Ali Baba Sdn. Bhd.

When DCCI (Dayak Chamber of Cronies Industries?) proposed for assistance for Dayak companies to enter Bursa listings, ever wonder what’s that shows or purpose anyway?

Is it representative of what 800,000 Dayaks’ economic standings in reality?

Or more to show off the Dayak BN Cronies ability of their cable-bilities?

DCCI better stop it as most of these Cronies worth PN17 companies without cables from UMNO projects. Worst part those Cronies numbering less than 150 top Cronies basically not even 1 percent of entire Dayak population to held authority on genuine business leadership other than Cronyism and Nepotism.

The wealth apportioned from such practice of course being kept only for these select few Cronies, not the rest 800,000 Dayaks.

So how to engage as many Dayaks possible to benefits from their looting?

To ask the Dayak BN Cronies to teach DCCI members how to bribe for projects? How to alienate cheap state lands for high resell later? How to dupe fellow Dayak NCR landowners to upgrade it as commercial land to fat rich Foochow towkeys only not to be paid later? Or how to run easy money Ali Baba companies?

Nope, Dayak BN Cronies will never teach all of those looting tricks.

And that is why DCCI’s plan to get Bursa listings will fail to sustain their business for long run. And that’s right there aren’t enough Dayak companies being taught and established the Cronies way! The plundered wealth will end in 3rd generation as the Chinese says.

Here’s the lesson: Always share the good stuffs and multiply it.

DCCI must groom and teach all the tricks in the sleave to as many Dayak entreprenuers out there. For all the good and sundry, conjobs, tricks whatever it is share it all. Ever wonder why some multi-level marketing still works and expanding despite of their dubious business nature? These MLM crooks always sharing and recruiting, expanding in one company or another.

Sounds like promoting a scam here? You tell me.

DCCI is a scam anyway. A Dayak scam by the Cronies. Only problem the Cronies aren’t that smart and selfish enough to share their tricks and expand it so big it can create a group of Dayak business cartel.

What a cartel can do? Ever heard of OPEC? Well those sheikh folks can choke us of oil if they wanted too.

And you may ask what DCCI got as Dayak entity to choke and control? Do you see NCR lands? Who control oil palm in Sarawak? Dayak have lands it’s 50 percent battle done but not enough choke on oil palm cartel. Oil palm needs lot of lands. Choke it and DCCI must become Dayak oil palm cartel. Speaking of oil business, what DCCI did so far to ensure oil and gas jobs can be channeled more to Dayak youths? Create Dayak worker oil and gas agency?

How about liquor? Dayak loves booze binge drinking. Can DCCI control beer distribution rights? How about the illegal beer lootings? Why let SUPP moonshine goons control it? Can DCCI send their own goons as gatekeeper at each Dayak village longhouse, any moonshine must deal with DCCI folks first? Sooner or later who knows cock-fighting will be legalised, piss off if DCCI failed to act as state Nyabong gambling commisioner!

You see there are plenty of lootings that DCCI can get other than Bursa listings.

The most important thing is to identify the correct and relevant business to nail it hard. And don’t forget to share it too. Once you share it to many Dayaks until it strong enough to command a cartel status, you got it spot on. Sounds like a typical monopolistic Foochow trader? Damn right!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Last but not least, perhaps DCCI should learn from the Native Americans on how they do business and share it. Good to note that it seems the Native American have full control of their reserve lands and to whom they can do business better on their terms. Perhaps DCCI can have the same mentality that demand greater control of how Dayak lands can be handled best in own Dayak terms rather than being held gun-point by LCDA Yang Dikasihi goons. (more…)

Lick It!

Lick It!


Kiss It!

Can you spot the difference for the two photos? Let’s hope Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and definitely all the UMNO goons can lick up this Nazi babe and tell us just how great this race supremacy is all about. Or how fake is Ketuanan Melayu by UMNO actually, as fake as this bitch Michelle McGee‘s tits. Yes this is the bitch that Jesse James prefer tho bonk than the ever-gorgeous Sandra Bullock.

The funny thing about these racist crackpots is that all of them disguise their race supremacist in one way or another. For Perkasa it’s the usual fear-mongering rhetoric of how Bumiputeras are still left behind which is a joke anyway when in fact it’s the Malay own laziness and crutch mentality is their biggest prick. But Ibrahim Ali always find excuses to point the blame to the Chinese, Indians and Pendatang Dan Lain-Lain instead. (more…)



Zaid: Umno, Perkasa defenders of rent-seeking

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 — PKR supreme council member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim today accused Umno and right-wing Malay groups like Perkasa of promoting rent-seeking among Malays under guise of defending their rights.

He said Malays with high-level ministerial connections were being accorded allowances, special benefits, as well as positions, ostensibly to allow others access to these connections.

“Actually, what they want to defend is a rent (seeking) system, whereby Umno Bumiputeras can use their influence as leverage to get positions, allowances and shares in a company. (more…)

The PKFZ saga in brief
Written by Lam Jian Wyn, The Edge, Thursday, 30 April 2009  

The long-drawn Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) issue took another turn with The Edge Malaysia’s expose on the mammoth project, both in size and cost.We provide you with a simplified version of the case, along with a list of who’s who and a timeline that explains the dealings. Here are some current articles to help you catch up on the issue:

April 9: Ong passes buck to PKA on PKFZ scandal

April 21: Further clarification on PKF

April 26: Ong slams business publication over PKFZ report

April 27: MoT not the cause for PKFZ report delay

April 28: Najib to hear out Tee Keat on PKFZ declassification

April 29: Tee Keat orders release of PKFZ report in a week

April 30: Govt dept to do away with burdensome practice

Finally — PKFZ report to be made public

The principal characters in the PKFZ fiasco:

Characters / Involvement:
Port Klang Authority (PKA)
– Bought 999.5 acres of land from Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) for RM1.09 billion.
– Chairperson OC Phang and the board have been criticised for approving the PKFZ project.

