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DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

Yet another vivid display of hypocrisy by UMNO when dealing with Communist issue.

Seems like only UMNO dealing with China Communist government deemed legit while others muat be viewed as extremism, anti-Malay etc.

Ironically when China government dealt severely towards Chinese Muslim Uighurs rebels, UMNO seems to be blindfolded of it and there you go the Muslim brotherhood thrown out by UMNO.

And so on there are lots of self-contradictory acts by UMNO either promoting Communism only to condemned it yet again. Amazing hypocrisy!

BTW, if there is one thing UMNO can ape from China is how to deal with Corruption criminals…yeah…shoot them dead…no…UMNO’s 3 million members will be wiped out by MACC in no time…noooo….

Video clip: Prof Dr Aziz Bari – Orang UMNO Sebenarnya Komunis


Lick It!

Lick It!


Kiss It!

Can you spot the difference for the two photos? Let’s hope Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and definitely all the UMNO goons can lick up this Nazi babe and tell us just how great this race supremacy is all about. Or how fake is Ketuanan Melayu by UMNO actually, as fake as this bitch Michelle McGee‘s tits. Yes this is the bitch that Jesse James prefer tho bonk than the ever-gorgeous Sandra Bullock.

The funny thing about these racist crackpots is that all of them disguise their race supremacist in one way or another. For Perkasa it’s the usual fear-mongering rhetoric of how Bumiputeras are still left behind which is a joke anyway when in fact it’s the Malay own laziness and crutch mentality is their biggest prick. But Ibrahim Ali always find excuses to point the blame to the Chinese, Indians and Pendatang Dan Lain-Lain instead. (more…)

While the whole nation was in great shock over the ‘sudden death’ (as described by police earlier…) of DAP aide Mr.Teoh Beng Hock, let us recall a similar case happened in Kuching few years back that is the death case of a state govt officer the late Mr. Rumie Azzan Mahlie (Sept 17, 2004) in which the whole case deemed to be inconclusive whether it was from foul play or attempted suicide. It is simply that no witness that saw the whole incident, of how, why, basically a dead end case with open verdict. This poor soul young man died for no reason whatsoever, beside other rumours or speculation of his work pressure or by whom he was pressured as his department dealing with many big Sarawak corporations that require stringent environmental report before any big development shall fit for approvals, such as logging projects and the fact that his department indeed within the same building with Sarawak Timber Association (STA) simply gel up the whole conspiracy theory of possible fall-out vested interest between enforcement agency vs timber companies.

Now compare to this poor chap Mr. Teoh Beng Hock facing almost similar incident, only with different side of the field taking pressure as well. While Mr. Rumie was probably facing timber goons, Mr.Teoh was facing MACC. While Mr. Rumie could be hunting(perhaps environmental assessments) on timber goons, Mr. Teoh was hunted(perhaps on state funds abuse allegations) by MACC. But both could resist hardly the pressure to bow on whatever evil request they won’t willing to do or accept. So both ended up dead, leaving trails of unsolved mysteries. Even more awkward by the look of the photo in which there was not much blood from a body that supposedly fell from a great height, at least a 10-storey high building while in Mr.Rumie’s case it was a pool of blood also from almost similar height. Can blood be ‘evaporated‘ anyway? The next question is, would Mr.Teoh’s case end up as inconclusive as Mr.Rumie’s case while the perpetrator walk out scot-free? Could anyone simply died for fun whatsoever in this BolehLand? Enjoying death eh? Just take your time and see how Mr.Rumie’s case would lead a similar unsolved mystery plus a possible conspiracy theory path for Mr.Teoh’s case as well.

High Court rejects bid to revise coroner’s verdict in Rumie’s death
(Fri, 22 Jun 2007)

KUCHING (June 22, 2007): The High Court today rejected an application to revise the coroner’s findings in the death of Sarawak Department of Environment (DOE) investigating officer Rumie Azzan Mahlie three years ago. In making the ruling, Justice David Wong Dak Wah said he was satisfied the inquest into the death of the 31-year-old officer had come to a conclusion based on true facts by the coroner’s open verdict that there was no evidence he had committed suicide or was murdered.

According to reports, Rumie fell to his death from the ninth floor of a building housing the department’s office in Pending here on Sept 17, 2004.

Wong also said it was beyond the jurisdiction of the High Court to direct the public prosecutor to reopen the case with a more competent investigation team, as requested by Rumie’s family to clear his name, claiming that he was murdered and that his death was due to foul play.

However, he ruled that counsel Dominique Ng, who holds a watching brief for Rumie’s family, had the locus standi (legal standing) to apply for a judicial review on their behalf because under normal circumstances, only the public prosecutor who played the role of an examiner in an inquest had the locus standi to initiate it, reports Bernama today. (more…)

Morning, morning Dayaks. First of all and probably the first thing most of us do in the morning escapade is get rid of your crap and flush it all out squeky clean. Sometime, you can’t flush it out and that thing is called the nuggets and it really piss you off when your Duck is dry and no other detergent can flush the nugget down the toilet. Got it folk? It’s the  same with some Dayak bollocks with their utter crap backward mentality @ Sakai Mentality still intact in this time and age, plus to your horror try their very best to tell other fellow Dayaks to be backward. Preaching backwardness it is. And with no shame but full of pride for being backward and resistance to any form of modernity. Pretty sick eh? There’s more craps to come.

