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Restore STPM Gatekeeper + Abolish Matriks + Stop PTPTN Scam!

Look closely at the following Malaysia GDP per capita graph:

Malaysia GDP per Capita at current prices/inflation adjusted still stuck at 1980s?

Malaysia GDP per Capita at current prices/inflation adjusted still stuck at 1980s?

Why Malaysian income still stuck at 1980s level? Is it considered a failed nation?

Malaysia A Failed Nation? by Rustam A. Sani

Malaysia A Failed Nation? by Rustam A. Sani

There’s no fancy economics theory here to explain. In fact Crony Capitalism-based economy doesn’t require any genius to explain it. It is down to a rotten education system the main cause of it all. And it’s all because of Mahapokrit as well. Social re-engineering my ass.

But first let’s examine how education system being hijacked out of UMNO’s own inferiority complex. It is based on hate system toward Pendatang students that keep on excel in their studies despite many drawbacks, lack of school fundings and deliberate measures.

Firstly, STPM made redundant examination as SPM and Matriks being rigged to ensure as many UMNOPutra students gain direct entry to public universities. Pendatang students do not have such priviledge except being stuck thrown to STPM lions in Form Six. Yet the Pendatang students able to pass through the STPM and again, face the same undeserved UMNOPutra students in public universities.

How these UMNOPutra students cope and compete with Pendatang students?

Nope it’s not the biggest issue as competition will settle the obvious winner, but at what cost financially to both UMNOPutra and Pendatang students later.

Yes you got it right: how will they repay their PTPTN study loans back. For the those students having good results rest assured they may skip half, reduced loan rates or best of all being converted as full scholarship to top achievers. A-ha…in the end the UMNOPutra students suffered the most…having poor result albeit granted junk 3rd class degree with no employment chance in open job market…ends up as honorable jobless graduate with certified bankruptcy status unable to repay the PTPTN loan.

Is this how BN education systems works toward achieving high-income nation? By fooling own UMNOPutra students and turned them instead as jobless bankrupt graduate?

Obviously it is the UMNO fault all along out of hate toward Pendatang students that always dominating great academic results. Seriously UNESCO should declare Malaysian education system as a scam, highly racist and anti-intellectual.

There are already plenty of debates, strategies to reverse the declining standard of the education system including wasting billions and billions on teachers’ retraning, PPSMI and the reversal of it but still the rot continues. Hell, it’s billions more wasted on PTPTN study funds as well.

The solution and to end this academic disaster is ironically already in place but made redundant: it’s all down at STPM level.

Yes, just revised back STPM as the ultimate test and standard barrier to enter tertiary education. Scrap the practice as using SPM to enter college courses and abolish the dubious Matriculation system as alternate university entry point. Both public and private universities/colleges must accept only STPM holders as students.

This will filter out lots of genuine students from the idiots. And those with good STPM result deserves automatic study loan/assistance from PTPTN. No more free issuance of easy money for anyone from PTPTN. Competency must be rewarded and mediocrity shouldn’t be promoted.

The effect of this measure (STPM as common benchmark entry) will be immediate. Universities/colleges will receive only good, committed and quality students so it’ll be reflective on overall rankings of our universities as well on global standings. PTPTN meanwhile, require much lower funding to operate as the number of study loan applicants will be dropped. EPF can no longer risk of giving soft loans to PTPTN only to write it off as so many student defaulted unable to pay back with their junk degree deemed useless for employment. Colleges(cronies-linked) that depend on predating, luring the unsuspecting SPM holders either close down or buckle up to accept STPM holders.

Now what this means to Dayak students?

Very gloomy to be honest. Gloomy because all these while Dayak students being treated as 2nd class Bumiputra students and also one of the easiest target to be duped by private colleges that offer junk degree courses and also ends up as bankrupt jobless graduate. One can see just how many banners hanging outside the rural secondary schools ready to prey on these rural Dayak students.

Furthermore Dayak students are not exposed in earlier stage of education about English, the rigorous regime of Chung Hua style in studying Maths thus make them ill-prepared to face STPM open competition head-on. Only lucky few will survive the cut, how about the rest? Considering GiatMara? Odd job kopitiam waiter/waitress earning RM350 per month? (more…)


Meet The Natives

Meet The Natives 

 For years, anthropologists have travelled to the South Pacific to live with local tribespeople and observe their traditional ways of life.

Meet the Natives follows two groups of men from the South Pacific island of Tanna – one venturing to the UK and the other travelling to the U.S. – to observe the natives of these exotic lands. From cattle roundups and snowball fights in Montana, to bars with drag queens in Manchester, and traditional fox hunting and a meeting with England’s Prince Philip, these men experience some of the best – and most unusual – activities that each country has to offer. They provide a unique spin on life in the UK and America, filtering what they see through their own experiences and offering their perspective on homelessness, traditional gender roles, livestock artificial insemination, and more.

