DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

Yet another vivid display of hypocrisy by UMNO when dealing with Communist issue.

Seems like only UMNO dealing with China Communist government deemed legit while others muat be viewed as extremism, anti-Malay etc.

Ironically when China government dealt severely towards Chinese Muslim Uighurs rebels, UMNO seems to be blindfolded of it and there you go the Muslim brotherhood thrown out by UMNO.

And so on there are lots of self-contradictory acts by UMNO either promoting Communism only to condemned it yet again. Amazing hypocrisy!

BTW, if there is one thing UMNO can ape from China is how to deal with Corruption criminals…yeah…shoot them dead…no…UMNO’s 3 million members will be wiped out by MACC in no time…noooo….

Video clip: Prof Dr Aziz Bari – Orang UMNO Sebenarnya Komunis



Happy Easter 2011:


The senile old fox Mahapokrit really got it wrong big time for accusing DAP spreading racist virus into Sarawak which almost wiped out the Chinese(read:SUPP) representation in Yang Dikasihi’s state cabinet.

It is a classic hypocrisy by Mahapokrit when trying to single out the Chinese voters into myopic racist vindication when Mahapokrit’s biggest and closest cronies are mostly Chinese as well. Even Mahapokrit’s secluded tropical holiday villa in Borneo Highlands, Jalan Puncak Borneo, Kuching was built by his crony KL-based IOI Group(JV partner with LCDA on Borneo Highlands) and local BN Chinese cronies most probably on free-offer compassion and bootlicking basis lah. Call it as ‘multi-racial cronies’ but Mahapokrit always thought that his Chinese cronies probably the worst of two evils than DAP.

Being multi-racial shouldn’t be a one-sided affair but Mahapokrit is hell-bent to preach that only BN is truly multi-racial political platform and not Pakatan Rakyat. On paper BN may rightly won the two-third majority of DUN state seats but in actual fact the Sarawak voters regardless of race defiantly and increasingly voted against BN be it Chinese, Malay, Dayak, Indian or Lain-Lain Etc.

And yes it is a multi-racial revolt against BN Sarawak that Mahapokrit conveniently choose to ignore except his own multi-racial cronies can do no evil at all.



For this year 2011 Good Friday, let us all Dayaks and Christians alike step back to remember some of the most dubious and treacherous bunch of Dayaks JUDAS in The Ming Court Affair 1987.

SPECIAL REPORT: The Ming Court Affair
Malaysia Kini, 25 May 2006

Taib Mahmud has been Sarawak’s leader for 25 years. It wouldn’t be so had he not survived a ‘palace coup’ in 1987. Malaysiakini revisits the infamous Ming Court Affair in this five-part series.


The Ming Court Affair, Pt 1
Terence Netto, Malaysia Kini, 9 May 2006

No grasp of recent Sarawak political history can be said to be firm without an understanding of the Ming Court Affair, the pivotal event of the last two decades, the fallout from which is felt to this day as the state gears up for the 9th Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) elections on May 20.

Essentially there were four main actors in the drama, not all of whom were present at the eponymous hotel in Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur where simmering discontent with the leadership of Taib Mahmud came to a head in a plot to remove him as chief minister in early March 1987.

The major players were the then eminence grise of Sarawak politics, Rahman Yaakub; the man who would be king, Taib Mahmud; the man who had aspirations to be chief minister, Leo Moggie; and the affair’s late joining but main casualty, Daniel Tajem. (more…)

Lick It!

Lick It!


Kiss It!

Can you spot the difference for the two photos? Let’s hope Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and definitely all the UMNO goons can lick up this Nazi babe and tell us just how great this race supremacy is all about. Or how fake is Ketuanan Melayu by UMNO actually, as fake as this bitch Michelle McGee‘s tits. Yes this is the bitch that Jesse James prefer tho bonk than the ever-gorgeous Sandra Bullock.

The funny thing about these racist crackpots is that all of them disguise their race supremacist in one way or another. For Perkasa it’s the usual fear-mongering rhetoric of how Bumiputeras are still left behind which is a joke anyway when in fact it’s the Malay own laziness and crutch mentality is their biggest prick. But Ibrahim Ali always find excuses to point the blame to the Chinese, Indians and Pendatang Dan Lain-Lain instead. (more…)

Holla Dayaks! So the Chinese really enjoy playing firecrackers to weed off evil spirits and a sign of piss-off/ big middle finger to the police eh? Nope, evil spirits and their master demons will always hanging around no matter what even if the Chinese try to trick the ghosts by using giant speakers playing the audio of firecrackers.

