DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

Yet another vivid display of hypocrisy by UMNO when dealing with Communist issue.

Seems like only UMNO dealing with China Communist government deemed legit while others muat be viewed as extremism, anti-Malay etc.

Ironically when China government dealt severely towards Chinese Muslim Uighurs rebels, UMNO seems to be blindfolded of it and there you go the Muslim brotherhood thrown out by UMNO.

And so on there are lots of self-contradictory acts by UMNO either promoting Communism only to condemned it yet again. Amazing hypocrisy!

BTW, if there is one thing UMNO can ape from China is how to deal with Corruption criminals…yeah…shoot them dead…no…UMNO’s 3 million members will be wiped out by MACC in no time…noooo….

Video clip: Prof Dr Aziz Bari – Orang UMNO Sebenarnya Komunis



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