Feng Shui Tips For SUPP: Put THREE Coconut Trees and Giant Bottles!

Feng Shui Tips For SUPP: Put THREE Coconut Trees and Giant Bottles!

First of all let us examine according to SUPP’s official explaination of their logo meanings:

The symbol of SUPP: 3 black interlocking rings inside a red ring against a yellow background.
The meaning of the symbol is as follows:
Yellow colour – represents dignity;
Red circle – represents unity;
Three black circles – represents three main races in Sarawak (Chinese, Malay and Dayak)

Do you think so? How about the SUPP Sarawak Indian members, are they being missed out from the ring logo? Or perhaps it sounds like a bunch of three Yes Men being roped and nosehooked by Yang Dikasihi, eh?

Anyway, to all SUPP goons well here’s a very simple Feng Shui tips lah:

In front of SUPP Headquarters office at Jalan Ong Kee Hui, Kuching, simply place THREE coconut trees and THREE giant bottle replicas. It is very auspicious and reflective of SUPP’s logo as well (THREE rings emblem). It symbolise just how obedient SUPP to Yang Di Kasihi too.

In Chinese it sounds exactly like “Ya Botol!”. “Ya” means Coconut while “Botol” is of course refers to Bottle but it is loosely sounds like “Betul” (means Correct) but mock it to sounds like Botol hence “Ya Botol”. Shout it THREE times then it shows exactly how SUPP said yes to anything Yang Di Kasihi decides to them.

Most Chinese refers SUPP as Yes Man party to Yang Di Kasihi and no Chinese ever forget how SUPP late president Sim Kheng Hong firmly stood beside Yang Di Kasihi during Ming Court Affair climax. Typical Yes-Man leadership! Ya Botol! Ya Botol! Ya Botol! Anything Yang DiKasihi is Yes Alright!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Pathetic isn’t it? No amount of Feng Shui alterations can save SUPP now. That’s why Coconut and Bottle placement is the best description about SUPP: bunch of Yes-Man eunuchs shouting Ya Botol for Yang DiKasihi THREE times forever! (more…)