Mandatory IQ Test For Voters - Let's Kick Out The Idiots From Voting!

Mandatory IQ Test For Voters - Let's Kick Out The Idiots From Voting!

This is perhaps another proposed solution for EC on how to improve our democracy: Mandatory IQ test for voters.

There must be some sort of control and filtering for such an important decision-making process and democracy is at best not to be ruined by village idiots and pirates with MyKad.

When democracy being hijacked by gerrymandering, money politics, fake voters then something must be done to reduce it albeit stopping it completely remains a fat hope.

And don’t even think that with the recent announcements by EC in reversing the usage of indelible ink and postal votes means BN UMNO listen to people’s advice. BN UMNO did it for show-stopper only knowing very well the fake voters alone can still save BN nonetheless.

OK, let’s return to the IQ test.

This type of IQ test relatively non-quantitive (no calculation involved) but visual-based. This is a very suitable form of IQ testing. Using visual…exactly how BN also depends on Dayak voters being visually impaired to identify only Dacing logo as the only savior of their soul.

Some people knows how to respond better and logically while some simply duped by the same trick over and over again resulting in low IQ marks.

It’s relative as well that democracy driven mostly by non-idiots resulting in higher income nation and less corupt. It’s proven all the time. When Idris Jala said our Bank Negara gonna bust come 2019 it’s because of too many idiot voters keep on voting BN knowing very well how evil and corrupted BN is.

Idiots keep on voting for idiots? This is not right and must be stopped.

The test require plenty of focus, sequence, balance and logic of answering 39 questions in 40 minutes. That’s one trick for every one minute. Tricky decisions that wringle your mind. Exactly the same scenario in your daily routines: picking the best loan deals, whether low-price offer is for expired food or not, to donate or not to bogus church charity, to vote BN or not…

Next, what is the parameter for passing a voter? A score of 130 and above? That would wipe out 90 percent of EC voters list. Otherwise BN accuse it as unfair to only let top 10 percent smartest population to vote (but it’s OK for BN to let 10 percent of top crony population looted it all).

Remember that BN still enjoy gerrymandering-based democracy where BN can even win simple majority on less than 15 percent votes. Is that fair?

The best passing mark should be 100 points and above. Should be enough to kick out the idiots.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Yes talk about fairness here. This test can be done anytime, anywhere, anybody. Fair enough. To prevent online rigging, the questions can be randomly re-arranged and the correct answer can be dynamicly placed (not necessarily on same spot). It is nearly as unique set of test for each voter to start from.

Also it should be one-time shot test for everyone, just like the voting system a vote for every man. Fair enough, again.

Finally the democracy is truly by the people, for the people, from the people. Idiots no more. Fair enough?

Low IQ Idiots Must Be Banned From Voting!

Low IQ Idiots Must Be Banned From Voting!



The Avatar movie might be just another sci-fi about humans trying to colonise another Earth-like aliens planet and suck-up all the natural resources (sounds like Dayak against BN eh??) but the struggle remains the same: change accordingly to survive. And change accordingly will require some seriously drastic measure regardless of short or long term measure, which is how about altering some DNA?

In the next 50 years or so the DNA manipulation could be so advanced and accesible that any imperfection of DNA can be altered. It’s the making of intelligent, custom-made humans. Next generation of Dayaks ought to be taller (minimum 6 footer), super IQ, multi-lingual, resistant to diseases, live longer up to 150 years and much more. The only thing missing is pregancy machine (for future lazy mums) but Dayak females can be sought to be voluntereed as surrogate mum and inpregnanted with these new super Dayak babies. Initial offspring would be 1,000 super Dayaks born and with special reproductive programme these 1000 super Dayak will spread their super genes into many other Dayak families with minimum 10 child per super Dayak couple.

