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Happy Easter 2011:


Agik Idup, Agik Ngelaban!
Sim Kwang Yang, Malaysia Kini, 19 April 2011

At the height of the Sarawak general election, I received an email from a young Malaysiakini reader. The following is the content of her message, sent a short time after the final day’s mammoth rally for Pakatan Rakyat in Stutong, Kuching, a few hours before polling began.

“Dear Mr Sim Kwang Yang, “I was there at the ceramah held in Stutong. I heard your speech and I was very moved by what you said. I hope for a new Sarawak, and a new hope for the young people.

“I am 27 years old and I hope that my generation can learn from you on what it is to persevere and be strong in times of difficulty. Your fighting spirit has made me realise that we young people have taken many things for granted.

“I stood very near the stage and as such, I was privileged to be able to hear and see you clearly. Your speech was moving. I was also there when the police rushed up to try to stop the ceramah from proceeding (right).

“I saw this, and I knew what it felt like to be denied the freedom to voice out. This is how our ideas are suppressed. Fortunately, the unity and cooperation from the crowd prevailed, and we could continue. That made me see and realise something powerful. (more…)


Linda on October 14th, 2010 6:25 pm:

“Enti PKR bisi menang in any Dayak majority seat in the coming state election ,I am prepared to walk naked from Wisma Sebrekas to Sarawak Electra House.Any taker? Free ticket.”

Linda the Dayak Nudist!

For better or worse, the Dayak Baru folks surely wonder when this Dayak nudist gonna walk naked from Wisma Saberkas to Electra House given that PKR already won two Dayak-majority seats namely the Bakelalan and Krian DUN seats. (more…)

For this year 2011 Good Friday, let us all Dayaks and Christians alike step back to remember some of the most dubious and treacherous Dayak JUDAS of all: Dr Jerip of Party STAR (Sarawak State Reform Party):

“STAR denounces the politics of patronage, nepotism and corruption.” – Dr Jerip circa 1998

Dr. Jerip denies leaving STAR for Barisan Nasional
17 October 1998, STAR Press Release

State Reform Party Sarawak’s Deputy Secretary General Dr. Jerip Susil categorically denies that he has joined any Barisan Nasional (BN) component party. “My political involvement in the state is only through STAR. I am a founder member of STAR and still the Deputy Secretary General of the party.”

He added that he believes in the political reforms expounded by the party for Sarawak and remains proud to be in the struggle. “STAR denounces the politics of patronage, nepotism and corruption.”

Although Dr. Jerip had been approached by people from several BN component parties, he had declined their offers.


Jerip has applied to join SUPP – Yap
The Borneo Post, Monday 13 August 2001

KUCHING – The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Publicity and Information Secretary Alfred Yap Chin Loi today confirmed that State Reform Party (STAR) ex-deputy secretary general Dr Jerip Susil had applied to join SUPP.

“Whether he is to be accepted into the party depends on SUPP’s decision,” he said after officiating at the health screening exercise organised by the Kuching Batu Kawa Road Community Association this morning.

Pointing out that Dr Susil sent in his application last week, Yap was however unable to comment on the status of Dr Susil’s application. “It has not been announced yet… the president (Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr George Chan) will announce it later,” he said. (more…)

The Dayak Judas - Dr James Miring

For this year 2011 Good Friday, let us all Dayaks and Christians alike step back to remember some of the most dubious and treacherous Dayak JUDAS of all: Dr James Miring.

Accept reality, group tells CM
Sarawak Tribune, 12 March 1987

KUALA LUMPUR – The group of 28 elected representatives of Bersatu yesterday welcomed Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir’s advice to the Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, that the present crisis be handled within the bounds of the State constitution.

Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir was reported as having told the Chief Minister this on Tuesday when he met a delegation of Barisan Nasional leaders from the state at Seri Perdana.

The group also described as “unwise” the calling of a snap state election to solve the crisis.

A spokeman for the group, Dr James Masing of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS), said that “in the period of political turmoil, uncertainty and the emergence of polarisation in the state, there is no guarantee that issues detrimental to racial harmony and stability will not be brought forth during an election campaign” (more…)

Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Just a quick snap of two identical kopitiam shops (one with a Chinese name and one with a Dayak name) and guess what, 99 percent of Dayak regulars will flock to the Chinese kopitiam. Why is that? A Dayak kopitiam doesn’t taste the same like a Chinese shop? Start blaming fellow Dayak for not supporting another Dayak just for the sake of it?

This is just an example of the many fundamental flaws in Dayak’s inferiority complex. And part of the reason why Dayak fails in business and definately in politics. Depending on which side you’re on politically, this is the same flaw that perpetuated the divide-and-rule trick by Yang Dikasihi over the Dayaks.

And here we go again the calls for Dayak to fight for their rights, for the sake of Dayak unity, the rise of Dayakism, Dayak this Dayak that and so on. Well my Dayak folks, it’s all fake and bullshits. Look around and you’ll see it’s the same ol’ Dayak leaders that call for Dayak rights that all these while dividing and splitting own Dayak folks. It happened in the Pelagus DUN seat tussle and recently the Bidayuh crybabies begging for MPP Chairmanship post and the Deputy Transport Ministry post. (more…)

Holla Dayaks! So the Chinese really enjoy playing firecrackers to weed off evil spirits and a sign of piss-off/ big middle finger to the police eh? Nope, evil spirits and their master demons will always hanging around no matter what even if the Chinese try to trick the ghosts by using giant speakers playing the audio of firecrackers.

My theory about ghost, evil spirits etc. is that God simply let them hanging around to test us because life is boring without evildoers (in any form) so the role of the devil is that never let humans sleep well in wonderland. Only with that all of us regardless of religion will always turn to God Allah for answers and salvation.

Most religion deal with evil spirits in a very narrow view on prayers and spiritual healing. But nothing can be said on actual origins of evil in real life situations. Yes you guess it right – the evil of BN. Actually BN is one single evil entity that encompass both spiritual and physical forms without one realise it or how real it is. In fact those corrupt BN leaders themselves felt so comfortable with their wang rasuah so much they forget that they already suffered from BN demonic possession. The very same exorcism prayer from Catholic Church (Rite Of Exorcism) therefore will give better hints on how to cast the BN demons out from the corrupt leaders.

The church authority meanwhile define the person that being possessed by demon (or demonic possession) as:
1) Speaking foreign or ancient languages of which the possessed has no prior knowledge;
2) Supernatural abilities and strength;
3) Knowledge of hidden or remote things which the possessed has no way of knowing (fortune telling), an aversion to anything holy, profuse blasphemy, and/or sacrilege. (more…)

Allah Itu Kasih...A church in Indonesia
Allah Itu Kasih…A church in Indonesia

Perhaps, there’s no such thing as substitute for integrity or for being impartial. That’s what exactly done by Justice Lau Bee Lan which finally released the 57-page judgment on the ‘Allah’ case by Herald. This is a good example how a judge would deliver a verdict purely on common sense, colour blind to race or creed and nothing simpler than that.

Except for those who hate to read. Or shall we called it simply just lazy to read, let alone to digest it in full common sense and understand it that it’s all a case of extreme intolerence gone crazy. I would say UMNO just plain lazy to read. It’s a joke to think UMNO can be so tolerent to others after reading some common sense stuffs. Like a joke TV ad campaign spoofs that shows some Mat Rempit going to libary and READ some books. (more…)

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