Restore STPM Gatekeeper + Abolish Matriks + Stop PTPTN Scam!

Look closely at the following Malaysia GDP per capita graph:

Malaysia GDP per Capita at current prices/inflation adjusted still stuck at 1980s?

Malaysia GDP per Capita at current prices/inflation adjusted still stuck at 1980s?

Why Malaysian income still stuck at 1980s level? Is it considered a failed nation?

Malaysia A Failed Nation? by Rustam A. Sani

Malaysia A Failed Nation? by Rustam A. Sani

There’s no fancy economics theory here to explain. In fact Crony Capitalism-based economy doesn’t require any genius to explain it. It is down to a rotten education system the main cause of it all. And it’s all because of Mahapokrit as well. Social re-engineering my ass.

But first let’s examine how education system being hijacked out of UMNO’s own inferiority complex. It is based on hate system toward Pendatang students that keep on excel in their studies despite many drawbacks, lack of school fundings and deliberate measures.

Firstly, STPM made redundant examination as SPM and Matriks being rigged to ensure as many UMNOPutra students gain direct entry to public universities. Pendatang students do not have such priviledge except being stuck thrown to STPM lions in Form Six. Yet the Pendatang students able to pass through the STPM and again, face the same undeserved UMNOPutra students in public universities.

How these UMNOPutra students cope and compete with Pendatang students?

Nope it’s not the biggest issue as competition will settle the obvious winner, but at what cost financially to both UMNOPutra and Pendatang students later.

Yes you got it right: how will they repay their PTPTN study loans back. For the those students having good results rest assured they may skip half, reduced loan rates or best of all being converted as full scholarship to top achievers. A-ha…in the end the UMNOPutra students suffered the most…having poor result albeit granted junk 3rd class degree with no employment chance in open job market…ends up as honorable jobless graduate with certified bankruptcy status unable to repay the PTPTN loan.

Is this how BN education systems works toward achieving high-income nation? By fooling own UMNOPutra students and turned them instead as jobless bankrupt graduate?

Obviously it is the UMNO fault all along out of hate toward Pendatang students that always dominating great academic results. Seriously UNESCO should declare Malaysian education system as a scam, highly racist and anti-intellectual.

There are already plenty of debates, strategies to reverse the declining standard of the education system including wasting billions and billions on teachers’ retraning, PPSMI and the reversal of it but still the rot continues. Hell, it’s billions more wasted on PTPTN study funds as well.

The solution and to end this academic disaster is ironically already in place but made redundant: it’s all down at STPM level.

Yes, just revised back STPM as the ultimate test and standard barrier to enter tertiary education. Scrap the practice as using SPM to enter college courses and abolish the dubious Matriculation system as alternate university entry point. Both public and private universities/colleges must accept only STPM holders as students.

This will filter out lots of genuine students from the idiots. And those with good STPM result deserves automatic study loan/assistance from PTPTN. No more free issuance of easy money for anyone from PTPTN. Competency must be rewarded and mediocrity shouldn’t be promoted.

The effect of this measure (STPM as common benchmark entry) will be immediate. Universities/colleges will receive only good, committed and quality students so it’ll be reflective on overall rankings of our universities as well on global standings. PTPTN meanwhile, require much lower funding to operate as the number of study loan applicants will be dropped. EPF can no longer risk of giving soft loans to PTPTN only to write it off as so many student defaulted unable to pay back with their junk degree deemed useless for employment. Colleges(cronies-linked) that depend on predating, luring the unsuspecting SPM holders either close down or buckle up to accept STPM holders.

Now what this means to Dayak students?

Very gloomy to be honest. Gloomy because all these while Dayak students being treated as 2nd class Bumiputra students and also one of the easiest target to be duped by private colleges that offer junk degree courses and also ends up as bankrupt jobless graduate. One can see just how many banners hanging outside the rural secondary schools ready to prey on these rural Dayak students.