Datuk Lee Hwa Beng
– Chairperson of the Port Klang Authority (PKA).
– Appointed in May 2008.

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing
– Director, major shareholder of Wijaya Baru Global Bhd. Wijaya in turn owns:

o Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB), which set up/owns:
– Transshipment Megahub Sdn Bhd(Set up to develop the PKFZ)
– Valid Ventures Bhd(set up to issue bonds worth RM510 million and up to RM85 million commercial papers/medium commercial papers/medium term (CP/MTN) to finance the additional development works in the PKFZ)
– Free-Zone Capital Bhd(Set up to issue bonds worth RM410 million and up to RM 70 million CP/MTN)

o Great Profile Sdn Bhd

– Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party(SPDP) youth chief and chair of the Barisan Nasional’s Backbenchers club.
– current MP for Bintulu (more…)

AliBaba is a loose term and nobody know the origins of this term but the word Ali and Baba somehow can be traced, rooted in state of Malacca where during the early arrivals of Chinese migrants into Malaya, some of them gone into mix-marriages with the local Malays (generally muslims) hence the newly convert Chinese carry both the characteristics of Chinese and Malays. They look Chinese but a muslim, and they blend it all be it in their traditions, cooking style, everything but perhaps the greatest innovation of all is when comes to receiving govt contracts. Malaysia is country of protected species where majority Malays often perceived as weak economically compared to the minority Chinese therefore various govt tools being invented solely to help the so-called underpriviledged Malays getting the fair share of national wealth be it govt contracts, education system etc. therefore the govt introduced New Economic Policy (NEP) to help Malays and other natives or Bumiputera. Turn out to be the never-ending policy or never-ending poverty, which ever you may viewed it as this type of protective measure by govt actually made the Malays grew weaker to their mentality of keep hoping for govt subsidies. One of the most lucrative loophole of the whole idea of  NEP is the introduction of certain exclusive rights for Malay entrepreneurs/ contractors in partcipating govt tenders, the bumiputera-status contractor in which govt will introduce projects where only bumiputera companies are allowed to take part in tendering. There are many types of Bumiputera business that being AliBaba-ed out such as car APs, timber concessions, taxi permits, etc but construction was the most common dopes for any politicians, Dayak leaders included, to make quick cash almost out of thin air to become a sudden millionaire.

The common requirement for such companies is that the shareholders/ ownership of the company must be at least 60-70 percent owned by Bumiputera (that is the Malays, natives, and newly muslim converts even a Chinese converts as automatic ‘new’ Malay) while the rest of the owners made up of non-Malays. These companies are required by law to register with various supervising bodies such as with Treasury Department, Ministry of Entreprenuer Development (PKK license), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB license), Works Ministry, state treasury department (UPK, Unit Pendaftar Kontraktor), in order for them to be granted specific license and tendering amount limit according to the respective area of expertise they are dealing be it in civil works, engineering works, maintenance works etc. Tendering amount is the definate segmentation in which contractors with respective class can only participate in that amount limit so they cannot participate above or below their respective class. Contractor with  PKK Class A and CIDB grade G7 license can expect to enter tender bids at minimum amount of RM20million or above while the lowest class of PKK Class F can expect to begin at tendering project with RM50k amounts. No same company is allowed to have multiple tendering class and the class can be upgraded or downgraded or even blacklisted based on their track record performance, financial status or whether they are still active or appear on paper only. But the rules exist on paper as any Bumiputera can register a company using any dubious names but the shareholders/ owners can come from the same family members, which saw there are more than 30,000 registered class F contractors nationwide. And well behind them are the ready supply of Chinese subcontractors that ever-willing to take their projects on behalf with some even demand quick returns upfront (in-kind) from the Chinese contractors to buy for them some luxury cars, big banglow house/condos/shoplots, send their kids to oversea university/college or maybe some lands at seaside. Those Chinese may even get some Datukship as token of appreciation for completing project on time, on budget. Typical culture of rent-seeking according to Umno and Yang Dikasihi that made the Dayak goons become easily hooked up with it. Wanna sub my RM30m school projects? Buy me the RM3m mansion first, fully furnished plus a Merc and some Thai ladyboys. (more…)

Project: Bengoh Dam
Main Contractor: Naim Cendera
Contract cost: RM310.65m

Naim Cendera website release:
Once completed, this 63 metre high by 267 metre long dam will have a capacity of 144 million cubic metres (1m3=1,000kg or 1 tonne) and will produce a lake with a surface area of approximately 10km square. Designed to secure Kuching’s water supply for the foreseeable future, the dam will be only the second in Malaysia to be constructed using Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) technology, which offers a projected service life of 100 years. The package also includes ancillary buildings, infrastructure and associated works, and resettlement of the affected communities. (more…)

Project: New Sarawak Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Complex

Main Contractors: Development of the new DUN building begun in September 2004 by a project development team made of a joint-venture between PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (55%) and Naim Cendera Sdn Bhd (45%).

Project cost: RM296.5 million

Hand-over of site by Jabatan Kerja Raya was made in July 2005. (more…)