There’s always something romantic about a Dayak experiencing a completely new thing, new environment and so on as truly some (mis)adventure of culture shocks. That is normally a case of rural-urban migration among the Dayak youths seeking employment or simply thrown yourself to the unchartered territory hoping to realise your Dayak Dream. Well some Dayak made it (like the 40,000 Dayaks in Johor, the ‘Singapore mainland’), able to settle down, even bring fellow siblings or friends later on while some simply can’t manage their hard-earned money to usual booze and decadence lifestyle.

Watching Meet The Natives in NatGeo channel (check your local Astro listings) reminds me just how awkward for any Dayak being a first-timer to move out from the typical slumps of hopeless Dayak village. Where to buy air ticket, enough money to rent a shack flat in one of DBKL ubitiqous human slime nest, where to find the cheapest nasi campur, would Dayak in KL treated just like another Myanmar slave…those are the question linger the most. To the adventurous Dayak, simply fend yourself alone try to survive would be stupid act or just silly fun. But for the cautious and follow the ‘resettled’ Dayaks there, consider yourself a plain lucky Dayak. (more…)

Greetings Dayaks. Still remember when Borneo Post published the article on Dragon school aka SMK Tun Abdul Razak (fairly hideous name, eh) some time ago? Yes, how you wish we still have all-English medium school right now with mostly English Australian teachers, competent headmaster, almost military-styled disciplinary system all thoroughly intended to produce simply an effective education for all. No racist politics agenda shits like that, nothing. Just a good education system, and yet that simple objective seems to be the heaviest burden ever for Education Ministry to think of.

The implementation of PPMSI or that teaching Math and Science subjects using English language, while a no nonsense originale from sometime the erratic Mahapokrit, a swift move to improve English command to all young Malaysian students is all but a weak implementation and that’s all only after 6 years and RM4.5 billion cost later. We all know how Mahapokrit can create money out of thin air with things like monopoly of scarce items like operating gaming outlets and satellite TVs, and goons like Vincent Tan and Ananda Krishnan are all unofficial money launderer for Umno, the same goes to the ‘flaw’ of PPMSI. That flaw includes the re-training of teachers, supply of notebooks, which made the Umno cronies of those training centres/private universities, IT suppliers rich and happy. Good money for training craps. (more…)

Great proposal of a Dayak college from Dayak Baru! Since J*bu mention ‘talk is cheap’ it’s doesn’t matter what we share here. A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step, as some confused philosopher might say.

Right Dayaks. First and foremost, I suggest the name of the college must avoid any word or sounds like ‘Dayak’. Our civilisation and history doesn’t dictate us to command such stature yet. It’s also not flamboyantly marketable (such as Kepayang College/ Institute Of Technology etc) and can lead to prolong stigma of being called ‘lakia college’. Just use any grand English name. The quality of its highly competent lecturers, all-English medium, oversea university affliates/ twinning partners, zero racism policy, all of these factors that made the college can ‘sell by itself’. If you insists on putting Dayak Agenda then the lecturers are ought to be the best bunch of Dayak lecturers and management group or board of directors. They are many good Dayak lecturers that promote only the best education policy but trapped in a lousy college or racist university due to lack of promotion or opportunity to implement their idea. Again, Amai Betong College of Excellence or Sinar Dayak State University should be avoided at all cost.

College platform:
Should consists only those related from education field with aim only to produce good graduates with relevant to job demand, unlike now that producing as much quantity of Bumiputera graduates regardless of quality. With that, DO NOT include POLITICIANS OR THEIR FAT WIVES to mess the college with their hidden political manipulations either as management team or that goofy hat chancellor, which in the end will pose a threat in form of holding or stopping govt financial funds if in the first place the college will ask for it. The best link-up with various Dayak associations (Iban, Bidayuh, Kenyah, Penan ethnic association etc) is to include them advisors as each education committee from these Dayak associations send their representatives. They can even form a koperasi/cooperative holding company/ trust among them to raise funds and become shareholders of the college. They will bring all datas of how many of Dayak students need assistance and get a place in the college (of course the best, bright, deserved and financialy underpriviledge Dayak students first). Also, we can include our Dayak brothers from Kalimantan for various inputs (World Dayak Federation?) and potential future students from Kalimantan to study here at the college (another college income source too). Better naming the best and most successful corporate figure as chancellor rather than some joke YB or his SPM-level wife. (more…)

Made no mistake, our education system is nothing sort of shame and point of ridicule nowdays. The only thing consistent in it is the inconsistency of implementing effective language medium of critical subjects such as math and science. The biggest losers or casualties in this whole moan and groan definately our rural Dayak students. That lead to finding ways to stop this downward spiral from ever worsening rural Dayak students that already facing real shit in terms of underfunded schools, lack of computers, to even the teachers themselves merely blind leading the blind in teaching math and science using English. Therefore, Chinese schools offer another alternative for Dayak students to implore as stated in my arguement that appeared in Dayak Baru with different views and shit-squirting replies:

