When DCCI (Dayak Chamber of Cronies Industries?) proposed for assistance for Dayak companies to enter Bursa listings, ever wonder what’s that shows or purpose anyway?

Is it representative of what 800,000 Dayaks’ economic standings in reality?

Or more to show off the Dayak BN Cronies ability of their cable-bilities?

DCCI better stop it as most of these Cronies worth PN17 companies without cables from UMNO projects. Worst part those Cronies numbering less than 150 top Cronies basically not even 1 percent of entire Dayak population to held authority on genuine business leadership other than Cronyism and Nepotism.

The wealth apportioned from such practice of course being kept only for these select few Cronies, not the rest 800,000 Dayaks.

So how to engage as many Dayaks possible to benefits from their looting?

To ask the Dayak BN Cronies to teach DCCI members how to bribe for projects? How to alienate cheap state lands for high resell later? How to dupe fellow Dayak NCR landowners to upgrade it as commercial land to fat rich Foochow towkeys only not to be paid later? Or how to run easy money Ali Baba companies?

Nope, Dayak BN Cronies will never teach all of those looting tricks.

And that is why DCCI’s plan to get Bursa listings will fail to sustain their business for long run. And that’s right there aren’t enough Dayak companies being taught and established the Cronies way! The plundered wealth will end in 3rd generation as the Chinese says.

Here’s the lesson: Always share the good stuffs and multiply it.

DCCI must groom and teach all the tricks in the sleave to as many Dayak entreprenuers out there. For all the good and sundry, conjobs, tricks whatever it is share it all. Ever wonder why some multi-level marketing still works and expanding despite of their dubious business nature? These MLM crooks always sharing and recruiting, expanding in one company or another.

Sounds like promoting a scam here? You tell me.

DCCI is a scam anyway. A Dayak scam by the Cronies. Only problem the Cronies aren’t that smart and selfish enough to share their tricks and expand it so big it can create a group of Dayak business cartel.

What a cartel can do? Ever heard of OPEC? Well those sheikh folks can choke us of oil if they wanted too.

And you may ask what DCCI got as Dayak entity to choke and control? Do you see NCR lands? Who control oil palm in Sarawak? Dayak have lands it’s 50 percent battle done but not enough choke on oil palm cartel. Oil palm needs lot of lands. Choke it and DCCI must become Dayak oil palm cartel. Speaking of oil business, what DCCI did so far to ensure oil and gas jobs can be channeled more to Dayak youths? Create Dayak worker oil and gas agency?

How about liquor? Dayak loves booze binge drinking. Can DCCI control beer distribution rights? How about the illegal beer lootings? Why let SUPP moonshine goons control it? Can DCCI send their own goons as gatekeeper at each Dayak village longhouse, any moonshine must deal with DCCI folks first? Sooner or later who knows cock-fighting will be legalised, piss off if DCCI failed to act as state Nyabong gambling commisioner!

You see there are plenty of lootings that DCCI can get other than Bursa listings.

The most important thing is to identify the correct and relevant business to nail it hard. And don’t forget to share it too. Once you share it to many Dayaks until it strong enough to command a cartel status, you got it spot on. Sounds like a typical monopolistic Foochow trader? Damn right!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Last but not least, perhaps DCCI should learn from the Native Americans on how they do business and share it. Good to note that it seems the Native American have full control of their reserve lands and to whom they can do business better on their terms. Perhaps DCCI can have the same mentality that demand greater control of how Dayak lands can be handled best in own Dayak terms rather than being held gun-point by LCDA Yang Dikasihi goons. (more…)



Zaid: Umno, Perkasa defenders of rent-seeking

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 — PKR supreme council member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim today accused Umno and right-wing Malay groups like Perkasa of promoting rent-seeking among Malays under guise of defending their rights.

He said Malays with high-level ministerial connections were being accorded allowances, special benefits, as well as positions, ostensibly to allow others access to these connections.

“Actually, what they want to defend is a rent (seeking) system, whereby Umno Bumiputeras can use their influence as leverage to get positions, allowances and shares in a company. (more…)

It’s hard to resist temptation. Really, a Maybank lady officer can offer some ASB loan scheme by just prop-up her lovely looks and bang! she got the customer signed up. “If I’m a Bumi like you I’ll quickly get this loan and enjoy higher returns from ASB”, her common magic charm to subdue the propestive customer.

