For this year 2011 Good Friday, let us all Dayaks and Christians alike step back to remember some of the most dubious and treacherous bunch of Dayaks JUDAS in The Ming Court Affair 1987.

SPECIAL REPORT: The Ming Court Affair
Malaysia Kini, 25 May 2006

Taib Mahmud has been Sarawak’s leader for 25 years. It wouldn’t be so had he not survived a ‘palace coup’ in 1987. Malaysiakini revisits the infamous Ming Court Affair in this five-part series.


The Ming Court Affair, Pt 1
Terence Netto, Malaysia Kini, 9 May 2006

No grasp of recent Sarawak political history can be said to be firm without an understanding of the Ming Court Affair, the pivotal event of the last two decades, the fallout from which is felt to this day as the state gears up for the 9th Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) elections on May 20.

Essentially there were four main actors in the drama, not all of whom were present at the eponymous hotel in Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur where simmering discontent with the leadership of Taib Mahmud came to a head in a plot to remove him as chief minister in early March 1987.

The major players were the then eminence grise of Sarawak politics, Rahman Yaakub; the man who would be king, Taib Mahmud; the man who had aspirations to be chief minister, Leo Moggie; and the affair’s late joining but main casualty, Daniel Tajem. (more…)

New Senators Soon!
All is not lost to SUPP in the recently concluded 10th Sarawak state election. While SUPP is officially (heh!) a Dayak party by now, SUPP can expect to enjoy at least a bit of salvation by UMNO – in the form of senatorship. So far SUPP looks like a conveyor belt that ship endless supply of Senators to Dewan Negara!

Leading the Senatorship candidate is definately Georgie Boy and what better gift for his honeymoon than having a tag Senator for great hotel discount with new hot sexy madam!

Well SUPP shouldn’t feel any shame with this senatorship galore because they got not one but at least six ex-YBs as supply to Dewan Negara! Not bad since UMNO itself never send this as much batch of Senators in one go.

How about Peter Nyarok of SPDP party which undeniably and cannot be ‘nyorok’/ hide anymore that his seat was lost to PKR YB Ali Biju in DUN Krian? A senatorship for him would be just as great as well to join the motley crue SUPP Senators gang! And also to Gabby Adit…yeah join the gang will ya!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Anyway congratulations/ Tahniah! in advance to both Senator George Chan, Senator Peter Nyarok, Senator Gabby Adit!

May you folks enjoy joining Senator Sim Kheng Hui in Dewan Negara! (more…)

For this year 2011 Good Friday, let us all Dayaks and Christians alike step back to remember some of the most dubious and treacherous Dayak JUDAS of all: Dr Jerip of Party STAR (Sarawak State Reform Party):

“STAR denounces the politics of patronage, nepotism and corruption.” – Dr Jerip circa 1998

Dr. Jerip denies leaving STAR for Barisan Nasional
17 October 1998, STAR Press Release

State Reform Party Sarawak’s Deputy Secretary General Dr. Jerip Susil categorically denies that he has joined any Barisan Nasional (BN) component party. “My political involvement in the state is only through STAR. I am a founder member of STAR and still the Deputy Secretary General of the party.”

He added that he believes in the political reforms expounded by the party for Sarawak and remains proud to be in the struggle. “STAR denounces the politics of patronage, nepotism and corruption.”

Although Dr. Jerip had been approached by people from several BN component parties, he had declined their offers.


Jerip has applied to join SUPP – Yap
The Borneo Post, Monday 13 August 2001

KUCHING – The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Publicity and Information Secretary Alfred Yap Chin Loi today confirmed that State Reform Party (STAR) ex-deputy secretary general Dr Jerip Susil had applied to join SUPP.

“Whether he is to be accepted into the party depends on SUPP’s decision,” he said after officiating at the health screening exercise organised by the Kuching Batu Kawa Road Community Association this morning.

Pointing out that Dr Susil sent in his application last week, Yap was however unable to comment on the status of Dr Susil’s application. “It has not been announced yet… the president (Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr George Chan) will announce it later,” he said. (more…)

Happy Gawai DAP-yak 2010!

The Dyaksblog would like to wish everyone a very Happy Gawai DAP-yak 2010! Probably the ‘best’ gift to Yang Dikasihi so far is the DAP’s win for P212 Sibu Ohhhaaaiii!!!


1. Sibu’s Future
When DAP and Pakatan Rakyat become government at the federal and state level, we promise to solve the flood problems in Sibu in two years, as well as invest in human capital and infrastructure to make Sibu the next world centre of shipping industries, marine engineering and tourism. (more…)

Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Babai Sanuh Cafe or Ling Khup Cafe?

Just a quick snap of two identical kopitiam shops (one with a Chinese name and one with a Dayak name) and guess what, 99 percent of Dayak regulars will flock to the Chinese kopitiam. Why is that? A Dayak kopitiam doesn’t taste the same like a Chinese shop? Start blaming fellow Dayak for not supporting another Dayak just for the sake of it?

This is just an example of the many fundamental flaws in Dayak’s inferiority complex. And part of the reason why Dayak fails in business and definately in politics. Depending on which side you’re on politically, this is the same flaw that perpetuated the divide-and-rule trick by Yang Dikasihi over the Dayaks.

And here we go again the calls for Dayak to fight for their rights, for the sake of Dayak unity, the rise of Dayakism, Dayak this Dayak that and so on. Well my Dayak folks, it’s all fake and bullshits. Look around and you’ll see it’s the same ol’ Dayak leaders that call for Dayak rights that all these while dividing and splitting own Dayak folks. It happened in the Pelagus DUN seat tussle and recently the Bidayuh crybabies begging for MPP Chairmanship post and the Deputy Transport Ministry post. (more…)

P212 Sibu

Why SUPP would pick a similar name candidate for Sibu by election (Robert Lau)? This is my theory and it’s a no-brainer: To trick the Dayak voters keep on voting BN as the Dayak easily confused with what-the-hell it is Robert Lau by any name for Dayak voters so it’s the same guy anyway.

Very tricky indeed since Sibu MP seat comprising of some 60 percent Chinese voters while the balance 40 percent are Dayaks, Malays plus postal voters. Capitalising and horse-riding on the name Robert is enough to give SUPP advantage over DAP and in fact, previously Robert Lau won because of Dayak, Malay voters while Chinese voters are split between DAP and SUPP.

But to trick back the BN’s trick DAP also must field their own calon with that very Robert Lau name. Yes, DAP must field their own candidate with the name Robert Lau. Robert Lau of DAP! Or at least with the initial Robert name. (more…)