Chinese schools Is Dayaks’ Sole Education Alternative

Wonderful greeting from Dayaks. Humid and hot weather indeed. Another hard day work for most our rural Dayak folks in planting paddy now. Another day to wait for Dato’ Seri Tiong King Sing to teach our dear farmers about the latest farming technology from Taiwan. Sad joke, Apai Tiong! You should enjoy yourself strolling around the fetish red lights streets in Kaohshiung there having hot bath with Hsu Chi, not some farming stuffs. Betel nuts aside, Taiwan is one of the top destinations for Malaysian Chinese students completing their studies. These students merely sneaking to enjoy Taiwan’s top universities which is highly stock up with American inputs. Years of technical-war with mainland China means indirectly heavy U.S. presence in their policy, especially in military prowess and of course their education system. Their base of technological and intelligence advancement lies in their universities only for mainland China to play catch-up. You may question the validity of some Chinese here with Taiwanese degree but honestly, they are many times better than UM degree holder. Some Sibu graduates already implement their knowledge here such as in plantation and farming. You can see many pilot projects started such as the *hybrid rice plantation in Lundu which yield minimum 3 harvest per year. Yes, that hybrid rice coming from Taiwan rice strains. Experimenting here at Sarawak soil can only expand this type of rice’s unexplored potential further. *To those interested in new type of rice and possible large-scale, high-yields rice farming:Ribuan Insentif Sdn.Bhd. / Empire Supplier Co. Lot 148, Lorong 5A, Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak. Tel. 082-481345. These Chinese rice farmers now only need land, vast area of lands to develop it to maximise the rice yields and harvest multiplifications. I’m not glorifying Taiwanese education system for some hot bath with Hsu Chi, no please for Bung Mokhtar Radin the Bigfoot from Kinabatangan’s sake, it’s just another education alternative for Dayaks.

Just Piss Our Confused Education System Off. (more…)

When Dayak Baru gathered ideas from commentators regarding the Dayak Agenda and what the contents should be, I can only feel in my testicles the one thing that bugged Dayaks for so long: Education. There’s no other concrete way to claim many things rightly as Dayak belongings here in Sarawak since Yang Dikasihi reap it all but education, supposedly a birth-right for all regardless of race, has become yet another form of denial to Dayaks for self-development, so leave the political force to be enjoyed by Dayaks fully aside. Even to building some decent schools have to succumb to Yang Dikasihi wrath by ensuring his cronies get it as AliBaba main contractor before sub it out to Foochow contractors and most schools are given deliberately to Malay/ Melanau areas, that’s all summed how pathetic is the education policy being ‘fairly’ distributed in Sarawak. After compounding other lopsided factors (*such as our confused education system as per NST report attached below) the Dayaks always been the second fiddle or at the receiving end in most govt policies. The rural Dayaks, again, remain the constant casualties. Here’s my posted arguements as Dayak Baru post:

There’s only one Dayak agenda: Education.

Lovely day isn’t it, my fellow Dayaks. My apology if the above is the least you expected as Dayak agenda and not some all-out hate crime agenda against one common enemy the Yang Dikasihi or large scale donkey farming. Hate crime only for skinhead punks such as Mat Rempit the product of NEP, mind you. Dayaks now too disintegrated that the only thing that can save Dayaks from further mediocrity is education. Ever since Brookes made themselves Rajah and bringing their priest to Christened us the animist Dayaks, introduce Christianity (not at least drinking wine, Jesus’ favourtie tequila) and education arguably the best gift that enlighten Dayaks into civilization. Somehow Dayaks are rushed into many political influences and basic modernity, without proper joystick skills Kalong Ningkan failed to govern a Simcity called Sarawak, palm oil regarded as mystic golden fruits, river dams as scare tactics for Dayaks to leave their kampungs to produce an alien element stronger than wooden “pasak” at longhouse known as aluminiums, Leo Moggie thinks that TNB undersea cable from Bakun to KL can be transmitted by Wimax, impersonating Elvis will not earn you a peanut, it’s all make Dayaks disarray to leave one of the most important agenda: Education. (more…)

When the revealation of how dopey palm oil plantation can be to some unfortunate Dayaks, one can wonder instead letting your NCR lands being cheated for small peanut dividends, it’s way MUCH better sell it off and keep the money in any long-term investment such as ASB accounts. Speaking of investment and improving your income, a commentator, Sheikh Seliong Ak Wau in Dayak Baru  offer a good tips and therefore lead to my observation on how to benefits from ASB. My intention is to bring the question of break even point in such investment, why and when we should invest or withdraw the investments and the cost vs benefits in taking loans for your ASB investments. The following was my posted comments:
The following is sample ASB investment, but not at 12.5 percent p.a. interest rate after discounting conventional inflation rate at around 3-4 percent to get a rather conservative ASB interest rate at 8 percent. Any comments, suggestions, corrections from all of you is highly appreciated to improve the best model of basic investment for Dayaks in general. (more…)