No, Maybank never sells scam like Bernie or here the local version of Bernie aka our EPF funds but the point here is how you control your own temptation from simple manipulation. This is no Friday or Sunday sermon but Jesus did teach us how to deal with the ever-creative devil that always play around with temptation and affect our reasoning. Maybe call it The Art Of Flirting Temptation or something. Just like trying to balance your desire for greed and goodwill as politicians. It’s a work of art literally speaking. All of these require a special talent of denial, compulsive lying and perhaps a great dose of bragging like a statesman but holding a fake degree but your great oratory skills make people believe that you are indeed a great genuine Phd holder regardless of how much you ‘bought’ it from some obscure Hawaii or Polynesian Island university for a mere USD20K. (more…)

There you go Dayaks, Sarawak is fast becoming a police state the moment that peninsular-based opposition politicians barred from coming here. Yes, like Sabah we do have different set of immigration laws from peninsular Malaya but apparently just for the wrong reasons. While Sabah crooked its immigration laws with national registration dept to increase more Mindanao illegals to become Mykad holders cum UMNO voters, here the hookers from China and Phillipines are freely granted with visas, work permits, fake college student pass to enter Sarawak for some cunts and cums dealings that got nothing to do with Sarawak economy other than their cunt and cums money going out and depleting Bank Negara’s foreign exchange reserves, the rakyat workers instead being targeted as if they were much lower than those China and Philiphines whores. And yes, it’s a grave sin to questioning nepotism, cronism, corruption by Yang Dikasihi through his CMS, Titanium, Naim, Kumpulan Parabena, SEDC and the rest of the goons and it’s no better way for Clown Prince Solomon to seek revenge by using directive from State Secretary and Immigration Dept chief to deny entry for those dare to critic their family business. Worst still, both State Secretary and Immigration Dept chief are Dayaks. Typical shameless goons.

Solomon has a long history in swallowing big fish for dinner such as using his Bank Utama to eat a bigger fish RHB Bank some donkey years ago when Bank Negara try to consolidate banking sector into 10 anchor banks only. But Bank Utama, being among the smallest banking group itself holding just too much CMS skeletons in the closet so rather than risking the mega exposure and in complying Bank Negara ruling, RHB Bank was the easy fish to pick even not on willing basis with the founder Rashid Hussein himself practically was in position of gun-point to surrender his bank. With that merger, RHB under Solomon was able to swindle billions of combined cash to lend CMS group basically a blank cheque for spending spree. By the time RHB nearly dried up and CMS secured indefinate booze supply, Solomon quits and EPF (our money too) being forced to clean the mess by taking over RHB. Ironically Bank Negara called it a just time for possible conflict of interest for Solomon to head one of the biggest bank while Yang Dikasihi dad still on the throne. Fucking joke eh? (more…)

Almost all Dayaks keep at least a copy of Holy Bible in their house. It is a very important element in any belief system that seeks continuous and widespread appeal of their faith and insists on faith renewal from each follower from time to time. Being religious is like being in love. You take a vow and declare your love till death do us apart. I do read bible, not to become fanatical theologist but to study the way Jesus speak against nonsensical lunacies. When some Jews rabbi question Jesus’ wisdom in disallowing/discouraging divorce for married couple as contradicting Jewish tradition that divorce is allowable as final resort, Jesus simply said that in early days Moses knew that his own fellow Jews people are world’s most stubborn people so to disallow it will make them even more stubborn and that is the reason why early Jews followers adopted it. The same goes when Jesus chased away tax collector from church as Jesus would never allow anyone try to make a cut for himself in God’s house. Save for the miracles and all the David Blaines, one can imagine how Jesus can tolerate during his time all those hardline Jews that go against him, mocking him as ‘King of Jews’ that lead to believe that he is a such a dangerous cult for Roman masters to ignore therefore Jesus must be made scapegoat, kill him for good once and for all. Unfortunately, most of us Christians, Dayaks alike regard Holy Bible, be it Old or New Testaments in a very narrow perspective with some prayer leader himself simply unfit to explain it intelligently and effectively as relevant to our ever changing world and we fail to emulate the Jesus’ leadership quality against injustice, tyranny, nonsensical religious myopic thinking but we are more towards superstitious elements such as miracles, sainthood etc. things that make you out of reality, practicality and common sense.

This is a problem of mental-block in which people are lead to be trapped mentally. Take the commandment that say Thou shall not kill. When you think about it, most of us think it in a very narrow perception: physically killing people is dead wrong. You are right; it’s a crime punishable by death. Even the church authority worldwide particularly from the Vatican always go against abortion/family planning/birth controls or using condoms as it doing the same as killing unborn child and simply an act of anti-life. For human rights group and Aids activists who are branded as anti-life fears that Aids will be forever widespread, let alone receiving billion of dollars in R&D grants to develop Aids vaccines. Abortion deemed as direct killing and prone to abuse/ guilty pleasure as accused by church authority but little they did to support the growing number of populations and how to provide them food, medicine and education just because any life creation is God’s gift therefore should not be killed. But to fail for taking care of them is far bigger crime, just like praying without action. Some even believe to let food magically appear by itself just like Jesus miraculously able to use few baskets of bread and fish to feed thousands of followers. We are thought to be very single-minded in almost any form of belief and never question the authority that claimed to be the guardian of faith. It’s sad to note in Philippines in which the powerful group of church authority (have a reserved place as lawmakers) that supported the corrupt regime of Arroyo govt but neglect their mostly poor followers in the vastly Catholic nation. Poor people are left to keep breeding and increasing the population while the church provide nothing much in advice and assistance, yet nobody question the church authority as divine block in national politics which by any means as simply supporting a corrupt regime. (more…)

