Very fine, lovely day my dear Dayaks. In life, most of us always make life difficult for ourselves such as taking loans that will eat your future income and finally will make you die a broke. My apology if that heighten your fear on the ever-impending recession that will send all of us back into jungle age but don’t worry too much as Dayaks can always surive by eating tapioca leaves and dried or preserved wild boar meat alone. At least that’s my version on ‘there’s a light at the end of the tunnel’ but I believe that in any crisis there’s always cycle of karma involved. Just like in any life experience there’ll be peak and trough, it’s just that you should smell some blood to strike it. Right, I guess my hypnosis just started now so shall we?

You have no idea how damaging it is after J*bu critising Gabby Adit for joining PKR. And you have no idea how ridiculous for J*bu to keep bonking on Salcra big dividend payouts knowing that RM250 per month received by the Dayak participants either some pre-emptive joke or some illusory bollocks. These two tits pinched by J*bu, if done rhetorically nonstop at least until the next year’s rumored state election will be instead a BIG favour for all Dayaks. In the last general election, those BN Dayak MPs basically in serious level of distrust among general Dayaks as you can see┬ásome Dayak oppositions gaining easily extra 5,000 or more. Forget about the majority win by Dayak BN as some of their majority gap were fast closing down evidently despite the opposition’s limited resources and rampant vote buying around. Some of you may argue that sentiments alone will not win you a big vote but you never know the Dayaks, with growing number of youth voters and the ever depleting group of those older voters (good riddance anyway!) may hold the key of why those votes falls into opposition gains. There are more than sentiments alone. It’s done by BN themselves unknowingly, unconciously turn out a big favour to the oppositions instead. Let us hope that J*bu keep pinching those two tits more since all of us got no idea how damaging it gonna be to BN or beneficial to the opposition in the coming state election. (more…)