You may ask why I’m talking about this Dayak DNA. It’s simple: Dayak is lacking intelligence to survive based on brief history of almost non-existence civilisation (compared to Indian, Chinese civilizations). No amount of education, NEP and those socio-economic breastfeeding can change Dayak mentality, attitude, brain and their future. All those external inputs do not work so the next challenge is alter the Dayak DNA to become more superior. Dayak however will need to wait 30-40 years for the current ignorant generation to be ‘replenished’ with the upcoming next generation of Dayaks so it can truly bring ‘Change’. (more…)

¬†Greetings folks. Before you embark on another lazy weekend, do spare a bit thought on something that for many Dayaks seems fail to understand just why should we embrace ‘Change’ in order to see a big change in Sarawak under Yang Dikasihi. Much have been debated about Dayak mentality, ignorance, greed, arrogance and all the lunatics about the Dayak politics. You can get easily a PhD doctorate from such studies if you wish and rightly self-appointed yourself as the foremost Dayakologist expert.

Some would argue just how mature our democracy really are, just like a parent wondering their child is normal, born retard (Down Syndrome) or suspected retard (suffering from autism) or simply choose to be a retard (being stupid!). Yes, our democracy is still developing and how we promote fair and open democracy partly rested with our leaders’ responsibility of what version of democracy best suited while at the same time just how critical the voters are. And critical means, in Dayak politics, unravelling the Dayak mentality itself.

We often refer the Western democracy as the most ideal, open and dynamic democracy in which every part of governance somehow subject to elections. Unelected authority therefore can only create another form of dictatorship like what happened in Iran where the top council of Mullahs preside over everything of national governance. It’s a fake and retarded democracy with the supreme ruler Iran Ayatollah remains unelected while the Iranian voters were all being short-changed. At least the whole world knew which part of Iranian democracy being retarded, by the voters or the unelected authority.

Now look at the state of Dayak politics. Everything looks normal or is it? Dayak leaders think they operate democracy at the most optimum level and assume all Dayak voters are matured enough? You see folks, autistic elements vary from child to child. Their learning abilities might seems normal but look carefully some of them having certain difficulties (reading, speech, writing etc) and that factor is enough to retard their mental well-being. If left untreated or with special care, autistic childs will lead a life where the concept of daily lives is not applicable to them anymore. Like the value of money is nothing to them as they don’t have the understanding of the concept of money. (more…)


Hello again folks. Seems like the silly season of exploiting Dayak plights getting even more crazier than ever. At any given opportunity, the BN Dayak leaders will show their delusional passion for championing Dayak’s cause and they will do it for the sake of taking the top post and keeping their name in tab for next election, both at federal and state level. Can’t blame them much as those Dayak leaders clearly being taught by their Umno witchcrafts: speak your crazy racist heart out, get noticed by top bosses, and you will get nominated and elected. The crazier, the better.

And speak their heart out the Dayak leaders will be. No shame and no brainer at all. Anything that others will do unfavourably means stepping on their tails and such a great spit of fire from the Dayaks. Take the cawat issue for instance. Instead of thinking the real message rather than the insult (and their own stupidity for keep voting BN just to get nothing), suddenly these BN goons came out they’ll defend the cawat no matter what. By all means, wear the ‘sirat’ proudly to your office, to your meetings or to your daily kopitiam. The Japanese lady can really be proud of wearing kimono dress to the office so for all the Dayak history and civilisation (if any) under BN that the cawat epitomised as truly a grandeur dignity of Dayak, just throw away your pants then.

The fact that Dayak failed to note their own inferiority but link it up as forbidden insult worth the harshest wrath imaginable simply shows that Dayak somehow still facing a crude mental block. Take the instance from Dayak leaders such as from PRS. They show anger for cawat issue but purporting to drop the Dayak terms. Uphold ‘cawat’, but dropping ‘Dayak’? Joseph Entulu claims that dropping the Dayak terms was due to others’ perception that Dayak people are uncivilised. Would Hadi’s remark of cawat which is somewhat uncivilised thinking of Dayak also deemed necessary for Joseph Entulu to ask the rest of Dayak to discard anything about cawat, just like he proposed to drop the Dayak term due to others’ perception?

