<strong>Happy Gawai Christmas From The Dyaks Blog! OHHHAAAII!!</strong>

Happy Gawai Christmas From The Dyaks Blog! OHHHAAAII!!

Let’s examine a typical, average Christmas/Gawai expenses by a Dayak family:

1. Beers of 10 crates (6 crates Tiger Beer and 4 crates TsingTao Beer). The reason with buying two grades of beer is one for standard show-off  for VIP guests and one for common visitors.
Tiger Beer 6 crates/ RM65 X 6 = RM390
TsingTao Beer or lower grade beer 4 crates/ RM45 X 6 = RM180

2. Chicken meats. At least 10 dressed whole chicken at RM15-14 each. 5 for curry chickens and 5 for fried chickens. Some also cooked in bamboo or pansoh style. Costs RM150.

3. Duck meats. At least 5 ducks at RM40 each dressed whole duck. Good for dark soy sauce stew. Originally a Chinese dish not a native dish to the Dayaks but somehow the Hakka Chinese (the farmer Chinese clans often deriled as the Dayak version of the Chinese) must have thought the Dayak how to cook it!

4. Pork. Ain’t no Gawai without pork! Easily RM160-180 for a 10 kg pork or RM16-18 per kg. That’s only for a typical farm-bred pigs. Those reared free-range pigs at longhouse / kampong definately a prized item. Even rarer a pig/wild boar cross-breed (free-range pig with wild boar) which definately have that extra luxury meat experience. Popular pork dish during Gawai are pork stews (with dark soy bean sauce and whole garlics), pork soup with salted cabbage and peanuts, pork soup with dried bamboo shoots, pork soup with tempoyak (durian paste) and chillies, pork bellies, chops BBQ etc.

5. Liqour and lots of it. Minimum Dayak booze standard is that crap called Label 5 priced at RM40 for 1 litre pack. Serve your Dayak guest with anything lower than that (such as Sahip etc) expect yourself to have that silly grin. At least 5 packs worth RM200. Add with the usual suspects of Chivas Regal (RM85 per 1 litre pack) and learn a bit about the American Civil War with Jack Daniels vs Jim Beam (both RM80 per 1 litre pack). Recently the red wines(in paper box) making rounds as the new sidekick for Dayak booze party so dumped in the Stanley Wines (RM50 per pack of 3 litre) and Peter Vella Wine(RM70 per pack of 5 litres). Anyway the Dayak always reserve the ubitiquos “Tuak”/fermented rice wine and the “Langkau”/distilled rice wine (History Channel: Sadly the lazy Dayak learned half-way how to distilled properly rice-yeast combo from the Chinese thus derived with the half-baked liquor called Langkau). Overall booze cost easily RM500.

6. Vegetables. Lots of chilies, gingers, onions, garlics, potatoes, salted cabbage to cook the Dayak favourites such as chicken curry, pork leg with salted cabbage, pork loins with smoked garlics with dark soy sauce stew. Dumped at least RM100 for veggies.

7. Soft drinks. Coca-Cola and tons of it. RM38 per 1.5 litres crate, times 5 crates. Perfect for liquor mix-up. RM200 down. Some would add the semi-booze soft drinks like the Anglia Sandy. RM25 per 24-cans crate. To fool the Malay visitors the Malta malt drinks is a perfect drink to serve as alternate to Guiness Stout (Malay drinkers would fantasize Malta as Stout, true story yo!).

8. Sweets, tit-bits, crackers. Especially salted peanuts the necessary evil to down the beers and boozes. RM100 for this crap.

9. Lemang or glutinous rice in bamboo. Served with chicken curry. Costs RM70 in buying bamboos, glutinous rice and coconut milks ( set of 10 cooked lemangs).

Total foods and drinks expenses easily cost around RM2,000 or more for a typical Dayak family.

And that’s only for Gawai. Six month later the Christmas looms and it is fairly the same amount again splashed out which easily tops RM5,000 or RM500 per month aside. Twice the celebration, twice the ‘wastage’?

Nope Dayaks, I’m not telling you folks to stop celebrating Gawai and Christmas. Not even Peter Minos can tell you that just to mourn unnecessarily for some Queen of Thieves’ funeral. In fact having both would tell UMNO and Perkasa that to enter Sarawak they need to kill both to invade totally Dayak into minced meat.

The point is, if the Dayak can spend such amount just for the sake of feasting and making the Chinese grocery shop towkeys richer and richer every single year, then the Dayak should spend the same for premium powdered milk, seafood, multi-vitamin supplements for their kids.

The Wasteful, Poor Dayaks Making The Beer Towkays RM12 Million Richer Annually?

Just how much the Chinese grocery shop towkeys profiting from the Dayak booze galore? To give you some tips one towkay can easily sells 3 contennas of beer during Gawai. Mind you a contenna loaded of beer is anywhere between 10-15 palletes and each palletes hold 40 crates of beer (of 24 cans). That’s 9,600 cans of beer worth easily RM50,000 per contenna. In one small town of 8,000-10,000 Dayaks population with 10 grocery shops and supermarkets that’s easily 10-15 contennas of beer sold worth well above half million ringgit. Note that these booze are smuggled, tax-evaded and perhaps falsely stamped as baby clothings from China.

Don’t forget it’s twice the amount to include the Christmas booze too! You can see on beer alone the Dayak can spend literally millions only to end up as gazillion gallons of urine. No wonder J*bu claimed in one survey about Dayak alcoholism problem that Dayak spend around RM12 Million worth of booze each year. (more…)