook it!

4. Pork. Ain’t no Gawai without pork! Easily RM160-180 for a 10 kg pork or RM16-18 per kg. That’s only for a typical farm-bred pigs. Those reared free-range pigs at longhouse / kampong definately a prized item. Even rarer a pig/wild boar cross-breed (free-range pig with wild boar) which definately have that extra luxury meat experience. Popular pork dish during Gawai are pork stews (with dark soy bean sauce and whole garlics), pork soup with salted cabbage and peanuts, pork soup with dried bamboo shoots, pork soup with tempoyak (durian paste) and chillies, pork bellies, chops BBQ etc.

5. Liqour and lots of it. Minimum Dayak booze standard is that crap called Label 5 priced at RM40 for 1 litre pack. Serve your Dayak guest with anything lower than that (such as Sahip etc) expect yourself to have that silly grin. At least 5 packs worth RM200. Add with the usual suspects of Chivas Regal (RM85 per 1 litre pack) and learn a bit about the American Civil War with Jack Daniels vs Jim Beam (both RM80 per 1 litre pack). Recently the red wines(in paper box) making rounds as the new sidekick for Dayak booze party so dumped in the Stanley Wines (RM50 per pack of 3 litre) and Peter Vella Wine(RM70 per pack of 5 litres). Anyway the Dayak always reserve the ubitiquos “Tuak”/fermented rice wine and the “Langkau”/distilled rice wine (History Channel: Sadly the lazy Dayak learned half-way how to distilled properly rice-yeast combo from the Chinese thus derived with the half-baked liquor called Langkau). Overall booze cost easily RM500.

6. Vegetables. Lots of chilies, gingers, onions, garlics, potatoes, salted cabbage to cook the Dayak favourites such as chicken curry, pork leg with salted cabbage, pork loins with smoked garlics with dark soy sauce stew. Dumped at least RM100 for veggies.

7. Soft drinks. Coca-Cola and tons of it. RM38 per 1.5 litres crate, times 5 crates. Perfect for liquor mix-up. RM200 down. Some would add the semi-booze soft drinks like the Anglia Sandy. RM25 per 24-cans crate. To fool the Malay visitors the Malta malt drinks is a perfect drink to serve as alternate to Guiness Stout (Malay drinkers would fantasize Malta as Stout, true story yo!).

8. Sweets, tit-bits, crackers. Especially salted peanuts the necessary evil to down the beers and boozes. RM100 for this crap.

9. Lemang or glutinous rice in bamboo. Served with chicken curry. Costs RM70 in buying bamboos, glutinous rice and coconut milks ( set of 10 cooked lemangs).

Total foods and drinks expenses easily cost around RM2,000 or more for a typical Dayak family.

And that’s only for Gawai. Six month later the Christmas looms and it is fairly the same amount again splashed out which easily tops RM5,000 or RM500 per month aside. Twice the celebration, twice the ‘wastage’?

Nope Dayaks, I’m not telling you folks to stop celebrating Gawai and Christmas. Not even Peter Minos can tell you that just to mourn unnecessarily for some Queen of Thieves’ funeral. In fact having both would tell UMNO and Perkasa that to enter Sarawak they need to kill both to invade totally Dayak into minced meat.

The point is, if the Dayak can spend such amount just for the sake of feasting and making the Chinese grocery shop towkeys richer and richer every single year, then the Dayak should spend the same for premium powdered milk, seafood, multi-vitamin supplements for their kids.

The Wasteful, Poor Dayaks Making The Beer Towkays RM12 Million Richer Annually?

Just how much the Chinese grocery shop towkeys profiting from the Dayak booze galore? To give you some tips one towkay can easily sells 3 contennas of beer during Gawai. Mind you a contenna loaded of beer is anywhere between 10-15 palletes and each palletes hold 40 crates of beer (of 24 cans). That’s 9,600 cans of beer worth easily RM50,000 per contenna. In one small town of 8,000-10,000 Dayaks population with 10 grocery shops and supermarkets that’s easily 10-15 contennas of beer sold worth well above half million ringgit. Note that these booze are smuggled, tax-evaded and perhaps falsely stamped as baby clothings from China.

Don’t forget it’s twice the amount to include the Christmas booze too! You can see on beer alone the Dayak can spend literally millions only to end up as gazillion gallons of urine. No wonder J*bu claimed in one survey about Dayak alcoholism problem that Dayak spend around RM12 Million worth of booze each year.

Keep Poor For Ease Of Control No More!