Furthermore Dayak students are not exposed in earlier stage of education about English, the rigorous regime of Chung Hua style in studying Maths thus make them ill-prepared to face STPM open competition head-on. Only lucky few will survive the cut, how about the rest? Considering GiatMara? Odd job kopitiam waiter/waitress earning RM350 per month? (more…)


When DCCI (Dayak Chamber of Cronies Industries?) proposed for assistance for Dayak companies to enter Bursa listings, ever wonder what’s that shows or purpose anyway?

Is it representative of what 800,000 Dayaks’ economic standings in reality?

Or more to show off the Dayak BN Cronies ability of their cable-bilities?

DCCI better stop it as most of these Cronies worth PN17 companies without cables from UMNO projects. Worst part those Cronies numbering less than 150 top Cronies basically not even 1 percent of entire Dayak population to held authority on genuine business leadership other than Cronyism and Nepotism.

The wealth apportioned from such practice of course being kept only for these select few Cronies, not the rest 800,000 Dayaks.

So how to engage as many Dayaks possible to benefits from their looting?

To ask the Dayak BN Cronies to teach DCCI members how to bribe for projects? How to alienate cheap state lands for high resell later? How to dupe fellow Dayak NCR landowners to upgrade it as commercial land to fat rich Foochow towkeys only not to be paid later? Or how to run easy money Ali Baba companies?

Nope, Dayak BN Cronies will never teach all of those looting tricks.

And that is why DCCI’s plan to get Bursa listings will fail to sustain their business for long run. And that’s right there aren’t enough Dayak companies being taught and established the Cronies way! The plundered wealth will end in 3rd generation as the Chinese says.

Here’s the lesson: Always share the good stuffs and multiply it.

DCCI must groom and teach all the tricks in the sleave to as many Dayak entreprenuers out there. For all the good and sundry, conjobs, tricks whatever it is share it all. Ever wonder why some multi-level marketing still works and expanding despite of their dubious business nature? These MLM crooks always sharing and recruiting, expanding in one company or another.

Sounds like promoting a scam here? You tell me.

DCCI is a scam anyway. A Dayak scam by the Cronies. Only problem the Cronies aren’t that smart and selfish enough to share their tricks and expand it so big it can create a group of Dayak business cartel.

What a cartel can do? Ever heard of OPEC? Well those sheikh folks can choke us of oil if they wanted too.

And you may ask what DCCI got as Dayak entity to choke and control? Do you see NCR lands? Who control oil palm in Sarawak? Dayak have lands it’s 50 percent battle done but not enough choke on oil palm cartel. Oil palm needs lot of lands. Choke it and DCCI must become Dayak oil palm cartel. Speaking of oil business, what DCCI did so far to ensure oil and gas jobs can be channeled more to Dayak youths? Create Dayak worker oil and gas agency?

How about liquor? Dayak loves booze binge drinking. Can DCCI control beer distribution rights? How about the illegal beer lootings? Why let SUPP moonshine goons control it? Can DCCI send their own goons as gatekeeper at each Dayak village longhouse, any moonshine must deal with DCCI folks first? Sooner or later who knows cock-fighting will be legalised, piss off if DCCI failed to act as state Nyabong gambling commisioner!

You see there are plenty of lootings that DCCI can get other than Bursa listings.

The most important thing is to identify the correct and relevant business to nail it hard. And don’t forget to share it too. Once you share it to many Dayaks until it strong enough to command a cartel status, you got it spot on. Sounds like a typical monopolistic Foochow trader? Damn right!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Last but not least, perhaps DCCI should learn from the Native Americans on how they do business and share it. Good to note that it seems the Native American have full control of their reserve lands and to whom they can do business better on their terms. Perhaps DCCI can have the same mentality that demand greater control of how Dayak lands can be handled best in own Dayak terms rather than being held gun-point by LCDA Yang Dikasihi goons. (more…)

Happy Gawai DAP-yak 2010!

