Happy Easter 2011:


The senile old fox Mahapokrit really got it wrong big time for accusing DAP spreading racist virus into Sarawak which almost wiped out the Chinese(read:SUPP) representation in Yang Dikasihi’s state cabinet.

It is a classic hypocrisy by Mahapokrit when trying to single out the Chinese voters into myopic racist vindication when Mahapokrit’s biggest and closest cronies are mostly Chinese as well. Even Mahapokrit’s secluded tropical holiday villa in Borneo Highlands, Jalan Puncak Borneo, Kuching was built by his crony KL-based IOI Group(JV partner with LCDA on Borneo Highlands) and local BN Chinese cronies most probably on free-offer compassion and bootlicking basis lah. Call it as ‘multi-racial cronies’ but Mahapokrit always thought that his Chinese cronies probably the worst of two evils than DAP.

Being multi-racial shouldn’t be a one-sided affair but Mahapokrit is hell-bent to preach that only BN is truly multi-racial political platform and not Pakatan Rakyat. On paper BN may rightly won the two-third majority of DUN state seats but in actual fact the Sarawak voters regardless of race defiantly and increasingly voted against BN be it Chinese, Malay, Dayak, Indian or Lain-Lain Etc.

And yes it is a multi-racial revolt against BN Sarawak that Mahapokrit conveniently choose to ignore except his own multi-racial cronies can do no evil at all.




New Senators Soon!
All is not lost to SUPP in the recently concluded 10th Sarawak state election. While SUPP is officially (heh!) a Dayak party by now, SUPP can expect to enjoy at least a bit of salvation by UMNO – in the form of senatorship. So far SUPP looks like a conveyor belt that ship endless supply of Senators to Dewan Negara!

Leading the Senatorship candidate is definately Georgie Boy and what better gift for his honeymoon than having a tag Senator for great hotel discount with new hot sexy madam!

Well SUPP shouldn’t feel any shame with this senatorship galore because they got not one but at least six ex-YBs as supply to Dewan Negara! Not bad since UMNO itself never send this as much batch of Senators in one go.

How about Peter Nyarok of SPDP party which undeniably and cannot be ‘nyorok’/ hide anymore that his seat was lost to PKR YB Ali Biju in DUN Krian? A senatorship for him would be just as great as well to join the motley crue SUPP Senators gang! And also to Gabby Adit…yeah join the gang will ya!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Anyway congratulations/ Tahniah! in advance to both Senator George Chan, Senator Peter Nyarok, Senator Gabby Adit!

May you folks enjoy joining Senator Sim Kheng Hui in Dewan Negara! (more…)

Linda on October 14th, 2010 6:25 pm:

“Enti PKR bisi menang in any Dayak majority seat in the coming state election ,I am prepared to walk naked from Wisma Sebrekas to Sarawak Electra House.Any taker? Free ticket.”

Linda the Dayak Nudist!

For better or worse, the Dayak Baru folks surely wonder when this Dayak nudist gonna walk naked from Wisma Saberkas to Electra House given that PKR already won two Dayak-majority seats namely the Bakelalan and Krian DUN seats. (more…)

YB Sir Baru Bian vs. Yang Dikasihi
Despite the unsurprising BN victory, it’s all meaningless to Yang Dikasihi. Not because that he fear the foiled UMNO coup (nevertheless our TYT Tun Louishuddin heeded to his request) to replace him 11th hour with pro-UMNO PBB YB, but rather this man – YB Sir Baru Bian.

Yes, Yang Dikasihi knew that the entire ball-less eunuch Dayak BN YBs basically a polar apart to match/ worthless against YB Sir Baru Bian‘s relentless pursuit to protect the Dayak rights & freedom.  That’s why this 10th Sarawak state election deemed to be a meaningless victory for Yang Dikasihi once Baru Bian got elected and surely he got it.

The equation simply like this:
[YB Sir Baru Bian > Entire Dayak BN YBs]

This is a nightmare to Yang Dikasihi. To see YB Sir Baru Bian walk into DUN sittings with his speech alone enough to strip naked the entire ball-less eunuch Dayak BN YBs, it gotta be joy to watch! (more…)

Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Just a quick snap of two identical kopitiam shops (one with a Chinese name and one with a Dayak name) and guess what, 99 percent of Dayak regulars will flock to the Chinese kopitiam. Why is that? A Dayak kopitiam doesn’t taste the same like a Chinese shop? Start blaming fellow Dayak for not supporting another Dayak just for the sake of it?

This is just an example of the many fundamental flaws in Dayak’s inferiority complex. And part of the reason why Dayak fails in business and definately in politics. Depending on which side you’re on politically, this is the same flaw that perpetuated the divide-and-rule trick by Yang Dikasihi over the Dayaks.

And here we go again the calls for Dayak to fight for their rights, for the sake of Dayak unity, the rise of Dayakism, Dayak this Dayak that and so on. Well my Dayak folks, it’s all fake and bullshits. Look around and you’ll see it’s the same ol’ Dayak leaders that call for Dayak rights that all these while dividing and splitting own Dayak folks. It happened in the Pelagus DUN seat tussle and recently the Bidayuh crybabies begging for MPP Chairmanship post and the Deputy Transport Ministry post. (more…)

Another freezing rainy morning to you all Dayaks! As freezy as some Dayak goons pour cold scorn on DAP’s newly open branch with mostly Dayak members. It’s a fucking good move and as time goes by most of you will say it’s a fucking good move. To split the Dayak further? Why rest the case when that is the order of the day: to split, divide and rule over the Dayaks. Same goes to Dayaks that joined PKR and some waiting for MDC to be registered as legit political parties while SNAP isn’t dead yet, just being resurrected even though STAR will be branded as aimless as some will never understand the mind of its founder Dr Patau Rubis. For BN goons, they will propagate this whole opposition mess as how insecure the opposition in Sarawak hence there will be almost zero threat to state BN coalition. Fine, they successfully made the Dayaks in disarray and lost. As I looked at it, those who used divide-and-rule tactic basically riding on a curse. A curse is like a funeral procession, it’ll come back to where it started. That is why Dayaks must reverse the curse and not used it the same way we wish to split the BN goons. Whether you Dayak realise it or not, the curse can become our gift to steer us how to overcome Yang Dikasihi and his goons.

First of all, we must remind ourself that we live in a democracy of the highest bidder, stupidity is a great commodity and the authorities works like a fox guarding the hens in the farm. The manner of how SNAP and PBDS being dissolved is really an act of video game being played in God mode. Death and closures are at will. The design of such tactics is to ensure dissents and opposing views are removed even by closing down the party while the apparent goons are salvaged with renewed lease of life. ROS duty is the grim reaper that coming to ensure that BN will not lose a single MP so as to maintain majority in Dewan Rakyat. Whatever the rest is up for yang Dikasihi to castrate and the testicles to be ripped out and roasted. The bad sheep will be left numb for life while the obedient one will be keep on for the breeding. 1987 should be remembered as the year that Dayaks can no longer trust a dope. People like Yaakub, Nor Tahir and dopes like that. In fact Nor Tahir is fond memory of how his own son took away his cash for ‘good stuffs’ and going broke to obscurity. His once lively animal zoo at Jalan Semariang now a long gone, broken banglow is a curse for cohooting with Yaakub to dupe the Dayaks. Yaakub’s grand birthday hosted by Yang Dikasihi seems to be more than just full circle, blood is thicker than water (or money), shit like that but the final fireworks postmothously to mark the death of Dayak unity thanks to the perfect divide and rule tactic employed. Not over yet, my Dayak folks. (more…)