This is one of the reason why Dayak generally cannot progress and even the Dayak leaders failed to address apart from that annual Gawai message on drunk driving crap.

Dayak spend a lot for booze and big feast for families and friends but little for their own children early brain development.

Why early brain development for Dayak kids? To end poverty cycle created by BN and eventually kick BN for good. When Dayak kids are having intelligent brain, scoring well in study will come naturally and led to better employment hence securing their steady income monthly pay. Dayak then will become independent and need not to be fooled to be grateful of BN’s subsidy mentality.

Build Brain Cells, Not Destroy It!

By showing and fooling the young Dayak kids with the idea of hardcore alcoholism is a proof of  ultimate manhood, little did the Dayaks knew that booze destroy billions of good brain cells (apart from eating junk foods) which otherwise for adult Dayak to assist them in thinking sanely and logically to stop voting BN.

While we’re not expecting the Dayak NGOs, political parties to wage all-out war on Dayak alcoholism it is not absurd at all to tell Dayak parents to start and invest in providing good food for brain cell development to their kids. Ever heard any Dayak YBs telling Dayaks to practice healthy diet regime for healthy brain development, no?

Got Milk, Dayak?

Unlike spending lavishly on Gawai every year, Dayaks only need to focus fully on the first five years of a total & comprehensive diet programme for their young kids. If spending RM80 for a tin of powdered milk for your Dayak kids is highly extortionate, what then buying crates of Tiger Beers!

Yes Dayaks, for the first five years it took to determine whether the Dayak can be nurtured smart enough to decide own fate or remain forever as slaves to BN.

For five years Dayak parents can forget the booze but tons of milk and good, decent foods for your kids. And not just any ordinary generic milk but highly formulated milk. Easily available at any shops supermarkets just like buying beer too.

Please Dayaks, spend a bit on good milk. Give chance for the Dayak kids to have a good brain cells unlike the earlier generation of poor Dayak parents in 60s, 70s, 80s that simply cost them arm and legs to afford it which eventually produce lots of ignorant gullible BN voters. But now the access for this good milk means it’s just a matter of how willing you gonna spend for it.

How to select a good milk? Currently only choose these three brands: from Mead-Johnson (Enfalac A Plus), Wyeth (S26 Gold) and Fonterra (Anmum). Now understand why nowadays it’s all about DHA milks being advertised and promoted – it’s the milk for smart brain you Dayak fools! For 1kg can it averaged RM80 each but don’t tell that Chivas 1 Litre for Gawai is worth buying.

Is it really expensive to give the Dayak kids some good, decent foods? Let’s check:
Fatty acids are part of the brain’s building blocks – Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

Yes Dayaks, it’s the stuffs that toughen our brain smarter. It’s like a solid concrete pile foundation for a house that scares no storm or tornado it’s stood still like a rock. Same as Dayak kids given good milk since young which give them strong brain for their studying purposes, logic input-output brain processing prowess and what it means? BN worse nightmare! More and more younger crop of Dayaks are so smart they ain’t gonna vote for BN anymore!

Fine then so what are the good source of such a good food for brain? Literally speaking, it’s all the everyday food you can buy at any shops but the correct pick and amount sets it apart. Generally it’s milk, dairy products, fresh fish, fresh green veggies, cereals. Sounds boring? Think of it as your covert holy war against BN thru your self-enhanced super-brain Dayak kids in long term. Even more boring, practice buying multi-vitamin supplements and top on the list is Ginko, Fish Oil, Vitamin B12 supplements it’s all specifically for brain development.

Another Chinese tips as well. Ever wonder why Chinese love to cook bird’s nest soup to their kids? They believe the amount of delicate work to prepare the raw to processed bird’s nest were all drawn into the final product thus giving the best of concentration for their kid’s study. What’s this means to the Dayaks? Well instead of selling the hard-fought, highly-prized bird nest why don’t the Dayaks(that collected the bird nest) served it to their own kids to become as smart as Chinese students? Funny isn’t it, Dayak risked their lives plucking bird nest only to make Chinese kids smarter while the money Dayak earned from selling bird nests well as usual…wasted on booze! Again!

Celebrate both Gawai Dayak and Christmas Day on 25th December lah!

The best solution to stop this spending madness and misplaced priority (Beer over Milk) by Dayaks, to combine both Gawai and Christmas celebration in same day that is on every December 25th.

You see Christmas already being fixed date festival but Gawai for some unknown reason being picked by Dayak goons in 1960s just to show UMNO that Dayak too must get own festival or just for the sake of it: show off festival to gain holiday.