Contradictions? Or hypocrisy? You ain’t seen nothing yet: (more…)

Ohhhaaaiii Dayaks. First of all, let us pay homage to yet another SNUB to Bidayuh BN goons. SERVE YOU RIGHT, BONKERS. Must be a pain in the arse for Georgie Boy to pacify Serian MP YB Richie Riot for not getting his damn boy-toy at Putrajaya, eh. This whole snub thing to Bidayuh BN goons just keep on going like how Jennifer Aniston being snubbed, humping, snubbed again, bang her brain out again, snubbed again by John Mayer. Ahahaha, right. So, any difference on Jennifer Aniston and those Bidayuh BN goons? That would be a great spot the difference, nah that’s another thrash for the day. This is really a good example to anyone wish to study Dayak mentality that is full of crude stupidity, of being duped again and again by BN for nothing. From DBNA fallacy to the recent Batang Ai boondoggles, the beauty of Dayak stupidity in fact unlimited beyond any milky way universe combined out there. (more…)

Hello again Dayaks. It’s flood yet again no thanks to the that engineering conjob aka. Kuching Barrage and deforestation from plantation and timber crooks. It’s just timely that STIDC celebrated its 35th year of running timber scams with all the money gone while giving flood to us in return. Right folks, it’s an act of God that rising water level was due to global warming but it’s an act of Yang Dikasihi’s hidden hand that dictate to whom the timber concession will be given out of total 12 million hectares of all Sarawak lands. It’s the same hand that made the 2 million hectares of Dayak lands hanging wihout land titles while close to 6 million hectares are either pre-owned/ reserved for ripe plucking as plantation and timber conjobs. This is the result of Dayak that keep picking BN to rule Sarawak and none better to confirm and remind this than former BN Dayak chief himself. While some have reserved view on recent Dayak movement and how the same ol’ goons switching sides while still carrying cancer as Sng goons and possibly turned PKR as second Ming Court Affair to frustrate Dayak again, well those undermine are sadly the Dayak themselves. Dayak taking a piss at fellow Dayak. It’s typical anyway, even if you are using new Dayak name but still carry the same ol’ pessimist Dayak’s Sakai Mentality.

Fine, a Dayak putting a doubt on efforts by fellow Dayaks. Actually, it’s better to operate under the benefit of doubt since you are free from pressure while allowing yourself a space to breath. Time is on Dayak side but not for Yang Dikasihi and it is a trigger-happy to raise the issue of succession as a timely balancing act for Dayak groundworks. It’s funny how J*bu being mentioned as possible successor when there is no relation of the word ‘smart’ at all, haha. Nope, not a chance unless you fancy Sarawak at risk for 150 years of backwardness. What Dayak simply require now is confidence and self-belief against all odds. Against fellow Dayak detractors. Against all Dayak nay-sayers. You may not having RM710m as election warchest (RM10m for each DUN seat) but creating confidence and dynamic warfare can make the difference. As our fellow Chinese in DAP has shown, SUPP is all but keep defeating itself. DAP can only fuel up the burner pushing SUPP toward the one-way street called the Irrelevant Street. (more…)

A great day with a great hope indeed, Dayaks. As we witness the new U.S. king of pop-ulation, Barack Obama finally set the record straight in proving that a black can be so white you dont have to rinse yourself in chemicals to become white and to pay your chemical debts certainly by faking your faith. While we examine Obama’s speech and just how on earth will he face the mess like how Bush finally can co-exist with fish, there’s one Obama’s quote on greatness which is equally important to all of us Dayaks: “Greatness never given, but earned”. In other word, a direct reference on J*bu. Yes, our fake paramount leader should EARN his praise and let the Dayaks have the final word whether he deserve to DEMAND it or not. There’s nothing that’ll bogged him down as he’ll have all the time travelling to rural areas trying to prove that Buah Kepayang is truly a golden fruit afterall. Even a fruit has to wait and grow in order to earn its true worth. Right. (more…)