The following article reminds me of a typical modus operandi in running Ali Baba business.

Once, these motherfuckers gave me one site to manage just before the general election. After nearly 2 years handling it, they did not pay me for like 3 months citing the reasons their bosses did not pay them. I was so damn pissed off. But they kept asking me to write after a month they didn’t pay and I wrote for 3 months without pay.

Where had the money gone to? Is it true that the bosses did not pay them or did someone siphon off the money to some offshore account? The same thing is happening in the grassroot where those who have the position promised to pay UMNO members for helping them to do some things for the UMNO meeting but then no money had been handed out!

As license holder/main contractor normally started with loud braggings how big the projects are secured and subcontrators are assured steady progress payment.

Of course any drooling subcontractor salivate like mad dog to get the rest of sub-work and willy to put upfront for Ali be it new Merc, new bungalow, fancy European holiday packages etc.

Fools and damned fools!

Looks like how they runned their cyber warfare pretty much as goofy and full of spoofs as well.

Ali Baba business dangerously based on false trust. For the license holder it means minting silly money from your PKK/CIDB contracts.

Pretty much like a scorned mistress eh? Moaning, bitching for not getting paid after get laid.

Same goes to subcontractor that completed the project but still not getting progress payment due.

Served you right Cybertroopah! Ha Ha Ha! (more…)