Blogosphere can be viewed as another form of ever-expanding human progress by promoting greater level of idea exchange. An era of where the flow of information doesn’t depend on your everyday dailies anymore. The result is people become more aware, more critical, more independent thinking, in fact you yourself is an update machine which 10-15 years ago is merely too much for Beyond 2000 to tell. Internet probably speed up human civilisation at current rate leaping 150 years ahead. No, we’re not talking about inter-marriage with some female Aliens (with sexy dozen tits?) as the next level of human progress but suffice to scope down on us Dayaks. Yawn…! Dayak and technology…Yawn…Fine. But this where fucking crap of Dayak bollocks still lurking around promoting their ancient backward thinking upon the new Dayak generations. And this particular Dayak bollock named ‘Pensioner‘ (Dayakbaru commentator) easily epitomised what is the Dayak bollocks all about: they hate blogs but love to leave their nuggets in the blogs. (more…)









Ohhhaaaiii Dayaks. This is not National Geographic or some MCA in-house video. Just have a spare of thought for any Dayak out there whether you are a Dayak spoiler or a Dayak bonker. Why would you think this is an important crap anyway? Simple. Of all these years ever since the Dayak embraced this gambling thing called democracy, the menace of Dayak running around giving a quick fuck to frustrate each other is still very much alive and even worse than what all those money politics you have seen nowdays. Fine. What define a spoiler and a bonker? Ok, specifically in this case for Dayak politics, a spoiler and bonker both functioning as pain in the ass but because of we believe in democracy and allow everybody the freedom to contest then little attention being given to their principle first and foremost. Maybe in the past those running as indie with very strong track record and followings was in fact in a very small minute number and bear almost zero meaningful benefits to the betterment of democracy in general. Except that most of them jumping frogging become instant millionaire to strengthen the ruling party. Why some people like to do that? To prove what? In what factor they believe their own independent struggle worth fighting for? Well those are the many things that separate spoiler and bonker. Both are the same as evil twins but ironically differ in many ways might surprise us. Like humans and chimps share almost the same 95 percent primate DNAs but still many humans choose to ape all the same basic behaviour of chimps like See No Evil / Hear No Evil or free sex all day long etc. (more…)

The following just my DIY transcript of the interview part from Al-Jazeera’s 101 East: Fight For Power featuring Sarawak Land Development Minister DS Dr James Jemut Masing and Al-Jazeera correspondent Fauziah Ibrahim. 😉

*Update* Some typo error corrected in the transcript.  Also added is the Mkini report on that interview.

Fauziah Ibrahim (FI):
It’s been a lot controversy of the environmental fallout of the Bakun dam which currently it has not been finished yet and yet there are plans to build 12 more new dams. Are these extra dams necessary?

James Jemut Masing (JJM):
For Sarawak it is necessary. Sarawak will require clean and cheap electricity that is renewable and for Sarawak it will not be…it is only wise for us to utilise the rainfall that we have and the rivers that we have…dams need to be built to provide cheap and renewable energy.

FI – There are experts though say that Sarawak has enough energy and there is no need 12 new dams.

JJM – Sarawak has enough energy as it is today but we must look down toward 20 years down the road and by that time we may not have enough energy. if no renewable fossil fuel You know very well the cost of fuel (is escalating).

FI – Are you expecting the same sort of environmental fallout that we say from the Bakun dam?

JJM – I don’t think there is such thing as environmental fallout. I don’t believe that is correct. (more…)

Ohhhaaaiii yet again, Dayaks. Right folks, it seems that we gonna muddling around b(u)y-elections from each side of our nation. Dua Bukit, Satu Batang as you folks might say but don’t mistaken it for some boob-job movie, Oiii! Well it is possible for even a Tiga Bukit (threesome orgies) plus another sure one in Sabah, the Pensiangan parliamentary seat that is full of disease sounds like a corrupt and kurap or something.

Well, let us recalled back on the previous two b(u)y-elections in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. Notice how the Ezam factor can caused so much self-defeat for BN rather than to undermine PR. This is the danger for being a popular hate figure in which the BN has to pay, even make themselves a fool by splashing money to that shameless bunch of class F AliBaba contractors. With the Batang Ai DUN seat is up for grabs, our PR peninsular footies (and also BN malaya plus Ezam himself) may not able to join us here in big numbers but the hate factor is going nowhere. We gonna miss Ezam also, big time, but we do have the Dayak-version of him…none other than our fake Dayak paramount leader, J*bu. (more…)

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