My theory about ghost, evil spirits etc. is that God simply let them hanging around to test us because life is boring without evildoers (in any form) so the role of the devil is that never let humans sleep well in wonderland. Only with that all of us regardless of religion will always turn to God Allah for answers and salvation.

Most religion deal with evil spirits in a very narrow view on prayers and spiritual healing. But nothing can be said on actual origins of evil in real life situations. Yes you guess it right – the evil of BN. Actually BN is one single evil entity that encompass both spiritual and physical forms without one realise it or how real it is. In fact those corrupt BN leaders themselves felt so comfortable with their wang rasuah so much they forget that they already suffered from BN demonic possession. The very same exorcism prayer from Catholic Church (Rite Of Exorcism) therefore will give better hints on how to cast the BN demons out from the corrupt leaders.

The church authority meanwhile define the person that being possessed by demon (or demonic possession) as:
1) Speaking foreign or ancient languages of which the possessed has no prior knowledge;
2) Supernatural abilities and strength;
3) Knowledge of hidden or remote things which the possessed has no way of knowing (fortune telling), an aversion to anything holy, profuse blasphemy, and/or sacrilege. (more…)

When Mahapokrit unveiled the illusory grand vision in 1990 as Vision 2020, it was full of hope and what a great future for Malaysia well at least that’s what media used to tell us back then. Vision 2020 or Wawasan 2020 according to Mahapokrit was simply a roadmap to a developed Malaysia by 2020. A modern Malaysia with at least 70 million population prescribed by Mahapokrit as ideal population in terms of sustainability and national security purposes.

Or you still buy that delusion now. Almost 20 years and some RM1 trillion of Petronas money later when we supposed to be on track toward Vision 2020, it looks like the same prick that haunted Malaysia all over again and exactly what Mahapokrit wrote almost 50 years ago in Malay Dilemma – the problem of changing Malay mindset from always feeling insecure about anything (to the extent of chronic inferiority complex) to the point of everything that caused Malay’s insecurity is easily put to blame squarely to the Chinese and other non-Malays like Indians as well that having set firm footing particularly in economics dominance.

It’s always about the cycle of hate and racism. Mahapokrit thought 1990 was the best year to launched something feel-good about Malaysia’s future but how to feel good about it when Mahapokrit himself admitted that he failed to change the Malay for the better. That is what happen when you always think this God damn land only belong to one particular race. Using social re-engineering crap like NEP and Bumiputra special rights will never work just to ensure (and hopefully) the Malays will change and grab the opportunity to uplift themselves. Yes hope for the best. (more…)

Sabah’s Untold History

The Palace Coup (Part 1)
By Hakim Joe, Monday, 31 August 2009, Malaysia Today

Many Malaysians may not know this but the Perak Fiasco this year is not the second constitutional crisis that has rocked Malaysia (after the UMNO crisis). In fact, UMNO’s deregistration as an association by the Registrar of Societies in 1987 was also not Malaysia’s first constitutional crisis but the second.

The dubious award of Malaysia’s first ever constitutional crisis was bestowed on the Sabahan State Government in 1985 when the Berjaya-appointee Sabahan Governor, Tun Haji Mohd Adnan Robert, despite stern objections from his advisors including the Sabah State Attorney Datuk Nicholas Fung and Sabah High Court judge, Justice Datuk Charles Ho, had decided to swear-in a minority coalition party leader as the Chief Minister of Sabah, a coalition that had won less state seats (22 seats combined) in the just completed State Elections than the victor (26 seats), an action that contravened the State Constitution and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

So, what happened during the early dawn hours of 22 April 1985 that eventually propelled the State of Sabah into total chaos? An action by one single man in his capacity as the Governor? Or was he somehow “persuaded” (against all logical reasons) by Datuk Haji Yahya Lampong and the inaction of others present (except for Nicholas Fung and Charles Ho) to continue with the swearing-in ceremony? Before you continue reading, always keep this in mind. A Sultan or a State Governor can appoint a Menteri Besar or a Chief Minister but he cannot dismiss him after swearing him in. The appointed MB or CM can only be dismissed in the State Legislature by a vote of no-confidence, if he is convicted of a crime or if he dies in office.

Once again, let us start from the beginning. (more…)