The Dyaksblog would like to wish everyone a very Happy Gawai DAP-yak 2010! Probably the ‘best’ gift to Yang Dikasihi so far is the DAP’s win for P212 Sibu Ohhhaaaiii!!!


1. Sibu’s Future
When DAP and Pakatan Rakyat become government at the federal and state level, we promise to solve the flood problems in Sibu in two years, as well as invest in human capital and infrastructure to make Sibu the next world centre of shipping industries, marine engineering and tourism. (more…)



Zaid: Umno, Perkasa defenders of rent-seeking

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 — PKR supreme council member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim today accused Umno and right-wing Malay groups like Perkasa of promoting rent-seeking among Malays under guise of defending their rights.

He said Malays with high-level ministerial connections were being accorded allowances, special benefits, as well as positions, ostensibly to allow others access to these connections.

“Actually, what they want to defend is a rent (seeking) system, whereby Umno Bumiputeras can use their influence as leverage to get positions, allowances and shares in a company. (more…)

Holla Dayaks! So the Chinese really enjoy playing firecrackers to weed off evil spirits and a sign of piss-off/ big middle finger to the police eh? Nope, evil spirits and their master demons will always hanging around no matter what even if the Chinese try to trick the ghosts by using giant speakers playing the audio of firecrackers.

My theory about ghost, evil spirits etc. is that God simply let them hanging around to test us because life is boring without evildoers (in any form) so the role of the devil is that never let humans sleep well in wonderland. Only with that all of us regardless of religion will always turn to God Allah for answers and salvation.

Most religion deal with evil spirits in a very narrow view on prayers and spiritual healing. But nothing can be said on actual origins of evil in real life situations. Yes you guess it right – the evil of BN. Actually BN is one single evil entity that encompass both spiritual and physical forms without one realise it or how real it is. In fact those corrupt BN leaders themselves felt so comfortable with their wang rasuah so much they forget that they already suffered from BN demonic possession. The very same exorcism prayer from Catholic Church (Rite Of Exorcism) therefore will give better hints on how to cast the BN demons out from the corrupt leaders.

The church authority meanwhile define the person that being possessed by demon (or demonic possession) as:
1) Speaking foreign or ancient languages of which the possessed has no prior knowledge;
2) Supernatural abilities and strength;
3) Knowledge of hidden or remote things which the possessed has no way of knowing (fortune telling), an aversion to anything holy, profuse blasphemy, and/or sacrilege. (more…)

“There was speculation that the state government failed to support this native-initiated JV because the government was not used as a ‘middleman’ as laid out in the ‘New Concept’ model. In this model, the NCR landowner receives 30 percent of JV shares, the government 10 percent, and the private investor chosen by the government, 60 percent.” – from Dayak Baru

“One difference – The communities concerned had by-pass any middle-person or institution. Unlike the government sanctioned development model, the communities had entered into a joint venture directly with a private capital, thus by-passing any government institution or politician as “broker”.
” – from Hornbill Unleashed

Why should NCR landowners must obey BN cronies?

It’s illegal to develop own land directly with own-selected private investor WITHOUT BN cronies?

A-Ha! This one catcher in the rye for the Dayaks! (more…)

The goons from PRS (both from Masing and Sng camps) now really having fun time doing some pussy catfights against each other. The centre of the universe according to PRS is the Pelagus seat. It’s funny that after many donkey years only now Masing realise that a Dayak YB must take the Pelagus seat when historically speaking, it’s the Dayak BN goons all these while that gone to bed sleeping happily with their own Chinese goons there.

“We have several good nominees to choose from, who are highly qualified local Dayaks and the most appropriate to continue the Barisan Nasional (BN) struggle in Pelagus,” he said, clearly hinting that Pelagus incumbent Larry Sng will have to go. – James Masing hints on Pelagus seat

Again, it’s simply the old BN trick of racist game being played back and forth cockfighting unsuspecting Dayaks vs Chinese just to satisfy whatever hidden political greed and self-serving objectives.  The same trick also being played to unite, split, unite and split again the Dayaks all over again. (more…)