It may sounds good and appreciation of Dayak existence in face of UMNO, but look carefully for Dayak to spend on festivals twice in a year seriously have gross financial consequences. For the first six months of savings simply gone for Gawai spending and the next 6 months of savings yet another spending for Christmas.

Have any Dayak leaders thought about it? Any money left for the new year school expenses for Dayak kids and students let alone good premium milk for Dayak newborns?

Multiply that for 800,000 Dayaks and in the past 3 decades of foolish expenses it is clearly made the Dayaks in a very disadvantage financial position due to this double festive expenses.

Whoever pluck and decide the 1st June date for Gawai in the 1960s and fooled the Dayaks into unnecessary spendings well, God bless her soul lah.

The Lost & Wasted Opportunity

If 30 years ago and two or three generations later the Dayak started the culture of eating and drinking the correct and good food for brain cells development, none of these “Anang Ngelaban BN” crap really matter as the Dayaks are fed and groomed with a healthy & smart brain enough to know that never ever vote for BN.

If the Dayaks have such a great fantastice trained brain then no way UMNO and Perkasa that to enter Sarawak.

If RM500 per month to pay for Gawai/Christmas expenses versus RM300 per month for a good milk food for Dayak brain development worth long term investment

You choose Dayak. Good Dayak brains or BN enslavement forever (and broke). Choose one only.

Gawai Dayak celebrated on quiet note
Bernama News, 03 June 2009.

Many Dayaks are celebrating moderately due to the economic slowdown

KUCHING: The Gawai Dayak celebration in the city was relatively quiet and mild this year.

This might be due to several reasons one being the absence of the Gawai countdown on May 31 and the state-level Gawai celebration on June 1.

The grand events were called off following the death of Datuk Amar Puan Sri Laila Taib, wife of the Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Besides that, many Dayaks are celebrating moderately due to the economic slowdown.

Nonetheless, a number of Dayak leaders held open houses to welcome well wishers from all walks of life.

They included Social Development and Urbanisation Minister Dato Sri William Mawan, Balai Ringin assemblyman Snowdan Lawan and State Secretary Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot.

In true Gawai spirit, the Head of State Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Muhammad Salahuddin and wife Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Norkiah visited several Dayak leaders on Monday morning.

Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg; Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Fadillah Yusof; Kuching City South Mayor James Chan and Consul-General of the Republic of China here, Xie Fu Gen also wished the leaders Happy Gawai.

Visitors were not only treated to traditional food such as ‘lemang’, ‘pansuh’, ‘pogang’ and ‘tuak’, but entertained by the ushers and usherettes who were dressed in traditional costumes and performed traditional dances.

The Borneo Post observed that Gawai celebration in sub-urban and rural areas were more cheerful and colourful.

For instance, the Harvest Festival at Kampung Mongkos near Serian attracted around 100 visitors from near and far.

The visitors participated in various traditional activities and rituals such as the ‘Bidumbak’ and ‘Bipipis’ (cleansing of feet ceremony) and ‘Pinchuon’, ‘Bibileh’, ‘Bisampak’ and ‘Bisalai’ (slaughtering, chopping and smoking of fresh meat).

In Bau, Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe held his open house on June 1.

A ‘Kumang Gawai’ (beauty contest) was held in Kampung Stass, Bau.


PRS bars alcohol at party get-togethers
BY JACK WONG, The Star, Saturday February 12, 2005

KUCHING: In a move to reduce drinking among the people here, the newly formed Parti Rakyat Sarawak, which has a large Dayak base, will not serve any liquor at any of its functions.

Party secretary-general Sidi Munan, who described the problem as acute within the Iban community, said even party meetings at longhouses would be disallowed.

The directive follows a long tradition set by the now-defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak that no alcoholic drinks be served before the start of any party meetings.

Several Dayak leaders had also called for a concerted effort to curb alcoholism, which has affected productivity and caused social problems.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, an Iban, had said that a survey found that almost half of the estimated 5,000 Dayak longhouses in Sarawak were experiencing this problem.

The survey, according to him, revealed that longhouse folk were spending some RM12mil a year on liquor.

Munan, who is also president of the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association, called on churches and religious groups to help fight the problem of alcoholism.

He said despite campaigns over the years to curb alcoholism, excessive drinking remained a problem among Ibans, who formed the majority of the more than 800,000 Dayaks in Sarawak.

“We have to rely on religious groups to help,” said Munan.

He blamed the easily available cheap liquor, locally known as langkau, to have contributed to the drinking problem among Ibans.