A Dayak Disease Called Sakai Mentality

Part of the reason why we’re facing such a totally enclosed autocracy from Yang Dikasihi is down to a Dayak disease called Sakai Mentality; a complex disease with almost non-existent cure made from two components:
1. Inferiority complex and,
2. Dayak attitude that is happy to settle for a small peanut crumbs.

Inferiority complex relates to Dayaks’ generally low self-esteem or low self-confidence (even in making decision have to ask Yang Dikasihi), coupled with sense of shyness, timid, unwilling to question any action no matter how dead wrong it is like the clearly open secret of nepotism, cronism, corruption culture happening in almost all aspect of politics and governance in our state. Therefore, the Sakai Mentality is much more dangerous than any other Dayak typical disease such as alcoholism, cockfight gambling/nyabong, longhouse free-sex culture combined. Yang Dikasihi take advantage of Sakai Mentality disease knowing that Dayaks are easy to subdue, to divide-and-rule, delaying development tactics, which allow him to take control without much resistance and trouble. Be it Sakai-ness, Sakaism, Kesakaian or any innuendos it is a disease called Sakai Mentality that allow Dayak being the majority Sarawakians ruled over by some small minions that use terendak as their roofing shape for their own riverside pub.

That is why many Dayaks, mysteriously, just happy to receive something less for big favour like letting Malaya take over the supposedly superich resources Sarawak with gazillions RM worth of oil money only for us to get that some puny highway roads after what, 50 years, and the rest of big money goes to Malaya to wastefully send some space tourist only to confirm the sun actually didn’t circle the earth. For some magic kite ride the helicopter, some timbers, vast idle lands, all of that worth now maybe RM1billion (inflation adjusted) are considered “good enough” for Dayaks to surrender Sarawak while Kapit folks have to ride on “ikan empurau” for journey downstream Song to Sibu. It is considered “good enough” when some Dayaks claimed that we in general should be glad of having some Dayaks getting dubious Phd, top government posts thru cronism, Betong as the next Silicon Valley(?), funny-looking ministers with AliBaba-ambitous construction companies, councilors happy to get RM50 per meeting, all of those considered by many of us rather “minute” achievement if compared to, say nearest neighbour, Singapore for the last 30 years. No, at least better than Kalimantan Dayaks with Drs titles that ferociously beheading Madura migrants for toiling their own Kalimantan fertile land better than actually-lazy Kalimantan Dayaks.

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Test Report For Disease Diagnosis: Sakai Mentality

Date: 11-11-2008
Patient: AUB
Ref: DDSM/1108/001A
From post: http://dayakbaru.com/weblog08/?p=915

Sakai Mentality Part 1 (Inferiority complex test):

1. Sample received – “I don’t need a second hand E320 because I am a poor man living in Kara Lumpur”
2. Observation – Patient shows ill-will towards self-development thus indicate no urgent need to compete, prefer to stagnant and promote low-esteem.
3. Critical level – Quite serious and self-destruct in long-term.
4. Corrective action – Eat semi-hybrid gynko pill, a powdered palm oil shoots mix with gynko extracts. Improve blood circulation to brain nerves and improve memory, probably can promote higher self-confidence for further study at Phd level.

Sakai Mentality Part 2 (Happy-to-settle-for-crumbs test):

1. Sample received – “UMNO will recapture its lost ground, and Najib will make a good Prime Minister”
2. Observation – Patient shows increasingly dire need for maximum self-interest (in form of projects such as schools, road projects as tokens to Dayak YBs) by gooning Najib. For every RM30-40m project will pocket RM2-3m AliBaba quick cash hoping to self-appoint as Dayak champion in disguise.
3. Critical level – Reaching pathetic but just below terminal level
4. Corrective action – Perform exorcism/ devil-castings with help of Bishop in front of Sunday mass and yell your heart out: “Corruption is superstitious and false!” and “Yang Dikasihi is a fake prophet!”.

Further recommendation:

1. Patient should watch movie “There Will Be Blood” (starring Daniel Day-Lewis) to better understand the concept of faith vs greed.

2. Place a poster depicting palm oil upside-down with arrow says “Devil” or “Donkey Trap!” at any Dayak area church as much as possible.

Sakai Mentality main cross-reference:

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