Mandatory IQ Test For Voters - Let's Kick Out The Idiots From Voting!

Mandatory IQ Test For Voters - Let's Kick Out The Idiots From Voting!

This is perhaps another proposed solution for EC on how to improve our democracy: Mandatory IQ test for voters.

There must be some sort of control and filtering for such an important decision-making process and democracy is at best not to be ruined by village idiots and pirates with MyKad.

When democracy being hijacked by gerrymandering, money politics, fake voters then something must be done to reduce it albeit stopping it completely remains a fat hope.

And don’t even think that with the recent announcements by EC in reversing the usage of indelible ink and postal votes means BN UMNO listen to people’s advice. BN UMNO did it for show-stopper only knowing very well the fake voters alone can still save BN nonetheless.

OK, let’s return to the IQ test.

This type of IQ test relatively non-quantitive (no calculation involved) but visual-based. This is a very suitable form of IQ testing. Using visual…exactly how BN also depends on Dayak voters being visually impaired to identify only Dacing logo as the only savior of their soul.

Some people knows how to respond better and logically while some simply duped by the same trick over and over again resulting in low IQ marks.

It’s relative as well that democracy driven mostly by non-idiots resulting in higher income nation and less corupt. It’s proven all the time. When Idris Jala said our Bank Negara gonna bust come 2019 it’s because of too many idiot voters keep on voting BN knowing very well how evil and corrupted BN is.

Idiots keep on voting for idiots? This is not right and must be stopped.

The test require plenty of focus, sequence, balance and logic of answering 39 questions in 40 minutes. That’s one trick for every one minute. Tricky decisions that wringle your mind. Exactly the same scenario in your daily routines: picking the best loan deals, whether low-price offer is for expired food or not, to donate or not to bogus church charity, to vote BN or not…

Next, what is the parameter for passing a voter? A score of 130 and above? That would wipe out 90 percent of EC voters list. Otherwise BN accuse it as unfair to only let top 10 percent smartest population to vote (but it’s OK for BN to let 10 percent of top crony population looted it all).

Remember that BN still enjoy gerrymandering-based democracy where BN can even win simple majority on less than 15 percent votes. Is that fair?

The best passing mark should be 100 points and above. Should be enough to kick out the idiots.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Yes talk about fairness here. This test can be done anytime, anywhere, anybody. Fair enough. To prevent online rigging, the questions can be randomly re-arranged and the correct answer can be dynamicly placed (not necessarily on same spot). It is nearly as unique set of test for each voter to start from.

Also it should be one-time shot test for everyone, just like the voting system a vote for every man. Fair enough, again.

Finally the democracy is truly by the people, for the people, from the people. Idiots no more. Fair enough?

Low IQ Idiots Must Be Banned From Voting!

Low IQ Idiots Must Be Banned From Voting!