The Ibans are the poorest folks in Sarawak. Yet, they had supported the BN. It looks like they have not found a viable alternative.
– Yang Berkhidmat Wong Ho Leng

Sounds like another unsolved mystery eh? Those Dayaks keep voting BN to get almost nothing. Well, Mr.Wong, they are many conspiracy theories that being discussed to try to explain the almost-supernatural phenom that haunting Dayaks for so long (thanks but no thanks to BN): Dayak To Be Kept Poor For Ease Of Control. Exactly what I’ve said many times that BN deliberately keep the Dayaks poor by using various mechanism, tactics therefore making Dayak in lose-lose situation all the time. Hope is the most common human anomality, most of the time a false one, being abused by BN to give a false sense of hope to the Dayaks that BN, being the govt of the day, is the ONLY source of livelihood and development therefore they should obey and receive whatever they deserve for them, even nothing at all. We Dayaks are the product of many betrayals, in-fightings, selfishness, ignorance, ill-informed, plain stupidity, low intelligence, facing sudden modernity throughout most of our past and recent history. The perfect condition in which Yang Dikasihi forever employing divide-and-rule tactics over Dayaks to what we been reduced now: Politic Of Donkeys, where Dayaks are taught to be fully obedient (just like a donkey) and will not question a single thing even it is right or wrong shit by Yang Dikasihi. Almost worshipping a cult figure. (more…)

A very fine TraTraTraOhhhHaiii to you all Dayaks. Let me begin with a rather bleak prophecy, a Dayak minority to rule over the whole Dayaks. It’s the Dayak Bidayuh, not other sub-tribes of Dayak. The rule of minority is nothing new in Sarawak with Melanau virtually took control very much the affairs of Sarawak governance under Yang Dikasihi, a Melanau himself. Why Bidayuh being picked by Yang Dikasihi as his sub-agent to rule the Dayaks? It’s a long history of minority rule by the Bidayuh themselves. Within the Bidayuh group there are also many sub-tribe with different dialect and customs but the dominant Bidayuh tribes of all is the Bisingai, considered as minority elite of Bidayuhs. They always regard themselves as superior group above the rest due to the fact they are the most educated and priviledged. They do not hold the top jobs for now but formed the force behind every policy that always gooning Yang Dikasihi. Even Bidayuh’s own ethnic association, Dayak Bidayuh National Association or DBNA is heavily influenced by Bisingai elites (comprising of top politicians, professionals, contractors). Yang Dikasihi is very fond of the idea of minority rule therefore the Bidayuh would be the perfect goon to be given the top jobs such as ministers, state secretary, National Service chairman, top academics cronies for local universities, state govt agency heads, all of these to show the rest of Dayaks that become a goon is worth the heavens and shall you do the opposite expect a wrath from Yang Dikasihi.

Some Bidayuh leaders in past did face the wrath such as Dr Patau Rubis of Tasik Biru DUN with his acrimonious fallout with Yang Dikasihi led his expulsion from the then-BN component SNAP party. Those days however, unlike the alternative media now, he was portrayed as the ultimate traitor by all pro-govt dailies and lead to believe as traitor even until today for his ‘crime’ going against Yang Dikasihi. But far bigger crime yet to come and the crime comes from the top Bidayuh leaders themselves now that keep gooning Yang Dikasihi as the future Bidayuh kids will bear the stigma from the present misdeeds: minority rule over the Dayaks, the Little Napoleons. By keep aligning themselves to Yang Dikasihi and gain authority as false Dayak enforcers, the Bidayuh slowly aping what the Melanaus have been doing in Sarawak history as the minority ruler (over all Dayaks, Chinese, Malays alike) and remind the rest of the Dayaks that opposing govt is a futility act and not worth fighting it. Such a zero tolerance towards democracy and freedom to choose your own leader. Bidayuh with less than 200,000 population able to gauge such authority in short time and only the majority Iban predominantly under J*bu can exceed Bidayuh in term of Dayaks’ state govt powerbase. The fact that J*bu praising the Bidayuhs for keep supporting Yang Dikasihi and deserves bigger govt grants is indeed a further rubberstamp of Bidayuh’s minority rule. This is a very ugly ploy by Yang Dikasihi to split the Dayak and making Bidayuhs as liability rather than proud achievement in the eyes of marginalised Dayaks in general. (more…)